Go1Den Games


3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


13. Day One - THe horror continues


„What? How -"

The group of seven stood there, not knowing what else to say as they were all staring on the bracelets around their wrists - nearly crying.

Lisa lifted her gaze from the watch, looking around in the circle they were standing, taking in every single expression on the girls faces individually. She noticed how they were all different - but though so similar. Phinè had her hand clutched over her mouth, tears brimmed her eyes as she fixed her gaze on the tall Argentinean with the long light brown hair, pleading blue orbs staring right through Lisa.

"We are here for how long - 2 hours? And already 4 are gone?" Noelle exclaimed, lifting her face from her hands before covering it again, hiding the tears that were escaping her brown eyes.

"How? I mean..." black orbs wandered around, searching for someone to answer one of the many questions that were displaying in Avlona's mind.

"Wild animals, poisonous plants - who knows." Anastasia stated coldly, still staring down on the bright lightened display.

"Stasia! How can you be so cold? How can you not care -“

„Jes - she is in shock... Leave her alone." Avlona tried to defend her dazed friend, black orbs begging Jezebel to stay calm.

"I don't think they died of plants - they are not dumb. They all won this survival shit in their countries, they know what to eat or use and what not." Reece murmured, gaze fixed on the floor as she couldn't bear to face the disappointed looks of the six girls around her.

"What was that?" Noelle asked. "Are you saying -?"

"There is something out there for god’s sake! And we are lucky if it doesn't find us. Now, c’mon girls. We gotta go." The ginger said, eyes flicking from girl to girl, searching for agreement.

"I stay here." Noelle stated. "We got to -“

"Noelle, don't be dumb for god’s sake! Do you want to be the next one that appears on those damn screens? Whatever has killed the others - It's gonna find you if you just stay here!"

"Reece is right! Noe I don't want to see you on that wicked screen!" Avlona yelled, tears streaming down her face.

The girls had only spent about 1 day with each other, though they had already become close to each other - close enough to care for each other's life.

"We got to find shelter, and something to eat - and water. Water is more important than everything, okay?" Anastasia was fully present again, coordinating the six other directioners to get them to survive. "We are on the south of this island; we need to head to the north, alright?"

"Stasia, what are you talking about? You know as much about this piece of earth as we do - nothing! So why shall we follow you?" Noelle stood her ground as the dark haired Russian tried to push past her, walking deeper into the woods.

"Cause I've got this!“ She yelled over her shoulder, waving with a dirty piece of paper.




"We are walking now for hours! Are you sure we are walking the right direction?"

"We are heading to the north. We are right." Delphinè said.

"And where do YOU know THAT from?" the annoyance in Lisa's tone was unmistakeable - the girls had been walking for hours, and the fact that Lisa wore high heels made it worse for her .

"The moss is growing on this side, means there is north" Phinè said matter-of-factly as she extended her index to point on a tree.

"Girls can’t we just take a break? I mean we've been walking for hours and -“

"Lisa, throw your wrecking shoes away and stop complaining. Here, take these." Floppy curls curtained around the oval face as small hands reached down to unlace the leather converse the Japanese was wearing before Avlona handed Lisa her shoes.

"Thanks." the Argentinean mumbled before laying her heels on the ground and slipping into the comfort of white converse.

"You're welcome and now - Let’s go!"

"Wait" Anastasia spread out her hands, preventing the girls behind her from moving forward. "Do you smell that?"

"What?" Jezebel asked, brows frowning as she tilted her face in the air, trying to catch the scent the Russian was talking about.

"It smells like..."

"Rotten flesh." Reece stated, she had moved away from the group as she had followed the smell. "Come here! NOW!" her voice was desperate, breaking as she started to cry.

"Reece? What -?" Noelle couldn't finish her sentence; the tanned gorgeous broke down when she reached the European redhead.

"What the hack? Girls, come back!" Anastasia stalked over to the two now wasted girls who were kneeling on the floor crying, but she soon shut her mouth when she saw what lay there on the grass.

"Is it... them?" Jezebels voice was weak. She had walked up behind Stasia, now also looking on the dead bodies on the cold ground.

"I guess..."

Lisa and Delphinè now also stood around the two fallen Directioners, trying to comfort each other.

