trouble with a capital T

after ending their take me home tour one direction decide to party. perhaps a little too hard for simons liking. after they hit the newspapers for there mischevious partying simon tells them they have to come up with a plan to become more mature. theres only one thing they can think of doing. adopting a child. but when they get 15 year old Jamie Woodley have they bitten off more than they can chew. one direction may be trouble, but trouble is this girls middle name.


1. the afterparty

Louis p.o.v


 I stared at shock in the magazine. 'One Direction Goes Wild!'. I read inside and was even more shocked at the text. did we really do all that last night. niall came In the room, grinning like the little laughing lepricorn he is.

"oh my god lou, we really do know how to party!" he said and I smiled. trust niall to find this the funniest. my phone rang and I stared at it, scared.... simon

"hey uncle si" I said answering the phone

"I will assume you know why I am calling Louis" he said

"yes simon, we're so sorry. we wont do it again!" I said

"im sorry Louis, but your going to have to give me reason to trust you. you and the boys have to think of a way of becoming more mature by the end of the week. if not im ending one direction"

"you cant do that uncle si" I pleaded

"I formed one direction, I can end it. you have till the end of the week, goodbye Louis." he said before cutting off.

"BOYS" I yelled causing 3 pairs of feet come running down the stairs.

"yes" they all replied in unison. quite creepy

"simon says we have to be more mature. we need something by the end of the week or he' s stopping one direction" all the boys stared in shock

"I havre an idea but you might not like it" liam said. we all stared at him

"well tell us then" I said

"everyone calls me the mature one and im known as daddy direction. clearly everyone associates maturity with parenting. I think its clear what we have to do" he said. we all knew what he meant

"so we're adopting a kid?" I asked and liam nodded

"well lets go. but wait. whos gonna be the dad?" harry asked. they all looked at me

"your the oldest lou!" liam said

"fine. i'll be the dad. lets get it done and tell el later." I said and we all got in the car. I guess im becoming a dad!

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