Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


52. Thunder 51

After eating pizza together in the living room, Bella and I decide to go upstairs and dive into our books. When i want to open the door to my bedroom, her hand grabs my arm and inlet her turn me around to face her. She’s feeling shy about something.
‘Ehm…could you help me out? I mean – i have a dress for prom and for the Cullen party. But my hair…’ she trails off when she nears the end of her sentence and turns her head away. I sigh. 

Since Bella frequently changes into a very large furball, I often get a slap for that comment, her long wavy hair is in the way. So she needed to cut most of it. Now she has her hair cut like Leah Clearwater, but where leah has straight hair falling alongside her sharp facial features, Bella’s curls kind of give her soft expressions more right. I think it’s beautiful on her but she still feels weird about it. 
‘Well since Alice has short hair too….maybe she knows a nice updo for you? I mean she’s all about fashion.’ I suggest shrugging. Bella tries to smile at me but she fails.
‘I really hate it that my hair is gone…
“I know Bells. Believe me I understand. But running around and tripping over your locks is not such a great thing when trying to kill the red-head.’ 
It’s been a while since we got sign of Victoria and a few guys from the wolfpack think she might have given up on whatever she wants to do. But to me, Victoria doesn’t seem like someone to give up this easy without her goal reached or without a fight. I’m actually waiting for the moment she’ll return. And besides – the sooner she does, the faster al this is over. 
One thing got better though.

Soon after Bella made the first change into a wolf, Scarlett and Skye also went through some developments so to speak.
We found out Scarlett has this gift for creating small illusions which is quite bad-ass. And too bad for me, it seems like Skye stole my newest gift – as my invisibility is almost gone, she gets it on full blast. 
But to be honest – I already have enough of these weird gifts. 
“Alice says she knows something that’ll make it look like my hair is still long.”
“Did you text her?” I ask as Bella goes through her closet again, searching for a few clothes to take with her overnight. My sister nods and throws a pair of jeans my way which I skilfully dodge before it lands on the mattress. 
“Have you already gotten a dress?” she questions as she throws more clothes into the bag. She staying with Jacob for a while. 
I sigh and shake my head,’ No, I’m not going as you already know. So stop asking me about a dress that I won’t be wearing anywhere,’ I hiss, irritated with her since this is about the fiftieth time she mentions it. Graduating ceremony? Fine. I’m there but only because it will be my first time graduating. Prom? Not when everyone is going to question me where I left my date. And that Cullen party? Screw that. I prefer hanging out with my children with a bunch of french fries and burgers from the local diner, rather than having a death stare match with my all too biting boyfriend. 

‘Seriously?’ Bella exclaims, a white shirt hanging in her hands, her eyes wide completely fitting with the word that just came out of her mouth. 
I stand in front of her wanting to leave. If she’s going to try to make me go then I’m out of the room within a mere second. 
‘Melody I know I’ve said this a lot and – ‘
‘you said it too much.’
‘Shut up,’ Bella’s says glaring at me. I hold up my hands in defence and raise my eyebrows.
‘What I want to know is why?’ Bella goes on with a question I’ve also had a lot the last few days. 
‘Dude, I’m not giving you the same answer as I have been giving you each time you ask.’

I’m about to leave her bedroom and planning to enter my own for my traditional cry fest when bella’s hot hand grabs my arm. I turn my head and look up at her and see that’s she angered. And her skin is getting warmer.
‘Honestly!? Don’t tell you will go into scary wolf mode right now because i’m seriously not in the mood for a bitch fight here Bella!’
‘Maybe you could just say what the whole freaking deal is between you and Edward and I won’t have to!?’ 
I huff and shake my head, taking back my arm roughly so her hands slides off, ’You really don’t want to know anything about me, your ex-boyfriend and what’s going on between us. It’ll hurt your wolfy feelings…’
the smack of Bella’s hand hitting my arm is loud and clear and I’m sure it hurt her more than me as she’s waving it frantically and her face is all scrunched up. 
‘Jesus you’re….hard. you should eat more then maybe it’s not only that skeleton of yours to feel’ she grumbles as I chuckle softly. It was a playful slap and I knew that from her mind, but still…
‘Look, I get that you guys are fighting and I also don’t want to know everything,’ her eyes are wide and trying to make sure I get the message. Her mind is more straight forward though.
‘no sex issues please…don’t want to hear that!’ I roll my eyes at that one. I’ve never told her that we, you know, do that. Or did that. And I never will either. 
‘What’s the big fight over? Why do you keep avoiding each other? Is the problem that huge?’
‘he bit me.’ 

it’s silent for what feels like minutes. I block Bella’s mind since it started with really cruel and strange images of Edward biting me. Like ripping half my neck out. 
‘He bit you?’ disgust is easy to find in her tone and off course that’s a small part of her now – hating the bloodsucker thing. I just nod and stare at the sports bag on the ground that she had been filling up with clothes and toiletries. 
‘in your neck?’ is her next question as the warm hand lands on my throat. I instinctively shrink back and take a few steps away from her.
‘No, in my butt smartass!’ 
‘Unbelievable! How could he do that!?’ she rages, ignoring my sarcastic remark. I’m next to the door and don’t feel the need to explain everything, even though I understand that she only wants to help.
How strange that our bond has become so much closer.

‘Look, Bella. Edward bit me, I’m gradually fucking pissed because he did and now I don’t feel like going to a party and pretend I’m a happy little teenager. I’ll probably take the boys so Layla and Scarlett won’t have to bother in looking for a baby-sitter.’
‘ok, I get it. But it’s still such a pity you know. We’re talking about prom here Mells!,’ Bella her eyes start to sparkle as what i think is a memory comes to her mind. All I can see is pink, chiffon and glitter followed by a bright smile. 
‘It’s every young girl’s dream to become seventeen and wear a beautiful dress, hanging on the arm of the perfect date and retrieve her first kiss! You have to go!’ 
I just stare at her, Isabella Swan, showing her little soft side. My current mood doesn’t help her dream on though.

‘First,’ I start holding up my hand an deciding that after I’ve said all this I’m really having my cry party, ’Not every girl dreams about pink chiffon, diamonds and glitters. Second – I’m not seventeen and I’m honestly going to warn every child with that dream to stop since being a teenager isn’t fucking awesome. Third – I prefer wearing ripped jeans and converse rather than being trussed up in a pink dress and heels that are a serious danger for your ankles. Fourth – my perfect date is an asshole! An fifth,’ I take a dramatic pause to end my super fantastic rattle of wisdom, ’Don’t say you’re going to retrieve your first kiss Bella, because you fuck that Jacob dog on a daily basis! That’s a bit more than kissing.’ 
Bella stares at me, mouth slightly agape and eyebrows tugged up. 
And I can’t help but crack up in laughter. 
within a minute we’re practically rolling over the ground laughing hysterically. I don’t know why but I need this. Crying from laughter until my stomach hurts is almost the same as my very own cry party. But I must admit that this one is much more fun.

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