Go1Den Games


3 534 985 344 females on the world
1 767 274 957 possible competitors
1 947 253 entrants
196 countries
6 continents
5 boys
1 game.

30 girls from all over the world will be chosen to take part in the greatest competition ever launched.
The motto: "Win one game, and win the biggest prize of all!" - Sounds great, right?
But this one game, turns out to be the worst nightmare, of every of the girls...


14. Day One - A Different Story

Black hair waved from side to side as the tall boy made his way through the jungle, running as fast as he could. There was no chance he could escape it, no way to fight it - it would get him like it got Holly.


Tyler's POV

"Okay, we definitely got to go and get something to eat, and we could maybe build up a bonfire or something! I am starving." Paige exclaimed as we were all gathered around in a huge circle, sitting on the ground next to a wing of the wrecked plane.

"Alright. Imma head for it, who's gonna come with me?" I stood up from my seating position, brushing the dirt from my jeans as I rose to my full height.

"Me babes!" the blonde American flashed me a smile before also jumping to her feet.

"Well then -"she grabbed my hand and tugged me forward into the woods.

We were walking quite a while and I was surprised to see that Holly wasn't what you'd suppose her to be - due to her appearance she was more than just a regular blond from the US. She was smart, nice - all in all very likeable.

"So you think you can eat these?" she asked, holding up a bunch of blue berries.

"At least I guess so..." I trailed off, my eyes fixed on the ground as I tried to catch a small lizard. Completely focused on what I was doing, I followed the small animal, not even thinking about anything.

"Tyler? Tyler where - "that was when I heard a loud scream coming from the direction where I guessed my blue eyed accompanies.

"Holly!" my thoughts rushed as I ran past the bushes, making my way back to where the noise came from. I finally reached the glade I left her at, panting as I my eyes narrowed into the dark frame above the girl.

Black eyes bored through me as the creature lifted its head, turning it into my direction. Sharp teeth revealed when the monster snarled, a growl escaping its chest.

That's when my mind blocked and my instincts started to work, adrenaline pumping through my blood, the rush making me run faster and faster.

*flashback ends*

He turned around, hectically looking for a place to hide, but there was none. He knew he was lost, he couldn't win - he had no chance.

A mop of black hair flew back as heels dug into the ground, making the boy stop abruptly. He now turned fully around, straightening out his posture - if he died, he wanted to die like a man, fighting the beast that had killed one of his friends.

Suddenly puce hair fanned around his head, a pair of strong arms wrapped around his upper torso. He was pulled off his feet and lifted up high in the air, when his mind started to process what had happened, he already found himself sitting on a branch of a quite big tree he must have stood underneath before.

"What the he-" he was cut off by a hand placed on his mouth before another arm snaked around his waist, holding him tight to the other person's body. Tyler inhaled heavy, dazed by the former actions, a feminine smell clouded his mind, reminding him of the scent of freshly cut grass and spring flowers.

"Be quiet, please..." the voice sounded almost pleading before the smooth hand let go of his face, the arm was still firmly wrapped around his torso though, making it hard for him to turn around.

"You can let go of me now." He breathed, sending shivers through the girl behind him.

She let him go, jumping slightly as a rough palm gripped hold of her wrist.

Comforting words were spoken as the black haired boy turned around, crystal blue eyes instantly locking with mud coloured ones.

"You-You saved me?" it was more a question than a statement; he received a slight nod as an answer, brownish eyes still piercing into him.

"How? I am like the double of your size."

"Adrenaline I guess..." the dark haired girl replied, facing down to the ground; her fingers became quite interesting.

"Why?" rough digits cupped Riley's chin, forcing her to look into perfect blue orbs by tilting her face up.

"I- I don't know... I mean I couldn't have let you died down there, could I?" her voice was shaky, nervousness displayed on her features as she fiddled with her fingers.

Tyler didn't reply anything - for the first time in life, Tyler Girling was speechless. He just watched the Canadian girl in front of him, stunned by her entirety.

She didn't look perfect, but in his eyes, she was. She has always been, since the first time he recognised her.

A strong hand was extended, slowly tugging a loose strand of puce hair behind perfectly shaped ears, giving Riley a warm smile before cupping her cheek.

"Thank you." he mumbled truthfully, giving the dark haired Canadian an intense look before dropping his hand, leaning on the hard wood of the thick branch.


„C'mon we gotta keep going!" Riley said, taking the tall boys hand with her soft one, tugging him forward as they stormed through the thick jungle.

"Babe, it's getting dark already." Tyler rasped, swiftly spinning the girl around, making her crash into his chest. "I've spotted a little cave over here, we can sleep in there."

Brownish eyes peered up to him - but he noticed a difference. They've grown greener, a hint of sparkle in the background.

"No. Tyler, seriously. I already have a place to stay. Just follow me!"

A low chuckle escaped his chest, ruffling through the dark hair of his head before nodding.

"Show me then."


"Here we are." After another 2 hours of walking, the two dark-haired Directioners reached the entrance of the previous built up shelter.

"Okay and now tell me the difference between this cave, and the cave I wanted to go in?" the boy laughed, making the girl face the floor, her cheeks flushing red. Suddenly her head shot up, a grin on her face.

"Well, you may enter!" she said, gesturing to the small gap between two big rocks.

Blue eyes widened at what they saw - a perfectly built up shelter, with a small fireplace right underneath a small crack between the stones, a bunch of blankets, a few pillows and somewhat of an air bed.

"Babe, where did you get that stuff from? Did you collect all the rucksacks or what?" Tyler's mouth was still agape as he walked around in the vast cave.

