One Thing

Niall always had feeling for Harry. Harry never did until that one day...


1. That one day.....

                                                      Hazel's P.O.V.

     I'm a regular 14 year old, I love One Direction, I have brown hair, green eyes,and freckles. But, I am different because I got a ticket to a One Direction concert ticket. I obviously was excited, but I truly couldn't belive it. I can't wait to see them. My favorite is Harry Styles though. I'm heading to the concert right now. I get there and am almost deafened. There are girls screaming everywhere. They started and I sang along. When they ended I went up and asked Harry if he had an interest in me. He said," Sorry, I'm gay." I didn't belive him at all so I said," Prove it." He looked scared then said," Okay."

                       *A/N- sorry for the short chapter the next one is longer.*

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