my Awkward scary funny cool life

Roxy loves one direction , especially Harry ;) she goes through a lot but Harry is always by her side.WAIT THEY R IN LOVE! WILL THEY BREAK UP?? WILL THEY DIE?? read the book to find out

OH YEAH! and if u become a fan u r awesome


4. Going out to dinner


                Harry's POV

       I had to admit Roxy was pretty cute and all but I had to get to know more about her. Usually , being the stupid flirt I am, I just don't get to know a girl I just date her. But Roxy was sorta different. She was just a bit shy and I wanted to see her outgoing side so what better way to do that than take her out for a nice dinner. In the mean time I was getting ready I put on my cologne and all that stuff but I was kinda nervous. I had never been nervous for a date before. As corny as it sounds maybe we were meant for each other ? Well I don't know but I'm starting to sound like some kind of Disney movie. 


       Roxy's POV

        I tried to  look my absolute best. I crimped my hair and put on a powder-purple short dress that had rhinestones on the chest area. I got my best smelling perfume and spayed myself so many times I could probably have an asthma-attack. My phone buzzed , Harry had texted me. This is how the conversation went.

Harry:Hello, Roxy I'm all ready now and I am coming to pick you up. Are you ready

Me: Yep I am done getting ready :).

Harry: okay I'm on my way.

Me:okay I will be waiting on my front porch

Harry: I bet you look lovely


me: Thank you I bet you look very handsome ;)

By this point I was freaking out. Harry is such a gentleman! Why would he want to go out with me? I'm not a celeberty! As I waited on my front porch I pretty much shook with excitement. Harry pulled up in his beautiful car. I Said hi and hopped in. "You look amazing!" Said Harry politely. On the inside I wanted to explode, but I just just giggled and said "You do too".

      Soon he arrived to the fancy restaurant. As we walked in, he said "You have extraordinary eyes". "Why do you like them?" I asked while blushing. "They have a pretty deep blue color and they sparkle like well, stars."Harry told me. I thought Harry had the most beautiful emerald green eyes too! "Your eyes are certainly extraordinary too." I replied. In the mean time we sat down at our table. I ordered raviolis with a a side of salad. We talked about each other and later on our food came.

              Harry's POV

        Roxy was beautiful and I could tell just by having a small conversation about ridiculous gas prices that she was just my type. She was pretty, clever, unique, funny, and confident. She had the prettiest smile and eyes. Except she would barely smile with her teeth. She was still gorgeous I just didn't have the guts to tell her. This thought played with my mind. Since when was I scared to call a girl gorgeous? I had to tell her I just had to except my shyness held me back the whole dinner time.I paid for dinner and we went to the car.









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