Go1Den Games


3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


1. Go1Den Games- Prolouge







The lads returned to the stairs, filming their first video diary since the terrible accident.


"Since two years passed by, we decided it is time to move on..." Liam started off, the smile on his face faded lightly - barely noticeable - and pain and sadness returned in his eyes.

"We are looking for girlfriends again" Harry's raspy voice sounded from the top stair, his dimples showed with the big signature smirk that was plastered on his face.

"But we don't want other celebrities..." Louis British accent continued, excitement sparkled in his clear orbs - the pain still wasn’t forgotten, but he hid it successfully – just like he did all the time since the event that had happened exactly two years ago.

"That's right! Cause what we are looking for..." Zayn's words build up the tension even more; the grin on his face crept up his left cheek more than his right.

"IS YOU!!!" Niall pointed into the camera, showing his teeth in a breath-taking smile – the braces had done a great job.

"We prepared a competition for each of the six continents" Liam stated, his smile seemed faked now.

"And we will choose 5 Directioners from every continent to get to the finals." Zayn's adorable big, brown eyes grew even bigger.

"The five lucky winners will get to be our girlfriends." Harry stated matter-of-factly - no matter how he would say it, he knew hundreds of thousands of girls will pass out right now.

"So do your best to get to the finals..." Niall was completely serious, his deep blueeyes sparkled in excitement.

"And pick up your chance to take part in the Go1Den Games!" Louis yelled - like always.

"You will get further information during the next two to three days over local radio stations and secret tweet cams" the smirk on Harry's face seemed to grow wider and wider with every word that passed his lips.

"Thank you for your support - we wouldn't have made this without you" Zayn blew a kiss to the camera.

"Yes, you are the best fandom ever!" Liam sounded happily, but his eyes showed the sadness he still felt.

"Alright guys! WE LOVE YOU! Bye!" They all blew a kiss, them the camera went off.


"We did it" a smile was plastered on Niall's face.

"I like the idea of being in a relationship with a Directioner - they probably know more about us than ourselves, this could get funny!" Louis sounded happier than ever in the last two years.

"I think it's quite cool too. I mean think about someone who knows everything from your life, who actually understands you!" Zayn was physically here, but his thoughts seemed to be far away.

"I don't think I can love anyone again... I'm sorry for the girl that will get to be with me... I will never love her like I... Like I..." Liam struggled to hold back the sobs, silent tears running down his cheeks.

"Liam..." Niall bowed down and stroke Liam's back in comfort. "Don't... Don't remind yourself of all the trouble, all the pain... It's time to move on."

"You are right" Liam stood up, straightening out his shoulders. "I have to move on, she would have want me to! Let’s go and do this, boys!" And with this sentence he was on the way to his room, preparing the laptop.

"C'mon mate, let's go!" Louis wrapped one arm around Harry's shoulders forcing him to the door to the corridor.

"I still don't think this is a good idea" Harrys features were now filled with concern "You know, they would kill each other to be with us..."

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