Making A Deal With The Bad Boy

Marc Warren is the son of wealthy CEO Kellan Warren. Marc has made so many mistakes in his life; he wants to start over. So when he asks his dad for money for his new start, his dad doesn't go along head first. He tells his son that in order for him to get the money, Marc must get a respectable girlfriend, and take her to Prom. Just when Marc is going to see his dad to confess the bad news, he gets stuck in an elevator with Sybil Mathews. A pale girl with big, curly dark hair and pretty hazel eyes, and suddenly, Marc knows he’s just found the solution to all of his problems.


2. Fathers

“How much longer do you think you’re going to be in here?” I ask him.

“Hopefully not for too much longer,” he answers, settling next to me.

“Do you think your dad will approve… of me?”

He laughs. “What do you think your dad will think? He’ll probably kick my ass.”

 “Doubt it.”

 “Oh, really? Your dad’s kinda scary.”

 I laugh. “Haven’t you heard? You’re kind of scary, too.”

He looks down, laughter gone from his face. “I know.”

Right then we heard the echo of an electric screwdriver and conversation ceased. In the next minute, a panel off the ceiling was lifted away to reveal two men in dark slacks and t-shirts with the logo NYFD.

 “New York Fire Department,” one of them asks. “You kids okay? Ready to get out?”

 I stand up, nodding. “Yes, let’s go.” I hold my hands up as they reach down, and I feel big hands grab onto my waist. I look over my shoulder to see Marc right behind me, and he lifts me up easily to the men waiting above.

There is a cluster of men waiting for us when we exit the elevator shaft. Of those men, are our fathers. They were both wearing suits. My dad is the same age as Mr. Warren, but they sure don’t look it. My dad has dark hair and deep lines around his big brown eyes. His poker face is one of the best in the business. He could be holding a full house during a poker game and you wouldn't even know it. But now, he’s letting his emotions slip through as he gives a relieved smile at the sight of us.  

Mr. Warren – full name Kellan Warren – is a tall, hard-looking man. Good-looking with the traits of dark hair, blue eyes and sharp angles of his face. Traits, which, clearly, his son has inherited. Instead of smiling, he looks at Marc with suspicion.

Marc just smiles.

 “Hey, Dad.” He nods to my dad. “Mr. Mathews.”

My dad smiles in return. “I’m glad you two are alright.”

 “Oh, we were just fine,” Marc says as he slings his arm around my shoulders. “Just fine.”

 My dad looks confusedly between Mr. Warren and us. He laughs nervously. “Am I… missing something here?”

 “We’re dating.”

Both of our fathers’ eyebrows shoot up.

“This isn't a prank?”

“Nope.” Marc smiles smugly.

“I’d like to hear from Sybil, Marc,” Mr. Warren says. “Is this true? You’re… dating my son?”

I nod slowly. “… Yes, sir,” I speak quietly.

“Of your own free will? He is not forcing you?”

“Um.” Feeling nervous, I look up at Marc. Then I clear my throat and say, “Yes.”

“I don’t think I even want to know,” he sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead, but then he looks up and I can tell he’s gone into full lawyer mode. His dark eyes burn into Marc as he steps closer.

“I am only going to tell you once. If you hurt my daughter in any way other than from hugging her too tight… my foot up your ass is going to be the least of your worries. Do I make myself clear?”

In all seriousness, Marc says, “Yes, sir, Mr. Mathews.”

“Good.” He turns to me. “I’m sorry that your trip here was a wasted effort. Kellan and I were just on our way to lunch.”

“Oh,” I say. “That’s alright. We needed to come here anyway to… tell you the news.”

“Yes, and so now you have heard the news, we should get going. Big lunch date, you know. Mustn't be late.” Marc turns us fully and take us to the stairs.

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