Go1Den Games


3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


8. The Competitors


"Ladies, ladies!!! To all, Directioners!!!! We are proud to announce the finalists of the 'Go1Den Games’! Be ready to hear it from the cutest human being - the one and only LUX TEASEDALE!!!!"

"Hello ma fellow Directioners!!! How ya doin? I am so happy to tell you there are 5 girls out there, who will probably be my AUNTIES!!! So here are the AFRICAN FINALISTS...

...Caroline Chandler..."


"YES!! YES!!! AMANDA! I WILL GO AND PACK MY THINGS! I AM GOING TO LONDON!!! WUHUUU!!!" Caroline rushed out of the kitchen.

"I AM GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!" She grabbed the shoulders of a small girl and shook her. "YOU HEARD THAT?!" she rose her hands, tilted her head back and screamed from the top of her lungs. "I A M G O I N G T O M E E T O N E D R I R E C T I O N!!!!!"


"...Katelynn Terwillinger..."


"Kate?!" an old woman ran over to the girl who knocked out to the floor. "KATE?! What happened?!"

"Susan! I got chosen!" her weak voice sounded as eyes fluttered open.

"Chosen for what?" Susan's tone held a lot of concern, intently observing her 'daughter' as she sat up.



"...Anne Dreah..."


"Sam... Sam hold on a second..." Anne pulled the phone away from her head, giving the radio next to her a weird gaze.

"Anne, are you okay?" the male voice sounded out of the speaker.

"Omg..." Anne muttered under her breath... "You heard that? YOU HEARD THAT?!"

"Heard what?! Anne are you sure you are ok-"

"I AM GOING TO MEET FREAKING ONE DIRECTION!!!" she yelled into the phone before hanging up.

"OMG! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!" she rushed to her room and started to throw random clothing inside of huge suitcases.

"OMG!" she muttered before taking deep breath and releasing one of the loudest screams she ever did.


"...Emily Nester..."


"Come out!" the elder woman demanded. "C'mon!" She yelled before grabbing the scared girls arm.

"Wh-Where are you taking me?" the black beauty sounded.

"London. You won this thing you signed up for, and now they are here to get you. So just hop in that car - and don't even think of coming back." the hatred in the woman's voice was scaring; leaving the girl afraid in the strange vehicle.

"So tell me, love, what's your name?" a male voice spoke out of the front of the huge limousine.

"E-Emily... Emily Nester." she swallowed hard, not knowing what will come - punishment?

"Hi Emily! I am Drake, and I am taking you to the plane to London, where you will meet One Direction." he turned around and gave the frightened girl a warm smile accompanied by a reassuring chocolate brown gaze.

"I won?"

"Yes you did! Excited?"

"OMG... YES!!! I WON!!!"


"...and Montana Lookabough!"


"Adriane? I am ready to go now! THEY ARE COMING SOON!!! Bye bye!!! I AM MEETING FREAKING ONE DIRECTION!!!"

And with this, the girl disappeared out of the door, and never looked back.




Loud grunts escaped the man’s throats as the girl in front of him kept throwing heavy punches on him.

"Oh ну иди́ же! I haven't even started yet! What are you? A man or a mouse?" the black haired gorgeous yelled, obviously annoyed by the 'weak' man.

"Stasia! Enough!" the anxious voice came from a woman - maybe thirty - who stood at the back of the room, intently watching the moves of her younger student. "He's one of my best man-“

"This is your best man? Well this is sad because he can't even bear the punches of a seventeen-year old girl!" Anastasia spat, giving the poor man a disgusted gaze.

"STASIA! You better watch your tongue!" the woman got closer, her tall frame was nothing compared to the girls, though it seemed to have an intimidating effect on the beautiful fighter.
"It is not fair to call him weak, only because you punch three classes higher in the other sex! You are a natural talent, but you are arrogant! This is what makes you weak - you overrate yourself sometimes, and this is exactly what will make you lose one day!" the girl dropped her head in shame, not able to face her master.

