Have you ever wanted someone so badly? Well that's exactly how innocent, shy Iris McSorley felt about Louis Tomlinson, the bad boy or as known as the jerk of her new school.


2. Chapter 2


                     I can't believe it. Today is finally Sunday, the day before I go to my new high school. Where I can hang out with my new friends I made on Friday, and Louis. I'm just glad I won't be there like a loner. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom down the hall from my room to brush my teeth, and take a shower. When I was done I threw on my jeans and my lacy, light pink blouse. I put my hair up into messy bun and walked down stairs into the kitchen. My mother was sitting at the table drinking her tea as usual.      

               "Morning sweetheart," she said as I sat across from her. I said good morning back, and then suddenly the doorbell rang. I walked to the door and opened it. It was Ellie. She was wearing a floral skirt that was just barely knee-length, pink flats, and a short sleeved white shirt.                                      

               "Hey, Iris. I was wondering if you wanted to go to Starbucks with me," she said smiling.                                                                                                

               "Um, yeah. Sure. Come inside, I have to get my phone and stuff," I said opening the door more and stepping out of the way as she walked through the doorway. I ran upstairs to grab my black purse, my phone, and slipped on my black Converse. Walking back down the stairs, I said to my mom, "I'll be back I'm going to Starbucks with Ellie."                                        

               "Alright. I'll be here if you need me," she replied. When we finally got there, we both ordered our drinks, got them and sat down. A boy with over sized brown glasses, brown hair and green eyes came to our table.                

               "Hey Ellie! Funny seeing you here. Who's your friend?" he asked sitting down next to me, and staring at me intensely.                                        

               "Hi Marcel, this is my friend Iris. She's gonna be in our high school starting tomorrow," Ellie responded after taking a sip of her coffee. He smiled at me and said nice to meet you. I smiled back. To think of it, Marcel kinda looked like one of Louis's friends. The one with the curly hair. In fact, he looked a LOT like him.                                                                                                                              

               "Hey, um Marcel, do you have a twin brother?" I asked curiously.  

               "Well yes, but him and I don't really get along that well. We're not really that close with each other," Marcel said staring down at the table. Instantly I felt bad about asking him about his brother, so I tried to change the subject.                                                                                                                  

               "Well I'm glad that I've already made friends with seven people, including you," I said smiling at him. Marcel looked up at me and smiled back, showing his pearly white teeth and the dimples on both sides of his cheeks. He was pretty cute, to be honest. Marcel gave me his phone number and I gave him mine before we left Starbucks, and we both swore to keep in touch as Ellie and I left.                                                                        



                     After Ellie and I left Starbucks, we roamed around the town for a while. Some places were in walking distance. When I got home, I tried to figure out what I should wear for tomorrow. Something casual? Dressy? Edgy? I didn't want to be that one girl who nobody really talks to. I want to stand out, I guess. Looking through my dresser I found my over sized, long sleeved aztec sweater. "This would be perfect with my black skinny jeans, and my black Vans," I said to myself. Yay. I put the clothes on my bench and sat down on my bed. Tomorrow is the day I get a fresh new start. In my old school, I didn't have a lot of friends because I was quite shy but my goal this year is to be a totally different person. Possibly get a boyfriend. Before I realized it, I dozed off for a couple of hours. My mother woke me up.         

                "Iris?" My mum called out while coming up the stairs. I yelled out yes and when she came into my room, she handed me the house phone. "It's your father." I held the phone up to my ear and spoke.                            

                "Hey Dad," I said sleepily. I haven't spoken to my dad for months since my parents got divorced.                                                                                                

                "Hello Iris, how have you been?"                                                          

                "I've been okay. And you?"                                                                      

                "Eh, alright I guess. Working harder than ever. I miss you and even though we aren't together as a family, I want you to know that I'm always here for you. Oh by the way, your mother and I got you a car. We thought that since you're getting older, you're going to need to drive places."                                                                                                                        

                "Are you serious? I can't thank you enough!"                                    

                "I brought it over on Saturday, when you were out and your mom kept in the garage. Go on, take it for a spin!"                                                      

                "Thank you sooo much dad! I'll call you later, alright?"                  

                "Okay, sweetheart have fun! Bye." I hung up the phone and threw it on my bed. I ran past my mom, down the stairs, and through the door that led to the garage. Holy crap.. it was a grey Kia Optima. I stood there in awe. My own car. My mother walked into the garage and handed me the car keys.                            

                "Here you go," she said smiling at me. "Why don't you take it for a test drive?" I pulled out my phone from my back pocket and looked at the time. It's six fifty-eight. I unlocked the car, got in it and started up the ignition. It had a full gas tank, which was good. My mom came over to the side of the car. I smiled at her, and rolled down the window.                            

                "I'll be right back. I'm gonna roam around for a bit." I exclaimed. She nodded, gave me a thumbs up and walked back upstairs. I put the car in drive and headed down the street.              


          It's a pretty good car, I said to myself while going back upstairs, clutching my car keys. I walked into my room and threw my keys on the dresser. I set the alarm on my clock for 6:30 and fell asleep, excited for tomorrow. 

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