my Awkward scary funny cool life

Roxy loves one direction , especially Harry ;) she goes through a lot but Harry is always by her side.WAIT THEY R IN LOVE! WILL THEY BREAK UP?? WILL THEY DIE?? read the book to find out

OH YEAH! and if u become a fan u r awesome


1. Me

My name is Roxy. I live 15 minutes away from Las Vegas and I love my life. I also love one direction especially Harry Styles. I work as a DJ at a club and I am 18. My three goals in life are to 1.Kiss Harry Styles 2.Meet 1D 3.Get a good collage. My fave color is purple and I have two  dogs of my own . One is snowball and the other is peanutbutter.I haven't moved out of my mom's house. Oh and my dad died in fire accident.That was right after my parents divorced.I was 11 when it happened.I tried to save him but he told me to save myself. But enough of the tragic death of m father. Ok not being a snob or anything but I am kinda rich my mom is an actor.Well that's pretty much it.

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