Hungry for you

Miah and her friend spend a week away. When Miah becomes ill her friend ditches her and she is left on her own.
She is invited out by another group to go to a gig and gets more than just a night out.


2. Chapter 2

Miah gazed longingly out of the small bay window. The wind had tossed litter and leaves across the promenade and she could just make out the tiny figures of Abby and Kian returning from their stroll. She and Abby had come to Whitby for the autumn Goth week to try and cheer Miah up after her not so much break up, but rather massive let down by her first proper boyfriend. But instead of spending it at the varied pubs and gigs as intended, Miah had spent most of it cooped up in the little B&B with horrific cluster headaches. Now that they seemed to be on the retreat, Abby had gone and picked up some tall flame haired Irishman with more piercings than could possibly be hygienic and they’d buggered off and left her alone.

So now she sat moping and bored, the wind had picked up and there were little spatters of rain appearing on the window and pavement outside. It was starting to look like another day indoors. She gazed at her reflection in the glass, her waist length wavy, auburn hair had gained some of its shine now she was feeling better. She still looked pale and a little peaky; but still more normal coloured than some of the other patrons. Her usually green eyes had lost some of their sparkle and were currently a stormy grey blue; to match her mood, she thought.

“The weather looks crap; don’t let it put you off though.”

A deep masculine voice boomed behind Miah; its owner was a tall, platinum blonde steam punk. His leather and brass encased arm had a very pretty blonde in bottle green Victorian skirts and corset hanging off it.

Miah smiled at the pair and must have looked pretty lonely and desperate, since in the next breath the girl spoke in her very squeaky voice.

“You’ve sat in that same chair every day you’ve been here; your “friends” appear to have abandoned you. There is a really cool band on just down the road this afternoon; you’re welcome to join us.”

Miah was almost offended at being made to feel so pathetic, no matter how much she felt it. Just as she was about to politely decline the offer, a muscular, dark haired man; not much taller than the girl’s petite 5 foot frame, appeared at the door.

He leaned his very attractive, dark jeaned ass against the doorframe, nodded and smiled at Miah before speaking to the couple. The tight white t-shirt he wore left none of his defined chest to the imagination.

“You two ready yet? The guys have set up and the pub’s packed.” His voice was warm and light, with a slight northern accent that was hard to place.

Miah noticed the man’s eyes were the same deep chocolate brown as his hair and they sparkled with a mischievous glimmer as he spoke.

The entwined pair looked back at Miah, who was now getting to her feet and brushing her long black skirt down.

Miah found that the couple, David and Sarah, were actually just friends and David was gay. The shorter man, whose name she still didn’t know, had disappeared to the other end of the bar and appeared to be entertaining a group of very loud young women who were dressed as vampires and Victorian ladies. She didn’t know why, but Miah suddenly felt very jealous of the other girls. She had no reason to be; after all she didn’t know the guy and hadn’t even tried to introduce herself. Deciding she was being silly, Miah made small talk with Sarah and David to distract herself.

As the band played some very loud emo/punk music about being miserable all the time and hoping the world ended soon, Miah found her gaze drawn aback across the bar. This time he was looking at her, his eyes sparkled as he smiled. Miah’s heart started to beat double-time as he crossed the room, he was coming towards her. Miah smiled up at him as he closed the short gap between them, he smiled back and continued on past her to David.

Her heart sank, suddenly she felt breathless and she realised she’d been holding her breath. Sarah brushed against her side, uncomfortably close for someone she didn’t actually know. Miah realised she was being whispered to.

“Tim, he’s a strange one. Quiet mostly, until he gets a bit of alcohol in him and then he doesn’t usually shut up. He’s been quite reserved tonight; I’m guessing you have something to do with that.”

Miah was quite taken aback, the guy hadn’t even said a single word to her for her to offend or cause anyone to behave out of character.

“What do you mean that it’s something to do with me? We’ve not even been introduced.”

Sarah giggled in her very high girlish pitch.

“Oh good grief! He’s been eye-fucking you since we left the B&B, you can’t possibly tell me you hadn’t noticed that.”

Blushing, Miah shook her head. She hadn’t seen any of the so-called “eye-fucking”, just occasional glances while he chatted away to the other women around him. She would hardly call that showing an interest, in her opinion.

She looked up at Tim; who appeared deep in conversation with David. His eyes flickered over to her; he cocked his head and smiled. Sarah nudged Miah forward and when she didn’t budge, she grabbed her arm and dragged her over to David and Tim.

“I don’t think you two have been formally introduced.” Sarah squeaked, indicating to Miah. “Tim, this is Miah; she’s staying at our B&B.”

Tim nodded and continued his conversation with David. Miah was just turning to go to the bathroom when Tim called her back.

“You aren’t hungry by any chance are you, Miah? It’s just these two appear to have eaten already and I’m absolutely starving.”

“Well I could do with a little something, I missed lunch. Give me a minute.” Miah turned and continued to the bathroom, blushing massively at the thought of being left alone with this complete stranger who, she had to admit, was pretty hot.

Miah found Tim was waiting outside the pub when she finished in the restroom. He simply smiled and held out his arm when she arrived, she took it; he smelled warm and clean, like fresh laundered cotton.

The pair walked along the battlements with fish and chips and then along onto the deserted pier.  The air was cool and the rain and wind had died off earlier.

They talked for a while, until the conversations about work, interests and general chit chat ran out. Tim put his arm around her as the air became a little more chilled and pulled her close.

He ran his fingertips up the length of Miah’s spine, sending a warm tingle to all her nerves and making her shiver.