"Nope. I just took everything from the plane." Riley said, plopping on the 'bed'.

The tall boy lay down next to her, a pleasured smile plastered on his features.

"So... what do you wanna do now?"

"Well, how about sorting out the stuff we collected on our way... I am starving!" the moment those words left her lips, a low growl from her stomach was audible.

"Alright, Alright!" they moved over to the pile of food they found on their walk, dividing berries, leaves and roots into eatable and poisonous ones.

"Imma go and throw those away..." Tyler said; he grabbed all the bad food and walked over to the small fire.

"NO! Wait!" the small girl stormed over to the black haired boy, picking cherry-red berries out of his hands. "Now you may throw it away."


"Why did you do that?"


The two of them spread themselves out on the air mattress, intently observing the ceiling. Tyler turned to his side, facing the small beauty next to him.

"Why did you keep those berries?" an eyebrow cocked up as also Riley shuffled beneath the sheets, positioning her body to be able to look into crystal blue eyes.

"As a... An emergency plan - I'd rather die like that then be tortured by that blonde bitch."

"Whom?" black eyebrows furrowed into a deep frown, eyes now piercing into the girl in front of Tyler.

"Carlie - ya know. This blond Russian girl with the crazy eyes." she spoke through gritted teeth; hatred displaying on her features.

"What did she do?" Tyler questioned, still confused about the whole situation.

"I saw her. I saw how she killed Danni and Kay. I saw how she traced Katie." The Canadian girl gulped, her eyes growing dark at the thought of what she had witnessed. "The worst is - she seems to enjoy it."

Full, rosy lips were parted, staring at Riley in horror.

"That's why I collected those. I know them from a book, and it said those berries would kill you as soon as you fall asleep after eating them..." she murmured under her breath.

Their heads snapped up as there was a scream yelling through the cold night, followed by a muffled noise.

"She is here." Riley jumped, heading over to the pile of red berries.

"What are you doi- NO! RILEY DON'T!" it was too late, the small girl had already shoved a handful of berries into her mouth; disgust flashed over her features as she pulled a face.

"Ewww. They are sour."

"Riley?! What the hell why did you do that?" Tyler rushed over to the pale female, grabbing her shoulders with his hands.

"Tyler, we have no chance. She is here, probably not even 50 meters away from us. She is going to find us, like she found Katie. I don't know how, but she notices you, no matter how silent or understated you are." small hands took enormous ones in their palms, caressing the back with soft digits. "And I don't want her to take my life, it's not hers, it's mine - if anyone has the right to kill me, then it's me, and only me."

Tyler pulled his hands away; a quick movement was done before also his mouth was filled with the sour red balls.

"I will go with you." Blue orbs locked with Riley's, and Tyler noticed an even bigger difference - they were now green again, not as sparkly as they used to be, but all the brown was gone.

Tears brimmed in the corner of the green eyed girl's eyes as she approached the dark-haired boy, embracing him in a tight hug.

"Thank you..." her shaky voice trailed off, only hardly audible as she buried her face in his chest.

Tyler didn't respond, he just stood there, reciprocating the hug.


"What do you want to do, as it's the last night of your life?"

Riley turned to lay on her side, observing the boy next to her as he turned his head.

"I dunno... Maybe just talk a bit..." blue orbs locked with green ones as both of the teens stared at each other, enjoying the last few hours of their life's.

"Okay... Why not... So what do you wanna talk about?" Riley asked, curiously cocking up an eyebrow.

"What's your favourite colour?"


"What's your favourite song?"

The girl took a bit of time answering this question, memories flushing her mind. There was this song she always used to listen to, the song which saved her life several times.

"What makes you beautiful..." a smiled displayed on Riley's features, watching in awe as the black haired male turned properly to face her.

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else..." he playfully sang, earning a big smile from full lips. “First kiss?"

Blue eyes lost the contact to the emerald orbs, the puce haired girl awkwardly looking to the ground.


"Never had one..."

"Are you kidding me?" a large hand cupped Riley's chin, tilting her head up. "A beauty like you never had a boy to kiss her?"

She shook her head, again looking down, her hands became quite interesting.

"You wanna change that?" her eyes shot up immediately, staring at him with blank features.


Riley's POV

"You don't have to kiss me just because of the fact that we are going to die soon."

"Baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss. I wanna be first yeah, wanna be the first to take it all the way like this." Tyler sang, before shuffling closer to me, his arm casually laid around my waist.

"I-If you want to..." I breathed, what I added was hardly audible. "Cause I'd love you to."

"My pleasure..." hot air fanned over my face; a strong arm snaked around my waist, tugging me closer to the hot body next to me.

Our foreheads were pressed together, I leaned in a bit, waiting for the sensation to come. And it did.

My eyes fluttered close as his hot, pink lips met mine, instantly locking in unison. My arms were encouraged up to the nape of his neck, fingers instantly intertwining with his black hair. He pulled me even closer to his toned body, my breasts pressed against his hard, muscled chest - the feeling was overwhelming. Plump lips worked against mine, his teeth slightly tugging on my lower lip. A gasp escaped my mouth as he repeated the previous action; my heart skipped a beat as I felt his tongue shoving past my lips, exploring the warmth of my mouth.

We pulled away, heavily panting. Our foreheads were again pressed together, both of us smiling as our gazes locked.

"That was amazing." he stated happily, pecking me one last time on the mouth before rolling over to lie on his back, swiftly taking me with him.

We laid there for a couple of hours, just enjoying the moment; I was sprawled out over Tyler's body, our chest rising and falling synchronically.

"I love you..." Those words were the last I've heard, before both of us drifted off in a never ending sleep.

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