Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


51. Thunder 50

‘Okay…ehm…’ I’m wrestling with my words. This is going be difficult and honestly? While I don’t want to see him at all I really need his support. So I’m going to try and have this talk or I’ll cancel and wait for Edward.
‘Well, that is true….’ Two sets of big golden baby eyes are watching me closely. It’s quite unnerving but at the same time kind of funny how much they wish to know about this. Having made my decision I want to start with the legends that say a various amount of things about humans and myths, but a young voice interrupts me before I can even say a word.
‘And Daddy is other than mommy too!’
Blaze claps in his hands in glee. As if saying this just made our day better. And though I’m glad he’s opening up and saying this, the knowledge he just threw out is far from fantastic.
‘That’s also true….why do you think so, Blaze?’ I ask, hiding my nerves and trying to block out my sisters probing minds as they’re hearing what’s being said.
Blaze moves from his place in the corner of the soft couch and comes up to me, going to sit in my lap. His reddish hair and the typical ‘Edward knows something’ look is visible in everything. A twinge of hurt crosses my heart. Their father and them are so much alike. It’s scary sometimes.
‘Daddy is cold. Mommy is warm,’ he then says. That is still true – my body temperature still hasn’t dropped below a freezing point. It’s not exactly warm but more tepid. But of course seeing they’re from that aspect more like me and in comparison to Edward’s body temperature I’m warm to them. Or they must have noticed that Charlie is even warmer than us.
realizing there is no saving the secret I jump in and start the story with telling them about that humans are different than us vampires. I actually said the word and also used hybrid to explain that they are like mommy and daddy into one. Off course the oldest mind of the two had to ask how that happened.
I just used the most cliché explanation – the stork brought them over.
I think I blushed at that, especially when my brothers who had returned home from hunting were joking with me via my thoughts. Jerks. Thank God Raven bought the story and that Blaze never asked further.
After a few more questions about how our kind survives, lives and ages, which I answered in most honesty, it is bedtime.
I help them out with brushing their teeth and changing into their pajama’s before tucking them into bed.
‘Mommy? Why isn’t Daddy home?’
i just kissed Blaze his forehead and wished him goodnight when the silent question from the other side of the room reaches me. I sigh and shake my head, standing up.
‘Raven, Daddy is at Papa Carlisle and Grandma’s house. I just told you that Daddy doesn’t need sleep, didn’t I?’
he sighs and then nods closing his eyes. I ruffle his hair once more tell them goodnight again and leave the room.
And now I will have to spent my night all alone. Edward won’t even be sitting in the corner of my room or lying beside me to watch me sleep. Thinking about him angers me and makes me somewhat sad. But it also makes me feel the longing for his presence. I try to feel secured by the fact that we’re mated and that we won’t be separated again. So we will work this out. Someday.



It’s been a whole two weeks since the last time Edward and I have spoken. I’m in the midst of graduating and exams and every day I get the same kind of texts. Five minutes before the bell announces the start of the first class in the morning I get something like ,’Goodmorning Melody,’ or just ‘I love you.’ At night strictly nine o’clock I get a text that wishes me goodnight.
during lunch I’ve made new friends. At least – that’s what the student body of Forks High thinks. My cousins keep me company and make sure I’m not distracted, sad or depressed by knowing that Edward is just a few meters away from me, feeling just as horrible as I do. Jasper must be completely stressed out by now…
While spending the usual amount of time in the cafeteria I mostly get a text saying that I should enjoy my lunch instead of letting it stay on the tray, untouched.
Honestly, even when we’re not talking he has this way of admonishing me and my behaviour.
Maybe he should just back the fuck off and leave me be.
My moods are swinging all the time. But it’s mostly the chagrined one everyone sees. Except for Raven and Blaze off course – they’re my lucky stars and light my rainy days.

Via Alice I’ve made arrangements with Edward concerning the boys. He gets them during afternoons so I can study and I get them back after dinner. He drops them off daily, a bit before I return from Charlie’s. I know it’s maybe a bit childish that I’m avoiding him like this, but my feelings are a whirlwind at the moment. Because every time I see him the first thing in my mind is lying in his arms and waiting for everything to be sorted out. But a nanosecond later my pink clouds are disturbed by the grey ones, adding some lightning for effect.
Right now, I’m close to the city border of Forks after a shopping trip with the kids. I took the role of babysitter today, spoiling them all. Because graduating is close and there sure will be prom and a party Fairoza and Avalyn wanted to look for something new to wear. They’re both quite popular as they’re fashionable, pretty caused by their vampire features and have money. But since I’m not shy on money either, I thought could make them happy with buying a dress at the same shop I went by for my first gala at Forks High School.
How much easier things were back then and how many things have changed within two years. During that time I would never have imagined I’d be walking around Port Angeles, surrounded by Raven and Blaze, children I got with the man I desperately wanted to be with at that party. And now I wish for the same thing, only will it be a lot more complicated.

