Tiffany has been abused in many different ways throughout her life. In this book, she tells her stories of domestic abuse, Jacob, Elis, and the worse, Freddie. Freddie is her current boyfriend but is very abusive and attached to her. She doesn't think she'll ever be able to get away from him.

This is my way to reach out to people who have been through abuse like I have. These stories are based off mine but some are rearranged and I've changed some info. To anybody who's being abused or have been abused PLEASE GET HELP & REPORT IT! I can't seem to stress this enough.
National Domestic Violence Hotline-1-800-799-7233
Rape Abuse & incest National Network-1-800-656-4673
National Center for Victims of Crime and National Stalking Resource Center-1-800-394-2255
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline-1-800-331-9474
and there are MANY more
credit to in-dissoluvel.tumblr.com for cover photo


5. Fighter

My first fight went something like this:

"Fuck you bitch! You don't deserve him!"

"Then why am I with him?!"

"Do something bitch!"

"Like what?!"

"Like this!"

And then she hit me so I kicked her ass. I immediately gained a lot of street cred. It did suck because I didn't want to be popular or known for fighting some random girl I barely knew. After that so many girls thought they could take me so I'd end up getting into at least one fight every party I'd go to, which was about one every week. It always kind of bothered me that Jacob would never defend me or stop me from fighting but I never brought it up because I didn't want to start any problems or arguments with him. But soon we would end up arguing anyway.

Like I said Jacob is a very liked guy and every girl absolutely adored him; since almost every girl absolutely adored him and all his girl friends (other than Jazzmyn who I am great friends with) hated me, they would tell me that he would make out with girls when I wasn't around and that he had two other girlfriends at their school. Since I didn't go to their high school, or even any high school yet, I didn't know wether it was true or not. I started to blame him for cheating on me but he would always deny it and tell me it'd be a mistake to believe those girls, especially since they didn't like me. I started to believe him and eventually dropped the subject altogether.

A few months, a few fights, and a few arguments between me and Jacob later, he picked me up to go to a party with him. I was already having a bad day and he was upset with me for taking too long to get ready. Once we got to the party, we were in a bad mood since we were arguing the whole car ride. I was basically just ignoring him and complaining to Jazzmyn about him the whole time. After a while we both got over it and got back to being our usual lovey dovey selves. Since Jazzmyn and I don't like going to the bathroom alone, I went with her and we took a while since she had to 're-prep' herself and we were talking quite a bit. Once we got out of the bathroom, I looked for Jacob all over he house. Once I realized he wasn't inside I looked in the backyard, since people like to hang out there too. I still couldn't find him, I was starting to panic, and I started getting angry he left me there. Jazzmyn tried to calm me down and suggested we go look in the front, even though hardly anybody goes out there. When we got out there, not only did we find him but I found him making out with some girl I had fought the weekend before. I was absolutely devastated. He saw I was standing there, crying now, and ran over to me telling me how she made the move, not him. My devastation and sadness quickly turned to complete anger. I started yelling at him about how he was obviously kissing her back and that everyone was wrong; It's not that I don't deserve him, but he doesn't deserve me. I broke up with him and Jazzmyn ended up taking me home.

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