"прости́те, пожа́луйста.Alisha, прости́те, пожа́луйста. “

"IN ENGLISH! Your parents want you to speak ENGLISH!"

"I AM SORRY, OKAY?!" blue eyes widened in anger, her fists clenched, her gaze- aggressive.

"Now go and have a break." Alisha chuckled and padded the girls shoulder, leading her over to the bench that was placed in the corner of the big room.


"Alright, let’s have another break. Stasia - go and drink something, I have to talk to Vlad."

"Alright." Anastasia jogged over to the bench, placing herself comfortably as she watched Alisha teaching the 2.3 meter high male how to not lose that badly against a girl.

A smile spread on her face, her hands tightly gripping her phone as it vibrated in her hands - she unlocked her phone, noticing a big bird in the right corner of the display; a twitter notification, nothing special.

Though she decided to look it up, and as the file opened, her eyes began to sparkle in awe; a smile crept on her face as she stood up.

"VLAD! Next time I'LL GET YOUR ASS KICKED EVEN HARDER!!! But now I've got to go!" she turned in the door frame and smiled at the two people on the blue mat.

"Alisha, tell my parents I'll be in London for some time, they don't need to worry!"

These words were the last both of the Russian guys would hear from Anastasia.


"Kashi! KASHI! Help me sorting out ma cloths! NOW!"

"Avlona..." a sleepy creature appeared in the hallway, struggling not to fall as the almost 20 year old Chinese ran past her.

"Yes, my dearest sister?" the small girl with the crazy black curls rushed back to the sleepy girl and placed herself right in front of her.

"It's like 3 o'clock in the morning. What are you doing?" she rubbed her eyes before covering her mouth in order to hide a loud yawn.

"Well I was stalking people on twitter-"

"You mean you were stalking One Direction."

"Does it matter?" Avlona rolled her eyes before she continued "Anyways, I was like scrolling through my twitter, when there was a newsflash on the One Direction fan page, saying that I was one of the finalists of the Go1Den Games!!!" she jumped around her sister, who was obviously confused.

"Well, and now tell me what are you doing AT THREE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING AND WHY!!!" Kashi rubbed the root of her nose in annoyance.

"Well I gotta pack my bags as I am leaving to London in aaabouuut...“ Avli glanced at her watch "Three hours." She ran back to her room, jumping on her suitcase in order to close it.

"And, tell me, who else is going?" the blond girl that leaned in the door frame asked, still only in her pj's.

"You mean from Asia?" Avlona looked at the zipper of her suitcase thoughtfully, trying to close it.

"Well...“she continued after receiving an encouraging hum from her sister. "There are 4 more girls - the first one tagged in the posting was a girl called Anastasia, she is from Russia and about seventeen years old. The other girl from Russia is named Carlie - she looks quite young to me; yes I stalked them on twitter a little bit. Then there is this girl from Israel and her name is... hold on... I think its Aurora - she looks very nice! And last but not least there is also a potato from India and her name is Rahida."

"And they all won one of those competitions you took part in too, right?"

"Yeah they did - means they are gonna be dangerous..." black curls were pushed away as the small girl stood up and carried both of her cases down the stairs to the door.

"Avli!" Kashi yelled as she embraced her younger sister into a tight hug. "Be careful! I will miss you!"

"I'll miss you too, but remember; I'll come back - either if I win or not, I'll always come back!" she tugged a strand of blond hair behind her sisters ear before she opened the door and hopped into the limousine that was waiting for her - This was the last time Kashi hugged her sister.


*** EUROPE***


"Hello Miss Milazzo - May I talk to your daughter?" a dark haired man stood in the door frame as Mattilda Milazzo opened the heavy wooden door.

"I am sorry, my English is not the best... I will get -" she was shoved to the side by a sixteen year old blonde.

"Hi I am Meghan! You have to be Nathan! I'll go and get my suitcases, so we can head off in about two minutes, right? Alright!" she didn't hesitate as she hugged the tall boy, leaving her mother speechless and confused.

