21 street

Louis Tomlinson. One of the towns well known player. He'll steal your heart and shatter it into a million pieces. Angie Ellen doesn't approve of that when Louis sets his eyes on her. Then another person comes in to love her. Harry Styles. He wants her all to himself. None of her for Louis. Or is there hope for Louis when she finally realized he isn't so bad. They call it 21 street for a reason. Fights break out all the time.

(This is a 3 part series fulfilled with different events)


13. Agreed

Louis's POV: I had El coming over and Harry had Angie coming over. Although Angie didn't know that I was here. So Harry had me hiding in the kitchen for now until Angie gets here. The doorbell rang and Harry answered it. "Hi Eleanor."He smiled. "Where's Lou?"She asked. "I'm in the kitchen!"I called. "Angie doesn't know he's here."Harry said. "Oh."She said. There was a knock on the door. "She's here."Harry said. "Hi babe."He said. "Hi Harry."Angie said. There was a moment of silence and I assume Harry was kissing her. "Alright so I have you both here today to talk about Louis."Harry said. "Why? I thought he was out of our lives?"Angie asked. "Well not mine."He said. "We made up."Harry added. "Oh."Angie said. "Hey, El why are you here?"Angie asked. "To tell you things."She said. "I thought you were supposed to be dress shopping for your wedding dress."Angie said. "Liam and I broke up."El said. "Oh. I'm sorry."Angie said. "It's alright. We weren't working out."El said. "Angie we actually have Louis here."Harry said. I walked out and she looked at me. Her face showed anger and fright. "Angie listen. You have the wrong picture of Louis. He only used all of those girls because he was looking for love. It had nothing to do with being a player. He would be with me if it wasn't for Liam. He does truly hate using all of those girls."El said to her. "I don't believe it."Angie said. "Angie I never hated Louis. I just thought he wasn't the one for me. Now I believe he is. Look he doesn't want you to date him, he just wants you to forgive him that's all."Eleanor stated. I nodded. "Angie listen, I'm not as bad as I was described to  you. I'm actually a really nice person. I'm funny, I'm a great friend and I have tension to be really sassy."I smiled. "You just want to be friends?"She asked. "I just want to be friends."I smiled. "Alright. I think I can work with that."She said. "Great."I smiled. "So we're alright?"I asked. "We're alright."She smiled. I looked over at El. "As for you, give me another chance?"I asked. Eleanor got up and walked over to me and kissed my lips passionately. "Of course."She smiled. 

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