You can only choose one...

When Macy meets one direction she instantly falls in love with Liam. Liam and Macy date for a while, but she suddenly gains feeling for Niall. She cheats a few times, and has no idea what to do. Then one of them do something unforgivable. Who did this act? who will Macy choose. I guess you'll just have to read to find out!


3. All alone...


Liam's POV

   I know this seems really sudden, and quick, but i think I falling for her. we're now sitting here alone, everyone else went to get food, and Macy's friend went home. She is still sitting on my lap, I decide to poke her.

"Noooo wayyyy you just did that!" she says, and starts poking me all over, i think i accidentally touched my, y'know once. I began poking her back and and we just start dying of laughter. Then our eyes lock and i lean in for a kiss. It only lasts 3 seconds but it was amazing.

Macy's POV

No way! he just kissed me!!!!!

"Macy, will you be my girlfriend?" He asks

"YES, YES! A MILLION TIMES YES!" I say trying to hold back some of my excitement! He kisses me, and we began to make out. Then the boys walk in.

"Woah, Woah, Woah, hold up now what did i just walk into?" Niall says laughing.

Everyone else starts to laugh too. I'm blushing so much!


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