"Meg? Che c'è?" Mattilda placed her hands on her daughter’s shoulders as she continued to walk upstairs.

"This is the guy I'm talking about since Wednesday - he'll take me to London!"

"London? Baby why are you going to London?"

That was when Meghan got aware of her mother’s illness, disabling her to memorize anything, making her forget fast.

"I'll be back in about 2 weeks, don't worry!" Meg grabbed her suitcases and headed to the car, Nathan was already sitting inside. "See mom, Mrs. Angela is coming right there!"

Mrs. Angela was Mattilda's "babysitter", she took an eye on her since the illness spread in Mattilda's brain.

"Bye!" Meg hugged her mother for one last time, before she hopped into the cab and they hit the road.

"Hello Mrs. Milazzo! Where is Meg going?" Mrs. Angela asked whilst guiding the confused Mattilda inside the house again.

"Who is Meg?"

This was how Meg was going to be remembered by her mother -not at all.


The big Limousine wasn't empty when Meghan entered - 4 more girls were sitting on the huge leather bench as she placed herself on the set in front of it, facing them.

"So, who are you?" interested blue eyes were laid on Meg's appearance, whilst full lips formed the curious question.

"Meghan! Who are you?" her head tilted to the right, giving the girls opposite her a friendly smile.

"I am Delphinè, I'm from France!" the black haired beauty with astonishing blue eyes stated calmly, reciprocating the smile by showing her perfect white teeth.

"Jezebel" the girl next to Delphinè extended her hand and pulled Meghan into a tight hug as she grabbed it. "from Belgium, nice to meet you Meghan." Jezebel pulled away and gave the girls a breath-taking smile. "But please call me Jes."

"Alright Jes, nice to meet you too! By the way, I prefer to be called Meg." the Italian girl closed her right eye into a wink, smiling from one ear to the other one.

"My name's Chloe, the British girl! You may call me Chloe!" she chuckled at her own joke whilst the other ones died of laughter.

"My name's Reece, from Germany!" the redhead next to Jes managed to say between the heavy laughing.

"And you have all travelled here by Limousine?" Meg asked as they calmed down a bit.

"No, Chloe was brought here by plane, but the rest of us is sitting in this vehicle for about two days!" Jes exclaimed.

"And you know where we are going?" emerald eyes stared at the gorgeous girls in front of the Italian blond.

"Vienna airport!" Nathan said as everyone remained silent.

"Alright! So the nerds from Europe are flying to ONE DIRECTION!!!" Delphinè yelled before all of the five girls broke out in giggling again.



Cold wind blew down the busy streets of New York, people clutched their coats tighter around their bodies - a weak attempt to keep the coldness away. Riley was riveted by the heavy thunderheads, lightnings appeared far away, slowly but steady making their way towards the big city, sure to mess up the traffic.

Riley's thoughts trailed away, the wet cold remembering her of home.

Home - well, that was something she actually hadn't had yet. Her parents died when she was nine, since then she and her little brother were see-sawed between families, never having the chance to settle down. And even if they would, they were sure to be ripped out again and brought to another.

Last time they changed was a while ago, but it was the hardest.


"Please, please don't! I can't live without him! Please!" the girl screamed, probably only 14 years old; her grip tightly around the small arm of the 6 year old boy.

"They don't want another teenager here! Your brother will be fine. Stop arguing and just make it easy and get into the car!"

"NO!" the girl screaked, not letting go of the raven haired boy, green orbs locking with blue ones.

"RIRI! I DON'T WANNA BE ON MY OWN!" blue eyes filled tears, waterworks cascading over red cheeks.

"Stay strong!" pale lips met the hot forehead of the little boy, dark curls sweeping over his face.

"NO! RILEY!" the men pulled her away, tears streaming down her face as she was thrown into the back of the white van, giving her brother a weak smile and waved him good bye as the men hit the road.

*flashback ends*

That was the last time Riley saw him.

Now - 5 years later - she wanted to get him out of this hell. 
At the day of her nineteenth birthday she went to the youth welfare office, asking them to let her little brother stay at hers, pleading them to allow her to at least visit him.

