Go1Den Games

3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


4. the Competition - SouthAmerica&Europe

"Millions of clicks within one hour!" the curly haired boy presented his laptop to the Irish next to him.

"Nice one! Well done! But..." Niall unlocked his iPad, ”3.475.930 retweets, 1.964.463 favourites, over 4.027.937 answers."

"Uhhh... Lemme see what you wrote to make our ladies go crazy!"

"I'll read it to you:

Dear 16year old potatoes all over Europe!

You know we love you, right? Well, to show you ALL of our love, we are launching a competition :3

And you wanna know what to do, right? So that's why I am writing ;)

We have a few simple tasks for you to complete:

First one is to find our hidden website! It contains all information you need to know. But don't think it's gonna be easy!!!

Once you found it you have to HACK it! Otherwise you won't find ANY info.

Next thing is to follow the steps given on the page, which differ depending on what hacking-terms you use - but don't worry, all of the will lead you to the finals.

After you completed the given tasks, message my private watt pad account - btw yes I am having a watt pad acc, and I really love those fanfics, for example 'Bring me to 1D' 'Dark' or 'INSERT TITLE', 'Coming home' is also awesome! (But my favourite is 'Bright Darkness') if you are the author of any of these fanfics please message me! You're awesome!

Anyways, back to the important part:

You will receive an email once you messaged me on watt pad, telling you further steps.

Good luck my POTATOES! I love you and I am looking forward seeing some of you in the finals!"

"Wow..." Harry muttered. "You crashed it! But I think 'Payneful Seduction' is better than 'ComingHome' "

"You also read those stuff?" the unbelieving gaze of the blonde boy made Harry chuckle.

"'Course! Who do you think I am to think I wouldn’t? I mean the most popular is particularly written about me!"

"You're right... How did I dare to?" the blonde head shook, ocean-blue orbs sparkling as teeth were showing an astonishing smile.

"Alright, now here is mine!" chestnut brown curls curtained around stunning features, hiding emerald orbs as he bowed his head, searching for the previous mentioned video.

"Here it is..." the living room showed as the play button was clicked.

"Girls, girls, girls..." Video-Harry said whilst shaking his head in awe. "You are amazayn! And we had a brilliam idea to show you how fablouis you are!" the curly haired guy winked into the camera, sure to 'kill' numerous of females out there.

"We are launching somewhat of a BIG competition, enabling 5 lucky winners to fulfil their dream - become our girlfriends. And yes ladies, we know that this is all you want! Now let me explain some things to you.

First of all this is the competition for South-American Directioners, so to all my pussycats from the south - CONGRATS! You have probably one of the easiest tasks. Just download the 'Directioner Countdown' app, link will be posted in the description, sign in with your twitter acc and start it. Once you've started it, it won't stop. You will receive twitter messages telling you what you've got to do. You have to finish those tasks in the given time - otherwise you will be disqualified.

Good luck my kitties, I love you!" The wink into the camera combined with the blown kiss made girls all over the world fall to the floor. "And I am pleased to be looking forward seeing some of you at the finals" with this the camera went death - refusing to show any other second of the curly haired boy from the couch, unable to show any inch of his perfect body, any curl that had showed out of the grey beanie, not showing any other dimple, not another wink of his stunning green eyes.

"Holy shit that was GOOD! Sure we 'killed' them" Niall chuckled, throwing his head in his neck as a loud laugh escaped his throat.

"I know right?" both- the curly haired as well as the blonde boy eventually stopped laughing - probably thinking about the same thing.

"I don't know what to think about this though..." a frown built up on top of ocean blue eyes. "I mean I can't bear a thought about -"

"Me neither. Just don't. Just think about how happy they will be - how happy we will be..." Harry faced the duvet, shoulders hanging down.

"That's the spot. They will be happy about it! But there is no point in being happy about this! It's just sad! They think they are in paradise! But they won't! They will-"

"STOP! Don't say another word! Please! The thought totures me just as much as it does you! But it's gonna make us-"

"Don't you dare to tell me it's gonna make us happy!" Niall rose from the bed, definitely pissed.

"Does it satisfy you seeing them sad? Seeing them ailing? Watch them die?" he fell down on the bed again, looking tired and exhausted. "Does it satisfy you seeing girls - our girls, our fans, people who love us - killing each other?"

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