Go1Den Games


3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


2. The Competition - Australia

"Hello Ladies" Liam winked into the camera on top of his MacBook. "You may have noticed, this is Liam from ONE DIRECTION!" the smile on his face widened, the new found confidence gave him a whole new look - he actually looked kind of happy, something nobody had seen during the past two years.

"This is..." he leaned to the camera, one hand placed on the corner of his mouth as he whispered "a secret twitcam."

He leant back to sit straight up on his bed, taking the laptop and placing it on his crossed legs.

"As you know, we are launching a competition for girls all over the world, and this is the Chance for all our Australian fans!

Unfortunately, only girls older than 16 are allowed to take part in these - I'm truly sorry Ladies!" he shot an apologetic look, taking his lower lip between his teeth before he showed a breath-taking smile.

"So now to all our Directioners who already had the pleasure to celebrate their sweet-sixteen, or those who will until June 13th this year, here is your duty." he took out a piece of paper - obviously a note with all the tasks for the girls.

"We prepared fifteen 'treasures' and hid them all over the country - so all you have to do is find one of them. When you were lucky - or gifted I don't know" he showed off his perfect white teeth as he smirked at his own nonsense. "Don't tell anyone... Like... No one! It's a secret." he was completely serious again.

"There will be a piece of paper inside the treasure box, as well as some tools you might need. Every of the 15 treasure boxes contain different tasks and different tools.

When you complete the task, send it to our address - which will also be named on the note inside the box.

The five girls who get to take part in the finals, will be chosen randomly."

Liam looked up from the note and his stunning brown eyes looked straight into the camera.

"So start to look for your luck - who knows how long it will be available...

I LOVE YOU! KISSES TO MA BITCHES" he blew a kiss into the camera and closed his laptop with a heavy sigh.


He fell back on the duvets, his eyes gazed around in the almost dark room - getting caught by the numerous pictures of the gorgeous girl that used to be his.

His beautiful brown orbs got flooded by tears - sadness and pain came up with the reminder of the terrible past.

"Danielle... I love you... I always will! I miss you so freaking much!!! Why can't you come back?! DANIELLE?! I need you! I can't do this on my own! Please... Please... Come back... FUCK! It was my fault! MY FREAKING FAULT! Why did I let you go?! I WAS SUCH A PRICK!!!" his words came out between the sobs, sometimes quiet, begging, sometimes loud and claiming. "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU! DANIELLE!!!"

"Come back... Please... Don't leave me... Please stay..." he kept whispering this words repeatedly, begging thin air, praying to god, to bring his girl back - but he knew, she won't ever come back again. It was too late.


"Babe" an angelic voice sounded from the end of the corridor. "Babe, are you coming?"

"D-Danielle?! Are you?! Are you really- !?"

"Leeyumm! Stop asking stupid questions." the beauty said, teeth showing off in an astonishing smile. "Rather come here and kiss me." her mouth curled up into a seductive smirk, extending her hand, flicking her index - gesturing him to come closer.

He ran to her, cupping her backside as he reached her and twirled her around.

"I missed you, angel!" he pressed the pink of his lips to hers, being gentle and delicate.

Her fingers winded in his hair, feet locking behind his lower back, the kiss got more intense.

Her teeth tugged on his plump lower lip, invading his mouth with her tongue as he grasped inside her mouth. Their tongues now fighting for dominance - the brown haired boy soon celebrated his victory by pressing her against the wall.

He felt the grip in his hair loosened with every second, the body he held getting heavier, feet hanging down either side of his waist.


Her head fell into her neck, back arching as her body fell backwards lifelessly.

"A-Angel? DANI?!"

Red liquid dropped to the floor, building a pool of blood, staining the perfect white of the carpet they were standing on.


The boy placed the girl on the floor, desperate as he couldn't find the source of the sticky red. He took her hand, pressing two of his digits on her wrists - no pulse.

He glanced up to her eyes, desperate for any sign of life - but they were cold and death.

"No...No, no, no! NO!" He let go of her hand, and walked over to the wall. "Not again! NO! NO DANIELLE!" He looked at the hole that was just created where his fist had met the white of the wall.

He broke down, crawling over to the dead body of the love of his life.

"No Danielle..." he grabbed her hand. “Please come back..." He kissed her neck. "Please... For me..." he pecked his way up to her once rosy, now pale cheek.

"Please... You can't leave me... Not now that you are..." his hand glide down to her stomach, but it was too late - there was no life in her body.

Suddenly he was pulled away from her, held back by an unknown force; coerced to watch his girl disappear in the distance...


Liam woke up, sobbing into his pillow - he knew, he lost her. That he lost both of the most important people in his life. And they won't ever come back - no matter what he would do, nothing could bring them back...

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