Tears escaped Riley's eyes, they've grown dim, from sparkling emerald to somewhat mud.

They've told her, her brother was dead. His 'mom' killed him and the 5 of the kids she had adopted when she jumped off a cliff, forcing them to come with her.

From then on, Riley refused to laugh. She stayed emotionless, got depressive - She tried to kill herself twice. But every time she tried, the radio flicked to a song, a very special song. And she remembered singing it with her brother when they called each other secretly. And every time she heard that song, she saw him in front of her mental eye, smiling at her, showing off his cute dimples. It reminded her of how she took care of him for so long, how she watched him grow up. So she saw it as a sign - he didn't want her to be dead yet. He wanted her to live her life, enjoy the pleasure of first love, first Love... He told her so many times on the phone, if he'd die, he'd take care of her from above.

"Babe, are you okay? You haven't said a word until you arrived." one of the blond girls said, worry in her gaze.

That was when Riley realised she'd been crying, waterfalls running down her cheeks.

"Ye-Yes" she said, whipping the tears away. "Just the thought of meeting One Direction drives me crazy." she added, faking a smile.

"So anyways, I'm Saphirè, that's my twin sis Layla." blue orbs locked with my mud coloured ones, as the girl opposite me pointed to her look-a-like. Both of them had flash blue eyes and an astonishing smile, platinum blond hair cascaded over their shoulders, reaching down to the top of their stomach, the only difference; Layla's dips were pink, whilst Saphirè's were violet.

"Nice to meet you two, I'm Riley. Where are you from?" dim green eyes widened, a bit shocked as both of the blond beauties embraced her in a hug.

"Good ol' Cali." both of them replied same time. "You?" either one tilted her head to the right side.

"Québec, Canada." she replied awkwardly, a bit startled by the strange twins.

Before Riley had time to pull herself together again, the arms of another person were tightly wrapped around her.

"I'm Holly, love!" as the stranger pulled away, Riley saw one of the most gorgeous people she met yet, besides the platinum-twins.

"Riley." her mouth curled up, the smile even reached her eyes - something that hasn't happened for a long time - in response to the grin the caramel blond gave her.

"HEY!!! GIRLS!!!" a scream sounded from down the large hall of the airport, a small frame becoming bigger as the girl ran up to their position.

"SOORRY!!! Sorry I'm late!!! By the way, I'm Paige!" she hugged everyone before picking up her suitcases again.

"Following Persons please move over to Terminal 7, Gate 104, the private jet is now ready.
Holly Jones
Saphirè and Layla Thorne
Riley Dempsey
Paige Ross.
We will take off as soon as every of previous mentioned persons entered the machine.
Thank you for your attention." a voice sounded out of the speaker next to them.

"Alright Ladies! Let's go!"



"I can't believe we are on our way to One Direction!" black hair was flicked out of the boy’s face, lying across two seats of the airplane.

"And I can't believe you are telling us the 1 billionth time! Seriously! We got it!" Peyton rose her hands dramatically, chuckling on the nonsense Tyler kept talking about.

"I'm so looking forward seeing...“

"Kevin." all of the four girls said same time.

"Hey! Where do you know that from?" he sat up, showing off a dimpled smile, revealing his third piercing.

"Hm, I don't know, Katie, have you any idea why?" Danielle's red curls flicked a bit as she turned to the harsh blond girl next to her, her tone stuffed with sarcasm.

"Hm. Dearest Danni, I have no clue either. Maybe the redhead in front of us knows why?" she pouted her lips and frowned, to say her tone held irony would be an understatement.

"Well well, ladies. My mind is somewhat telling me we've heard that at least THOUSAND times before! Right Kayla?" she nudged the ginger next to her slightly with the elbow.

"My dearest Peyton, I have to prove you wrong..." a strand of shock-red hair was tugged behind her ear, staring at the speaking person with a confused gaze - Yes, Peyton Hendricks, one of the most intelligent girls in whole Australia was confused.

