Fate As We Know It

A girl from a small town with a big heart moves to a big city after her father gets a new well-payed job. With all her friends left behind life is tough but manageable.
As she gets through school life she makes new friends and meets a potential lover.
Could this be fate?


1. The Move

"Laura, could you come downstairs please!" Shouted my mum kindly from the staircase. 
"Just a second!" I replied, dashing to my pillow to hide my diary. I ran downstairs moments later curiously. Alex and Kyle (my brothers) sat by me on the sofa as my parents stood in front of us. "So, what is it? What's happening?" I said with wonder and a sense of worry. My mum stepped forward slowly. "Well, uh, we are going..." She paused. My dad sat down and began to speak. 
"We are going to be moving to New York City next month because..." 
"What?!" I shouted, interrupting him. 

"Let me finish! We're moving because I have gotten an exciting job offer to work over there. It sounds great and it is very well payed!" "I do hope you'll all understand." Explained my dad looking relieved. He walked over to us and sat down on the sofa. "But I have all my friends here! New York is ages away from here. I'll have to go to a new school!" "Do you just expect me to leave them?" I shouted in panic with such worry and anger, tears rolling down my face. "Yeah! What about us? Do you just expect us to move with our heads held high?" Exclaimed Alex looking just as worried as me. 
"I think it will be great." Said Kyle not seeming to care. "Of course you wouldn't mind, Kyle, you're only 7 years old! It's like an amazing adventure for you!" I said looking furious. "Everyone just calm down! It won't be that bad! New experiences, new people and you'll make new friends." Said my dad reassuringly. "I guess, but I like the friends I already have!" I said trying to reason with him.

Dad moved in his sweaty seat uneasily and leaned towards me. "You're 16 years old, Laura, everything will be fine. It is far easy to make new friends when you're young than when you're my age." I leaned back and sighed. I quickly looked over at my mum for her opinion. She nodded at me with a determined look on her face. This was it. We were going to move. 

Two weeks went by and we started to pack. I walked around my room. I looked down at the smooth wooden floor. I walked over to the window where the paint was starting to peal. "I'm going to miss this place." I muttered to myself. I can't believe this is really happening, I thought to myself, a huge frown upon my face. I piled my books into a cardboard box. I packed my covers and sheets, my video games and laptop. Finally, I was done packing. It wasn't pleasant. I really didn't want to move. I knelt down and looked under my bed. "Ah I almost forgot!" I mumbled as I squeezed my arm under the bed to reach out for my diary.

I grabbed all my stuff and dumped it downstairs in the living room. The living room was empty. I even forgot how big the room was and what colour the walls were. All the family photos had been taken down and packed; now the holes in the walls were visible. "I really don't see what good can come out of moving to New York. But I guess it will be cool living in such a well known city!" I told myself over and over again. Right then mum walked in. She walked around the room slowly, the sound of her heels echoing in the bare, empty space. "It will be okay just so you know. We'll have more money to spend on good things." She said with a slight grin on her face. "I guess that's good. After all, we are quite poor right now." I said with a chuckle. I ran back upstairs and creeped  into my older brother, Alex's, room. "Are you happy that we're moving?" I asked Alex. "Kind of. I mean it's quite boring here. New York is, well, New York!" He said with a slight grin on his face. "I guess so" I said.

Another two weeks later and finally it was time to move. I really didn't want to go. But I knew that it was for the best. Everyone will be a lot happier. I grabbed all my boxes and, with struggle, loaded it into the truck. I grabbed my bag which had my diary, my teddy bear, and some money in it. "It's time to go now, Laura! It's a long drive to Manhattan!" Shouted mum from the car. "Just a second, I forgot something!" I lied as I ran back into the house. I just wanted to say goodbye. Minutes later I got in the car. "How long will it take to get there?" I asked, tears rolling down my face. "About 3 hours." Mum replied. I tried to hold back the tears. Goodbye Pennsylvania, hello New York.


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