they don't now about us

Niall met a girl who is perfect for him but he nows that harry love her to. Its a secret love story


2. bus

Niall P.O.V When we are in the bus I saw that the boys looks surprisingly. "He guys this is... what's your name" "kate" she answered. "This is kate" "Hii" said harry I take kate to the back of the bus and we talked two hours long about everything. In the beginning we talk about the music that we listin but later we talk about everything. "Should we go back to the front" "Yeah sure" We walked to the front and saw that the boys sitting there. Kate P.O.V We talked a little bit. It was really fun and they are really kind. I looked on my watch and saw it was 11 o'clock. "Oh it is 11 o'clock. I have to go" my friend she waiting outside. "Then you have to go it was a great time" I walked fast outside and I saw nobody. I looked on my phone and a saw I had a message from my friend. "Where are you I waiting here 2 hours. I go to home sorry" we should going back with the train but i haven't money. Should I going back to the bus. I walked to the boys and there stand a big guy. "Ehm can go inside I was there ten minutes I ago" the big guy walked inside I think he asked to the boys of I can go to the bus and they said yeah. So I walked inside. "My friend is gone and I have no money." "You can stay here" said harry. "We go later to our house" "okay" When we are riding we sat on the couche I was so tired that I fall in sleep on harry's shoulder.
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