My mistakes cost me my life. Its here in my room. And it wants me dead.

1. Night

Mom. Dad. Dead. But it's alive. The creature under my bed. Its alive. It's hungry. Hungry for my death. You, reader, do not understand. You do not understand what I am going through. Here's what happened.

2:00 am. Friday. Pitch black. I awoke from my slumber. Realising that I had to go to the bathroom, I left the warmth and comfort of my bed. As I walked to the bathroom, I could hear heavy footsteps, and the dragging of a body. Instead of doing the brave, courageous sought of thing, I decided to head for the bathroom instead.

The continuous thudding began to make me curious. After rinsing my hands, I crept up to bathroom door, to behold such a sight. Blood stains. My parents dead. Being dragged around by IT.  This creature could not be explained. A towering, naked thing. Almost empty. It's facial features, empty. Only two dark eyes and sharp, intimidating teeth.

"What to do?" I thought to myself. So I ran. I ran. Straight to my bedroom. Like a coward. I leapt on to my bed and buried my self in to my covers. It came in to my room, dragging my parents as well. My mother and father perched on to a chair, bloody and lifeless, facing me. It took my parents blood and began to write letters on to my wall, and then slithering under my bed, ready to attack once I awake. I will be forced to suffer my parents death. Cold and bloody. Should I run, climb out of the window? No, too risky.

But what terrifies me the most is that my eyes are finally adjusting to the darkness, and I can read the message.


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