trouble with a capital T

after ending their take me home tour one direction decide to party. perhaps a little too hard for simons liking. after they hit the newspapers for there mischevious partying simon tells them they have to come up with a plan to become more mature. theres only one thing they can think of doing. adopting a child. but when they get 15 year old Jamie Woodley have they bitten off more than they can chew. one direction may be trouble, but trouble is this girls middle name.


3. Trouble maker

a/n: Louis gonna be the dad not liam xx


Louis p.o.v


I lead Jamie up to her room

"I know its not much but we didn't know until today that we was adopting. we can sort it out as soon as possible" I said and she nodded

"its fine" she replied and pulled her tatty old jumper over her head. it slightly lifted up her t-shirt and I saw a bit of ink on her stomach

"is that a tattoo?" I asked and she nodded

"why jealous that its nicer that yours?" she said sassily

"hell no. mine win and don't sass me darling. im the sass master from Doncaster" I said even sassier than her

"well father dearest I believe the sass games have become" she replied with a smirk

"haha game on. now Jamie im gonna have to be serious for a second. you need to behave while your with us. no more tattoos until your 18. and we can deal with the whole pregnancy but seriously you need to behave. we want the best for you but if something goes wrong and we lose our careers we wont be able to provide it for you" I said. I felt quite grown up saying this. she stared at me

"kay, whatever!" she replied and sat on the bed in the middle of the room. she pulled out a rubbish phone and sat there tapping it. I pulled out a box from behind my back and gave it to her

"its an iphone. we felt you need a decent phone so you can keep in touch with us." I said

"kay thanks" she replied and started playing with it

"well if you need anything come tell us" I said and went downstairs leaving her in her room


"lou Jamie not in her room!" liam yelled

"for gods sake" I yelled running up the stairs. the window was open so clearly she had climbed out. I noticed a piece of paper under her pillow

father dearest,

I am sorry but it is in my nature to disobey. punish me when I get home but at the moment im out. im at a tattoo parlour. oops oh well. don't worry about the money, the guy owes me

love your dearest daughter

Jamie xx


"for gods sake" I yelled and stormed out the room. she was in big trouble when she gets home!

god i sound like such a parent




sorry if these updates are rubbish. my friend died last Tuesday and im still quite upset so im not really in the mood fr writing. but I hate to not update so bear with me. if the updates aren't good hand on and they'll eventually get better

thanks guys xx

and R.I.P keane :( xx

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