You can only choose one...

When Macy meets one direction she instantly falls in love with Liam. Liam and Macy date for a while, but she suddenly gains feeling for Niall. She cheats a few times, and has no idea what to do. Then one of them do something unforgivable. Who did this act? who will Macy choose. I guess you'll just have to read to find out!


1. How it all began.


Macy's POV

  I cant believe it! Today i get to go backstage and meet One Direction! My best friend got us the tickets, and that would be why i love her! This is going to be good for me because i just got out of a really bad relationship. "Hey Molly when do we need to leave." i say to my best friend who is standing across the room.

"At four! you can drive!" she replies.

"I better be driving! you'll wreck us before the best night our life!" i say while laughing.

We get in the car and I (of course) start to drive. About an hour later we arrive. I'm jumping up and down overly excited, but i don't stand out at all, because every other girl here is doing the same thing.

"Good evening everybody!" Liam practically screams. I look at him from about 50 rows back. He looks amazing, along with the other four boys. I just cant believe I'm here! and most of all i cannot wait to go backstage! They start singing and I see Molly almost pass out.

About 2 hour later, after the concert Molly and I walk backstage. Right when i walk in the room all five of them are 5 feet away from me. I start to get dizzy, and everything turns back.

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