You can only choose one...

When Macy meets one direction she instantly falls in love with Liam. Liam and Macy date for a while, but she suddenly gains feeling for Niall. She cheats a few times, and has no idea what to do. Then one of them do something unforgivable. Who did this act? who will Macy choose. I guess you'll just have to read to find out!


2. Did that really just happen?


Liam's POV

I see these two girls walk in backstage, one of them passes out. Of course i ran to her aid. I'm about 2 inches away from her face when i realize how gorgeous she is, she wakes up. Her beautiful ocean blue eyes stare into mine.

"W-what h-happened?" she stuttered, her voice was even prettier then i imagined it would be.

"You passed out!"

"Oh, My, GOSH! im so sorry!" she says then quickly gets up.

"Oh no, it's perfectly fine, we're used to it." i say while laughing a little. I cant help but stare at how gorgeous she is.

Macy's POV

I passed out! That's so juvenile! Liam Payne keeps staring at me! He is so amazing.

"So whats are your names?" Louis says.

"I'm Macy, and she's Molly" I say while probably looking like an idiot smiling so big.

"Those are some beautiful names, for two beautiful girls." Liam says smirking.

I'm now probably as red as a cherry from blushing.

"Can I get a picture with you?" I say to Liam.

"Of course!" Liam replies and puts his arm around me to pose for the picture.

We smile and *SNAP* the picture is taken. Liam walks over to the couch with the other boys, but theres no more room on the couch.

"well where am I supposed to sit?!" i say

"Riiiiiiightttt hereeee" Liam pats his lap. So i cautiously walk over and sit on Liam's lap. He holds my hand. I cant believe this is happening!! Liam Payne is holding my hand!!!


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