He said we were forever..
But it was all a lie..
You can't just play with someones heart and get away with it...
But he did.....
A Justin Bieber Fanfiction...


2. Forever ~ Chapter 1 xx



3 years earlier.


The leaves of the old oak tree silently fell down. Autumn had come.

"So you're breaking up with me?" Kayley choked out.

Justin nodded dumbly.  

"Why? I thought- You, I " she stated. "Wait..." 

Justin looked up at her. Tears began to stream down her face. A couple fell down Justin's as well. 

"Justin-I thought you loved me. You said you'd never leave me and what are you doing know? I-you know what, this is sick!" she yelled.  

"Kayley you don't understand" Justin choked out. 

"Yes,yes I do!" she stated. "You care about-Justin you know music is my passion as well but I don't just leave out of nowhere".

Justin looked down and held Kayley's hand in his. Kayley tried to wriggle her hand free. 

"Kayley you know this is my dream" Justin whispered. 

"I know" Kayley sighed. "It's mine as well Justin and I really am proud of you..It's just you know it hurts. You said we were forever and now you're the one breaking up with me. Ironic,eh?"

"Kayley-" Justin started. 

"No" she whispered. She pulled him into a hug. "Good Luck with this. You deserve it" she whispered and with that she took off,running trying to get away from this horrible nightmare.

"Kayley wait!" Justin yelled. "I never got to say goodbye" he whispered. 

"I deserve nothing" he thought.

Justin knew this was a grave mistake but he had already made it. Kayley might have been the love of his life,his soulmate but this was such a huge opportunity. He didn't want to miss it. But what had just happened seemed unreal,like it wasn't supposed to happen ever. 

He sighed and slid down the back of the tree. Breaking down,letting all of his emotions out. He really loved Kayley but never got to tell her.No goodbye. It'll leave him wondering about her. Wait who was Justin kidding he would wonder about her anyways. He sighed and closed his eyes. There was no going back.

One thing rang around in his head though. 

He had told her they'd be together forever.

Forever wasn't over yet.



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