"We just have awesome fortune-telling skills!" Kayla burst out in laughing, as well as the other Directioners on the plane.


"Truth, dare or surprise?" Danni asked, expectantly peering up to the black haired boy.

"Truth!" he exclaimed.

"Are you gay, and if no - why do you wanna be One Directions girl- ahm boyfriend?" strawberry red eyebrows rose up, every of the girls waiting for an answer.

"What? You thought I am gay? Look at me!" he stood up from the floor and rid himself from his t-shirt, exposing the perfect smooth, tanned skin of his toned stomach, his prominent arms and outstanding v-lines. "How can someone who is so filled up with testosterone be gay?" he turned several times, showing off his toned body.

"Hey!" Peyton rose her hands in defeat. "Some of the hottest guys are from the other side of the lake!"

"Okay, back to the question: Why do you wanna be One Directions boyfriend then?" Katie asked from her seating position, staring at Tyler's body.

"Like what you see?" a smile crept on his right cheek, making his snake bites (1) become prominent.

Katie shook her head, forcing herself to look away.

"So?" Kayla was becoming inpatient.

"I hoped to find a cute girl, you know, a Directioner, from another country." he glanced away, picking up his black t-shirt and pulling his over his head.

"WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! WHAT DOES IT SAY ON THE BACK?!" Peyton screamed, her manicured fingernails pointing on the tall boy, brown eyes widen in expectation.

"I-I don't know what you are talking about!" blue orbs flicking around the room, whilst he slowly made his way back to his seat, still facing the girls.

That's when he noticed one was missing - Katie.

"OH MY FUDGING ONE DIRECTION!!! GIRLS!!!" before he could even realise it, all of the girls were standing next to Katie, who had made her way to the raven haired boy's back.

"NO! NO NO NO!!!" all of them burst into laughter.

"YOU my friend are the MOST HILARIOUS boy Directioner I've ever seen!" Danni exclaimed, covering her mouth as she tilted her head back, letting out loud and strong laughs.


(1) snake bites are piercings on either side of the lower lip



Two girls were standing in the big crowd of New Mexico's airport, looking a bit lost. Both of them carrying three suitcases, ready to take off to a secret place.

"Hello! Are you the fellow Finalists?" light-brown hair was brought over to one side as the tall girl stepped closer, almost flying on her high heels.

Rosie and Angela exchanged a look before they smiled and gave the girl a warm gaze.

"Yes! Hi, I am Rosie," the girl with dark brown, straight hair said as she was embraced in a tight hug by the gorgeous that had just arrived.

"And I am Angela, but feel free to call me Angy." the girl with well-tanned skin and big, almost black curls extended her arms, ready to welcome the new girl.

"Nice to meet you two, I am Lisa." the at least 1.75 m high rather pale skinned teenager smiled, exposing her perfectly white teeth.

"And I guess you are a supermodel!" Rosie's hands flew up to her mouth, covering it before whispering. "OMG! Did I just say that out loud?!"

Dark curls cascaded down the back of the tanned girl as she threw her head back, laughing like crazy. The pale gorgeous covered her mouth, giggles escaping her throat.

Suddenly, Lisa turned around sharp, reacting faster than expected.

"Wowww! Hi! I'm Noelle." the new arrived girl played with the dips of her dark hair which was brought over her left shoulder in a loose braid whilst her lips displayed one of the most beautiful smiles the girls had ever seen.

"You have to be Lisa! I've heard of you!" her brown gaze travelled over to the other ones. "All of you! “

"Well, than we don't have to introduce ourselves, do we?" Angela stated whilst pulling the slightly tanned girl into a tight hug.


"So we are complete now?" Jennifer asked, gabbing her suitcases - ready to move towards the gate the plane was waiting at.

"I guess so, there are five of every continent. And we are five!" the tall girl gestured around before also grabbing her bags and strolling over to Angela, who was already waiting on the other ones to come.

"So, let’s do this!" Rosie said, swinging her back bag on her shoulders before she continued.

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