they don't now about us

Niall met a girl who is perfect for him but he nows that harry love her to. Its a secret love story


1. concert

Kate P.O.V My friend wants really bad to the one direction concert. No one wants with her. She asked me and I say yes for her. Actually I'm really happy I said yes. When we are riding to the concert my friend was really excited. She was really hyper. We had a place in the first row. It was actually really fun but I looked really boring because its not my type of music. Then I saw that the blond guy looked at me and say. "Why are you looking so sad? Is our music not good enough?" I tought he said it to a other girl but he looked in my eyes. "Ehm I don't now its not my type music." I said. What stupid. Why is said that now thinks he that I'm a mean girl but I'm not. My friend give me a punch in my stomach and said "omg your luckiest girl in the world I wish that I was you. After the concert my friend ran to the place where the busses are from one direction. My friend screamed to them when they across. I saw that blond guy again. We standing really close to them and he came up to me and said "I listen to rock and all that stuff and you?" I stand there and all the girls screaming around us but I didn't hear anything I tought only he loves rock to. "I like rock to" "what's your favorite rock 'n roll band?" "Ehm I don't now I like all of them" "will you join us in the bus and talking about all that stuff" "yeah"
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