Clara is a really pretty looking girl. She is very popular, but she likes having her own space. One night she decides to go out by herself for a walk. What she didn't know was that Niall Horan was already planning on kidnapping her. He had always had a crush on Clara, but Clara never paid attention to him, that make him change, and made him took his decision. But, what happens throughout Clara's life with Niall? Will Niall love her and treat her well? Or will Clara fall for him and change her feelings for... His kidnapper.


1. Walk

Clara's P.O.V

 "Hey mom im going for a walk be right back okay?" I yelled.

 "Okay, just be careful!" She yelled back from upstairs.

    I grabbed my sweater my phone and headed outside. As I was outside I took a deep breath and smelled the nature. I decided to take a walk towads the park and back. As I was walking I was just looking at the dark sky. I could feel the breeze go through my spine, even though I had my sweater on. I was arriving at the park when I heard some bushes moving at the back of me. I didn't pay attention to them, I just thought their were an animal. I arrived to the park, and sat for a few minutes on a bench I took out my phone, and no battery. I had to head back, I had no clue of what time it was. I stood up and started to walk. As i was almost going to arrive my home I felt a breeze but their really wasn't air anymore. I felt that someone was watching me. I started to walk a little faster. I got scared, but I arrived home at time. I sighed and opened the door. I locked it and headed to my room. That feeling of someone watching you is creepy. I had felt it, it was so scary, but wh would try to do something to me? I dont know of any enemies that I have? Or do I have?


  "Mom im home!" I yellled.

  "Ok hun, know go to sleep because tomorrow you have school!" My mom yelled back.

  "I will!" I said.

   I went into my restroom and took a shower, I put on my pijama's, and headed towards my bed. I grabbed my laptop and entered facebook, I chatted with some friends before I decided it was time to sleep. I first had to close my window, I stood up and just as I touched the window I felt someone watching me again. Is it normal to feel that way? I closed it and also closed the curtain. I felt unsafe in my own home. I still thought if I had any enemies, thinking about all that made me go into a sleep

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