I drive over the main road through Forks, seeing various people I recognize or know by name. There’s some rap song blaring through the speakers since Denim is in the passenger seat singing with it fluently. Ava and Fay are in the back, with Raven and blaze on their laps, safely tucked into their seatbelts. It’s not like we exactly need to use those, but you never know how my dad might react…
Physically, I’ve also changed a lot and I’m not the only one.
Even though I’m avoiding any contact with my mate, I still talk to the rest of the Cullen family. A few days after I woke, I ran into Jasper during a quick errand I had to run in the supermarket. He said he needed to get something for Esmé since she needed more food in stock for when the twin came over. We made small talk and he helped me search my things when he suddenly remarked that he could feel how I felt. I made this weird face and he smiled apologetically. It’s been difficult for him to get a hold of my emotions but now without difficulty he can control how I emotionally react on things. Unless I’m shielding him off. But since it’s tiring to do that all day, I don’t.
It’s the same thing with Alice, but in that aspect I’m more happy with her having more contact with my future. She already assured me that Edward and I will be fine soon.
That better be before the graduation party she’s planning.
Scarlett also seems to have changed - she Always felt a little left out since she had no gift. but we recently found out she has this gift for illusions. sh's been fooling us the whole time!
I turn into the driveway at my Dad’s and then see Bella’s truck parked behind the cruiser.
Before, I would have gone insane with worry upon Bella seeing Raven and Blaze, but since she met them last week there’s nothing wrong with it anymore. They actually like each other but off course Bella still thinks that the twin is adopted by my siblings.
Honestly, all those secrets. I’m starting to forget what we all told her.
‘Alright guys, you know what to do,’ I remind the five half-vampires that follow me into the house. We all take everything we shopped with us – I’m positive Charlie want a fashion show….
the thought makes me smile as I open the front door.
‘Grandpa!’ a choir of voices rings through the hallway into the living room. I hear a gruff sounding laugh coming from the kitchen just before the old man I adore appears. My sister is behind him also smiling.
‘Grampa look! Look!’ Blaze is out of his mind with the red baseball hat I bought him. I chuckle at his enthusiastic behaviour, something that is developing since I told them both about our true nature. The day after I made it very clear they were not to tell anyone nor to talk about it. They understood and haven’t spoken about it ever since. Not even Raven.
‘Grandpa, we got such pretty dresses from Melody!’ Ava gushes as Fay claps her hands.
‘Well, show us!,’ Bella says from the doorway, ’I’d love to see.’
“Hey Mells.”
I roll my eyes as Charlie takes the chattering kids into the living room, ’Hi Bells.’
‘So? How are you doing?’ Bella asks me, uncertainty masking her thoughts. I shrug.
‘Things could be better but I have distraction enough,’ I say, nodding towards the living room where clothes are being pulled out of various shopping bags. Bella chuckles and then nods, ’I can imagine that. It’s kind of takes the stress of graduating away.
My bond with Bella, just as her bond with my family, has become better. When I first saw her after she’s become a wolf the whole situation was super tense. We both didn’t know what to do or say but after a while we got around. How she got one of the wolves is still a mystery but we suspect is has to do with Jacob having imprinted on Bella. But that still might have nothing to do with it, since others have imprinted as well, but none of their mates became like them. The only female wolf is Leah, but she has the genes. As far as anyone knows, Bellas is completely human. And if she has genes from somewhere, it can’t be from Charlie – we’ve already sorted out that family tree years ago to find out how our kind exists.
Bella goes into the living room with me on her heels as we chat about our biology exam for this next Wedsnesday. It’s the last and not an easy one.
‘You know, you could so easily cheat with just ready Banner’s mind. I wish I could read minds for once in my life.’
I laugh and answer honestly,’ Well I don’t want to cheat. It doesn’t feel right to do that,’ we take a seat on a fauteuil, fitting on it together perfectly since we’re both slim build,’ I mean, I’m still convinced that I’ll stay with Edward so I’ll be graduating a lot more I guess,’ I look at Bella just as Ava and Fay come inside to show off their dresses. Bella looks back and her mind shows me pity. She feels sorry for me because Edward and I aren’t on good terms right now. And of course she thinks that I will change into at Edward’s hands. Not just by nature.
Charlie makes approving comments on how beautiful his granddaughters look. Fay chose for, typically, a soft pink dress with glitters, rushes, beads and lace with small bows alongside the hems. Ava, always a bit more down to earth in that matter has this baby green-coloured dress that simply has one bow centred at her waist and very few glitters at the top. Avalyn’s dress also has short sleeves that make the nymph-like dress even more romantic.
‘Well, I’m sure that everyone will adore you two in these,’ Charlie admits, getting from the couch and kissing both girls’ cheeks. Denim is already in the drawers, searching for a movie to watch. Because it’s Friday night, Charlie will be home alone since Bella and I are going to study. Charlie was quick with offering the kids to stay . They all agreed.

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