"How? How did they- ? They weren't on their own! They could have defended -"

"No they couldn't. Not her." Anastasia mumbled, her black ponytail cascading over her right shoulder as she had bent down to examine the bodies in front of her.

"Against whom?" Lisa asked, her cheeks already stained by the tears falling out of the inner corner of her eye.

"Carlie." Avlona stated, her gaze bore into the dead girls on the grass.

"She is sick in her mind. I noticed from the start - she isn't a person you eat cherries with, she is a person that would hope you would die on a cherries pit. Carlie is somewhat famous in her part of Russia for her mad tricks and her sick skills. There are a few people who claim her to have killed a few cats and also bigger dogs. They found wolfs with knife-wounds in their chest, but the justice in her area doesn't care, neither do her parents. She is what one would call mental." the black-haired Russian spoke thoughtfully, all eyes were laid on her.

"So you say that she did this?" Jes eyes were widened in shock, her gaze still fixed on Anastasia.

"Obviously." Avlona voiced, pointing on the flesh wounds in the chest of both of the death bodies.




After they paid their last respect to their dead friends, Anastasia, Delphiné, Noelle, Reece, Avlona, Lisa and Jezebel went on, making their way through the jungle.

"It's getting dark already, let’s build up our shelter." Lisa exclaimed from the very back of the row.

"It's not getting dark, the jungle is only getting thicker. It's about 3pm - there is no way its growing dark!" Avlona stated while she pushed a heavy leaf away.

"Avli is right - we are walking for two more hours, then we will build up our shelter and get us something to eat okay?" Anastasia's tone was surprisingly warm and calm, she was tired of yelling, and she found out that people are more willing to obey if you are nicer.

A common 'okay' was heard before they continued their journey through the thick forest.

"Girls - do you hear that?"

"Yeah?" hair of all colours flew around as heads snapped around, trying to find the source of the whoosh.

"It sound like -"

"WATER!" they all shouted in unison, storming over to where the swoosh was coming from.

They put their faces into the cool liquid and, washing off the sweat from their skin.

"Babes, I don't know about you, but I do need a bath!" Lisa exclaimed before she stripped down to her underwear and jumped into the river. Once she had surfaced again Lisa flicked her head, signalising the others to follow her.

"C'mon it's awesome!"

***Change of Location***

"Wow wow wow look at that!" Harry said into the walky-talky, green orbs fixed on the screen of the iPad in his hands.

"Whatcha watching styles?" Niall asked playfully.

"Lemme guess, Camera 17D?“ the thick British accent of the sassy brunette sounded through the phone-like device.

Harry hummed in agreement which made the rest of the boys’ chuckle.

„Hazz they are just taking a bath in the -“

„Shut up man I wanna see this!“ Harry exclaimed, emerald eyes still locked with the screen.

"So mates, tell me. Where ye at?" a hand ruffled through blonde hair as the Irish guy spoke into the walky-talky.

"I am placed in somewhat of a cave entrance I guess..." Liam's gaze flicked around, trying to find the right words to describe his surroundings. "I have a quite nice few though."


"Well... Uhm... I am sitting here in... Ahh... What did you ask?" loud laughter came out of the speakers as the curly haired tried to form his answer.

"Where ye at?" Niall chuckled, amused by his horny friend.

"I am behind somewhat of a water fall somewhere in the east of that island... How bout you?"

"Uhm I am sat here on the top of dat dead Vulcan, ya know. Though its nat working anymore, it's still wrecking hot here." even though they couldn't see each other, all of them knew that Niall's face would build up in a frown and he would let his gaze wander around uncomfortably. "Louis, mate? Where you at?"

"I am sitting on this lovely tree, and I am actually really scared that my sassy bum will fall out of here. Cause, you know, it would be quite painful to fall down 30 meters out of a tree, right on the stones down there...“ Louis gulped with the last sentence - the height really scared the shit out of him.

"I am here on a rock in the sea - gosh the silence is annoying sometimes!" Zayn exclaimed, his tone was calm though he expressed his annoyance.

"Dat's why we got those iPads, right?" Niall asked, examining the 2pound heavy electronic device in his hands.

"I guess... I don't like to watch them though..." Liam mumbled, flicking his thumb over the corner of the metal object.

"Me neither... Did you see -?"

"Yes Harry, I did. It's awful. I could never take this blonde as my -" Zayn answered, his voice broke before he could finish his sentence.

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