He said we were forever..
But it was all a lie..
You can't just play with someones heart and get away with it...
But he did.....
A Justin Bieber Fanfiction...


3. Forever ~ Chapter 2 xx


Present day.


Kayley's Pov

I watched as the Madison fixed her headset and smiled at me.

"Don't be nervous,just relax" she smiled at me. 

"Thank you" I replied. "Good Luck".

She smiled at me once again  before someone shouted. 

"You're on in 5"

I fixed my dress and hesitantly picked up the microphone I was supposed to be speaking into.

Just relax Kayley,it'll all be over soon. 

It wasn't my first interview but it was on one of the most watched shows in American history,one that I grew up watching. "Many minutes with Madison".

I took a deep breath in as I heard the theme song playing.

Don't mess up I told myself repeatedly. Besides it was live. 

I bobbed my head to the beat and smiled at the memories it brought back to me. I hadn't watched this show in a while,well ever since I got discovered. Everything had been so busy,with the writing music to the performing. It was hard to wrap your head around it.

Madison laughed before smiling brightly at the camera.

"Well hello there! I'm your host Madison Monroe and today we have a very special guest!".

The camera's all focused on me at once. I took a gulp and put on my best smile,waving at them.

A couple stayed on me while the other went to Madison and the crowd.

I counted to 5 in my head.This was it,I could do this. It was only 15 minutes before they moved onto their next segment and more famous people were interviewed and made uncomfortable.

Madison nodded her head in my direction as if telling me now it was show time.All I did was grin in response. 

"Okay so Kayley how are you?" she asked.

"I'm great,thanks!" I exclaimed.

"Oh we all already know that!" she laughed.

I became flustered. "No I mean". Keep your cool Kayley.

She laughed. "I'm just messing with you!" she replied.This sent the live audience into hysterics. 

Great,now they're laughing at me. But all I could do was smile and laugh along with them. 

"So tell me about this new song and I hear a new albums coming out soon?" she questioned getting down to business.

"Oh well the song is called "For us" and it's all about being yourself and letting loose and the album is top secret.Sssh,"I replied trying to keep my excitement at bay. Se smiled at me. "She's adorable,isn't she?" she exclaimed winking at me and many of the crowd members awed at my blushing face. 

The next 10 minutes of questions were considerably normal for an interview. All the same questions except phrased in a different way. For a minute I thought they weren't going to ask that question but that time was short lived.Well I guess it wouldn't have been an accurate interview if they didn't ask. Madison tried to sneak the question in the normal conversation but we all knew it was coming.

"So as a rising star in Hollywood,have you got any time to think about I don't know, dating?".

I laughed. She seemed awkward asking me this question.Almost as awkward as I'll be when answering.

I smiled at her for a few moments before we both burst into giggles.

"But in all seriousness" she asked regaining her composure. "have you got your eye on anyone?".

I wanted to say yes.That I have,but I couldn't lie.I wanted to say well my ex,the one that stole my heart,and now is the biggest teenage heart throb in the world still possesses it, and I honestly wouldn't think twice if he asked for a second chance. But he hasn't and life is not that simple. 

"Uhh no?" I spat out and Madison gave me a look of disbelief.  "Really?" she questioned.

"Well I guess some are cute," I mumbled to try and help her comprehend what I was saying. 

"Cute!" she yelled outraged. "They're teenage heart throbs honey! If you're not jumping on that train I am!" she joked. I laughed at her reaction and looked at everyone in the audience. They were all smirking.  

"You guys don't believe me,do you"? I asked. They all just kept smirking and nodding their heads up and down. "Just because I am a teenage girl does not mean I am boy crazed!" I muttered more to myself than others. Madison shook her head in disbelief. 

"Okay enough of this,I take it you've had a boyfriend before?".

I grinned "Yep!" I exclaimed.

"Aaah" she moaned. "Tell me when,how long it lasted,scale of 1-10 perfection and any details".

My eye brows furrowed,why did she need to know this?

"Child we don't have all day!" she exclaimed.

"Okay," I started,blushing like crazy. Everyone was at the edge of their seats waiting for me to continue. "It started when I was 14,we went out for 2 years,he was honestly the best friend I'd ever had and he was so sweet and down to earth.He'd plan all these cute dates for us and I remember once he even tried to bake for me,Perfection scale,nah more like our scale" I chuckled at the memories. 

"It sounds like you were in love" Madison said softly. "I was," I grinned. 

"What happened?" she asked. The smile slowly slipped off my face.

"He had a chance to follow his dreams and he went for it" I said firmly. 

"Ohh" everyone said suddenly. I gulped getting nervous.

"I don't hate him or anything," I quickly cleared up. "I would've gone for my dreams too.I would've done the same thing he did.I understand that now. It's just it was all too sudden.I knew it was too good to be true," I grinned weakly,tears begging to cloud my vision. I blinked them away.

"Do you mind," she cleared her throat. "Do you mind me asking what his dream was?".

"To be famous,to be a singer and make a difference in the world and man has he made it.He's huge.I'm so happy for him," I smiled fakely. I honestly was. 

There was an awkward silence and then a buzzing went off signalling the last minute of the show. I was thrown out of my daze and said goodbye and waved to the crowd,signing autographs and taking pictures,atleast I remembered to smile in them.

I didn't realise what had happened until I got home,quickly changing into comfortable sweatpants and  a hoodie,taking the makeup off my face.

I grabbed a tub of ice cream and sat upstairs with the old photo album.The one I hid in the highest shelf so I would never reach it unless I actually wanted to bother. 

I sat in bed that evening looking at old pictures from high school.

This album was basically Justin and my relationship album.All the pictures we had ever taken were in here.

I smiled and laughed as silent tears dripped down my face,realising how much I missed him. 

How much I missed us.




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