Lucidate (c)-make things appear or clearer.

For the hidden power contest


1. Prologue


  The Rileys never went out on Fridays. Just like every other family in the neighbourhood, they would stay at home-watch TV, finish the household chores and have dinner. The kids would do their homework and the dishes while their parents wound up their work.

But on a wintry evening like this, Mr Riley had to take his kids to the Red Helmets game. Although he wasn’t an admirer of the baseball series, his children liked the game. While Mr Riley satisfied their whims and fancies, his wife stayed back at home to complete the chores. She wasn’t an ardent fan of the game. She just needed some time for herself from her mundane routine.

It was well past eight, when she heard loud footsteps. Thinking that the neighbours must going out, she dismissed the matter.

But she didn’t know the fate that was coming for her….

The thief had snuck in from the back. He didn’t look much like a burglar if one saw his clothes. But his fiery red eyes and his fleetness indicated his eagerness to finish the task.

He slowly entered the dim-lit passage. Easy. And then he paused to listen carefully to the water running in the kitchen. He placed his hand over his trusty tool-his knife. Tonight, there would be fireworks and jubilation, he thought to himself.

He carefully ambled towards the kitchen and saw his prey. The woman, who didn’t know that the intruder was behind her, was silently washing the dishes.

The intruder took out his weapon- which looked new and almost unused.

Before the woman could turn back to see glimpse his face, the intruder employed his weapon and did the work swiftly. As the sharp blade of the knife pierced the woman’s body, she couldn’t help but scream with pain. The surprise assault paralyzed her with shock and she remained speechless. She lay writhing in pain and the intruder stared at her calmly. She looked into her attacker’s fiery red eyes with terror for the last time before passing out. Dead.

The old neighbour spotted a man- dressed in a black hoodie, running out of the Rileys’ house- right after the ear-piercing screams died away.

Who the hell? Must be a cat burglar. But the screams, she wondered. I better call the police.

The cops wasted no time and when they arrived, they decided to a clean sweep of the neighbourhood. As suspected, they found no trace of the robber. And suspiciously, even the Rileys weren’t answering the door. The fact that Mrs Riley had stayed back was known and yet, she wasn’t responding.

Soon, Mr Riley arrived with his children. Realising the situation, he became ready to co-operate with the police. The officers managed to get inside the house. It didn’t take long for them to discover Julianne Riley’s bloodied body.

The investigation began with full force. The media too started covering the matter- a murder of a woman in a decent suburb was not common.

Statements were taken and it was concluded that the suspect or the so-called ‘burglar’ broke into the house and murdered the lone woman. With the help of the old neighbour’s descriptions of the intruder, the cops began tracing the suspect. The descriptions coincided with that of Mrs Riley’s co-worker. Upon investigation, it was found that the suspect-Carl Wilson allegedly had a brief affair with the deceased woman. He was on the run and the quick-witted officers, who knew this fact, wasted no time. A formal statement was released in a press meeting. The cops knew who he was and what his motives were. He was at large but he couldn’t possibly go unnoticed. With this hunch in mind, they began to find him.

With any luck, Carl Wilson could be their hands anytime soon.


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