“Cold or nice?” he asked, smiling like he already knew the answer.

Miah smiled back and pressed herself closer.

“A little of both, perhaps you know of a way to warm me a little?”

Tim pressed her into the pier’s railing and brushed his soft warm lips across hers, his breath tickling as he spoke.

“I may do. Would you like to find out?”

“I think I might.”

Tim stroked his fingers up the back of her thigh and into the hem of her panties. Pushing the lacy material aside and running his fingers round to the front and gently slipped one in between her moist lips.

Circling the hard nub of her clitoris, Miah moaned softly, her head on his shoulder.

“Turn around.” He whispered into her ear.

Miah did as she was told and leaned against the cold railings. She felt Tim shift behind her and his hand run up the back of her stocking. Miah gasped at the cool breeze on her behind as he lifted her skirt.

“Have you ever been spanked, Miah?” He asked as he stroked her bottom.

She stumbled at the question. Spanked? Bloody hell, not since she was little and naughty.

“No, I suppose I’ve never needed to be, what with being well behaved.”

“Hmmm, I don’t think good girls wear stockings and suspenders. I don’t think good girls let men they’ve just met do this either. I think you’re a naughty girl. Naughty girls get spanked. Would you like me to spank you, Miah?”

Miah blushed at the offer, part of her felt terribly offended at the thought that she shouldn’t be doing this; the other was the part making her tingle all over and heat spread between her legs at the thought of being spanked out in the open.


“Yes what?” He asked, his mouth close to her ear so his breath tickled her neck.

“Yes... Please?”

His hand cupped her right buttock, stroking it gently and then nothing for a moment as he took it away.

She heard the impact of his palm on her bare buttock before she felt it, a sharp slapping noise and then the sting came. It wasn’t a particularly painful sting, but it was enough to make her jump. Then the oddest sensation of heat rising up her thighs and an ache started between her legs. She was just adjusting to the sensation when the next came down on her left buttock. He continued as the heat spread further upward, and the ache settled deep in her abdomen, leaving a hungry throb between her thighs.

Tim continued for a few minutes, not long enough in Miah’s mind. Just as soon as she started to get into it and she could feel herself becoming moist, he stopped. Then she felt his hands stroking her again and fingertips brushing the now over-sensitive skin of her bottom, over each buttock and down to the tops of her stockings, back up and then round to where she really wanted them. He plunged two fingers into the slick heat of her sex and slowly circled the hard nub of her clit with his thumb. The sensation was exquisite after the build up and all she wanted was released. Miah pushed back against his hand, greedy for more and then he stopped again. Groaning with frustration now, Miah looked back over her shoulder at Tim.

He grinned at her and turned her round.

“My turn I think.”

Miah stared blankly at him.

“You want spanking too?”

“No.” Tim chuckled. “I want you on your knees and my cock in your mouth.”

“Oh!” Miah slowly went to her knees as Tim unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop a little. At least this she knew what to expect, usually it ended up with no sex for her.

Sighing, she tugged the front of his boxers down over his already very hard penis. She had to admit she was certainly impressed with his size, but sad that she was only likely to get it in her mouth.

Miah grasped him firmly and ran her tongue slowly from the base to the tip and round the head, swirling it across the top. Tim leaned back on the railing; she could hear deep throaty noises coming from him, so guess she must be doing something right. She took him into her mouth and engulfed him as far as she could and sucked as she pulled her head back up, flicking the tip of him as she did. Back down she went and she felt hands in her hair, stroking, not pushing like others did. He entwined his fingers through her hair as she sucked and licked. The moans and throaty gasps got louder and more frequent, when he suddenly tugged her hair and pulled her head back.

“Stop, please! Not yet, I want to be inside you.”

Tim released Miah’s hair and helped her back up to her feet. As she reached her full height Tim leaned in and pressed his mouth to hers, his lips soft and firm. He turned her back round to face the railing and out over the sea and his hands edged back up Miah’s legs and gripped her panties, this time pulling them down.  He pressed his body against hers and stroked the tip of his member against her wet slit. Miah pushed back, desperate to have him inside her. She reached back to grab his thighs and pull him closer, but he grasped her hand and pressed it back up on the rail. Tim leaned forward and kissed a trail down the side of her neck ending in a nip with his teeth at her shoulder. He continued to tease her until she could take no more torment and was groaning with frustration. Then Tim thrust hard into her, the shock of the sensation caused her to shout out. Her whole body felt on fire, the heat from her thighs spread throughout her veins. He pushed hard and deep and then soft and slow, teasing her, making her beg for release.

He slid a hand round her tummy and snaked his way down, running a finger over her clit, he pushed firmly down on it and circled slowly. Miah’s knees started to buckle, she cried out as the ache deep in her abdomen built until it reached its peak, her body trembled and her muscles tightened around him, over and over. The heat flushed over her skin making all her nerves tingle and prickle. Tim pushed deeper still, harder, faster now. Miah leaned against the cool metal of the railings, the sensation now so intense. With one final thrust and a groan, Tim pulled Miah back up and pushed deep into her. With a final kiss on her neck, Tim released Miah.

She brushed her skirts back down and adjusted her hair as Tim did his trousers back up. Linking arms and blushing slightly from exertion, the pair walked back along the pier to the town.

The walk back to the B&B was quiet, thankfully no one had seen. Or at least no one had pointed and mentioned that they had as they passed. As they separated to go to their separate rooms, Tim mentioned that he was in the last room at the end of the hallway; just in case she felt peckish in the night.



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