21 street

Louis Tomlinson. One of the towns well known player. He'll steal your heart and shatter it into a million pieces. Angie Ellen doesn't approve of that when Louis sets his eyes on her. Then another person comes in to love her. Harry Styles. He wants her all to himself. None of her for Louis. Or is there hope for Louis when she finally realized he isn't so bad. They call it 21 street for a reason. Fights break out all the time.

(This is a 3 part series fulfilled with different events)


9. Date

I've been keeping my mind off Louis by spending all my down time with Harry. I've been beginning to ditch school and I would run here to see him. I really do love him. And Louis just makes me feel terrible. I can't stand him anymore and now I feel like everything he told me was a lie. He's just a player. OK so maybe I haven't been keeping my mind off Louis as much as I should. "Angie? Is there something wrong?"Harry asked reading the pissed expression on my face. "Yea I just hate that Louis planned on using me."I sighed. "Well how about I make it up to you by taking you out for a date."He smiled. "OK it's a date."I smiled back at him. 

Harry and I left around 7:00 pm. He was driving us to the carnival. Which sounded real fun to me. We got there and I got out immediately and so did Harry. He paid for our bracelets and we went on our first ride. 

Louis's POV: I've been trying to get my mind of Angie by doing things that are fun to me. So I was just chilling out at the carnival. Until I saw them there. 

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