Gorgeous 17 year old Karlie Brown loves One Direction. What happens when she gets VIP tickets from her best friend for her birthday and meets Niall Horan? Will love blossom? Karlie doesn't seem to think so. After her mom died and her dad left she's been on her own abandoned by everyone she loved except James and Jessica. Thinking she can never have the power to trust a single soul again. But when she meets that crazy Irish boy will things change? Or will she push him away like everyone else?


1. Meeting HIM

Karlie's P.O.V

''OMG!!'' I almost screamed. ''Yea, yea we know were amazing.'' James and Jessica spoke at like the same time. They did that A LOT, and it kinda scared. Perks of being twins I guess. James and Jessica had gotten me VIP tickets to the One Direction concert here in London in just a couple weeks. I couldn't believe it. I was going to meet my idols!! ''This is gonna be a great way to celebrate turning 18! Thank you guys so much!!'' I screamed and hugged and kissed(cheeks of course) them both.

*3 Weeks Later*

Jessica's P.O.V

''Karlie let's go were gonna be late!'' I yelled to her upstairs. Next thing I knew Karlie was literally running down the stairs. ''Whoa slow down you're gonna hurt yourself.'' James laughed. James lit up as soon as he saw her I knew he had feelings for her, he's my brother I knew him better than anyone. Even though he denied it I knew he was lieing. ''Oh my, you look amazing!!'' James exclaimed excitedly to Karlie. ''Uhh thanks.'' She replied with a warm smile. I was just standing there deep in thought and next thing I know I'm being dragged to the car. ''Ok I get it, but I can walk you know.'' She just smiled.

Niall's P.O.V

I was super pumped about tonight. Our first concert this summer! The boys and I have been waiting so long for this. Soon we would be going on tour for 6 months which was way better than this! A new city everyday all the crazy fans screaming for us. Harry and his hookups. I opened the door of my dressing room hoping that the boys were out there. As I opened the door I heard a slight "Ow!" "Oh my god I'm so-" Niall started and looked at the girl she was gorgeous. I didn't realize I was staring until she spoke. "Umm hello?" the girl sang. " l... Umm.... Hi, I'm Niall." I finally got out. Wow so stupid. "Yea I know who you are." she said giggling. "And you are?" " Oh right, I'm Karlie." "What a gorgeous name and I am so sorry for hitting you with the door." "It's alright, better to het hit by a door from a really cute Irish boy from One direction than anyone else." she said smiling sarcastically and looking at the ground. "Really? Tanks well I gotta get on stage love but can you come wait here so you can watch and I know I can see you when I get back?" I asked with a sheepish smile. "Uhh sure." She said. "Great!" I said and winked at her as i walked torwards the stage.

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