Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


41. Thunder 40

alright: explicit content!


Melodiana Helena Marie Swan

I’m wordless.
And scared of Edward Cullen for the first time in my half immortal existence. When I got a call from Bella, saying that I needed to leave La Push, I knew I would be in trouble. Big time. I expected yelling, as I expected his distant cold behaviour as well. Because I thought I was being punished for going to La Push to see my friend.

Until he started about the mindreading thing. And it startled me. My first reaction was to be angry at whomever had told him, because he couldn’t have guessed it by himself. So when he said that it was bad to hear this from my sister, I knew he was talking about Bella. But she did try to warn me. It was me who hung up too fast.
And now I’m here, pressed against a wall, my vampire boyfriend having my wrist poised against it and looking quite murderous.
Of course I know he won’t kill me or hurt me for that matter, but he’s lethal after all. But I trust him. I just don’t trust the demon inside him that’s now taking the lead. He frequently said he had this monster inside of him. His bad side, the true to nature vampire that he caged.
But now I think those bars have been broken and the monster has come out to play.

‘Edward, please let me explain?’ I whispered, tormented by the set of black eyes that were looking at me, cold, harsh and hurt.
his vice grip on my wrist started to hurt a little and I bit my lip from yelping about it. He needs to calm down first. He needs to see me, recognize me. He needs to get to know me.
The thought saddens me. He doesn’t know me. His words were true. But on the other hand he refuses to let me show myself.
His jaw is set tightly, his breathing deep and coming out in quick blows. He lost himself and it is my fault.

‘You know I could let you. But there’s something else on my mind you see,’ he talks in a menacing voice, not his usual soft mumbles.
‘Because you know how much I want you. You know good enough why I denied you so many times! Because I can hurt you. And you know that I secretly want you so fucking bad!’
My breathing hitches as he latches his lips at the side of my throat. What is he going to do? Bite?
No, he kisses me, alongside my jugular, still holding my wrist against the wall. He closes more of the distance until I feel his hips against mine. my mind is still trying to keep up with my body’s reaction. Merely minutes ago he’s furious with me and now he’s kissing me, feeling me and pressing his hips to the place I want him the most.

‘You know I want to fuck you senseless. So why shouldn’t I make your wish come true? It’s what I always do, don’t I? making your wishes come true. I was ready to compromise with you this afternoon, to try for you. Because I fucking love you,’ he slams his hand against the wall, momentarily leaving my wrist.
‘And you’ve been reading my mind for two years without me knowing!’

‘I can’t read your mind!’ I blurt out, sharper than I intended, but I wanted him to stop before he’s going to do anything he’ll regret.
he immediately leaves my throat, his wide eyes staring into mine.
For a very long time.
After a while I feel I need to explain more about that.

‘Yes, Edward I can read minds. Most of them. But just like you have with me, is it impossible for me, and it always has been, to read yours. To know what happens in your head.’
He’s still staring at me with his dark eyes and I swallow, pleading with him,’ Please, baby believe me! when I got the chances to tell you, you didn’t want me to. I figured that you were with Bella so knowing about me wouldn’t be important to you! I’ve always believed you didn’t love me but her Edward! I never knew anything! I only know what you tell me or what Alice sees. Nothing more!’

I am frantically whispering this to him, trying to make him lose the grip on my wrist, which he does. My hands create safety on his cheeks as I hold his beautiful face. He is there, somewhere inside. His eyes mirror the pain and confusing he’s going through. The misunderstandings. The truth I recently revealed.
After a long while I feel the tension in his face relax, as does the rest of his demeanor. I sigh in relief, slowly brushing my fingers over his cheeks. Please, baby come back to me.
I see him swallow and feel the cold air on my head as he exhales his breath.
‘Really? That’s the truth? No lie?’
I blink once, a soft reassuring smile tugging at the corners of my lips, ’Yes, Edward. It is true. We’ve just misunderstood each other for a long time. We’ve turn around the subject each time it came into the picture. We can’t do that anymore,’ I whisper, a tear falling out of my eye. Edward, starting to become more like himself, brushes it away from my cheek.
‘We have to stop with ignoring each other and –‘
‘we don’t ignore each other.’
‘No Edward, we do. We ignore ourselves and automatically each other. We only fight and take care of the twin. We don’t talk like we used to anymore. We don’t laugh as much as back then.’
Edward turns his now golden eyes away from mine and sighs.

‘We’ve changed. Everything has changed that night last year. That night where we...we...made the twin,’ I blush because of my awkward sentence,’ You changed by leaving everything behind. I changed becoming a mother. The whole situation made us to who we are now and how we behave.’
Edward brushes another tear away and kisses my nose lovingly. He’s back with me and finally listening once.
‘But we can change that. Of course our pasts are difficult each of their own, but we can try to be ourselves together. Because we love each other. And I’m not planning on stopping with that, ever.’
‘We can. I love you too, baby, forever. You know that,’ he whispers kissing my forehead and holding me close again.

‘Accept me Edward. all of me. my past, my present and my future. And I will do the same with you. It…this…accepting me will just take some time, I guess.’
His eyes flicker with an emotion so heavy that it makes me cry more, sobbing, ’if you can’t accept it this, us, is not going to work. Be my mateEdward.’
I stop talking, my voice shaking too much. Edward’s face turns into a grimace, distressed. His lower lip quivers, his breathing pattern changes. And then a single, fat, tear rolls out of his glassy eyes. Something he hadn’t been capable of in a hundred years.

‘I’m so sorry…I’m sorry that I reacted so out of control. I felt so…I don’t know what came over me! I even wanted…the monster…he wanted to – ‘ he is sobbing terribly now. and it breaks my heart. I’ve never seen him like this.
‘Shhh, I know. And I’m sorry I let this come so far. If I had the courage to say it back then none of this would have happened. You wouldn’t have felt this way. But I was afraid.’
Edward lets out another huge sob as the tears start streaming one by one now.
‘What’s happening to me?’ he whispers anguished, burying his face in my neck as we cry together.
‘You’re crying. You’re changing.’
His head comes back up, his hands letting go of my waist as they shoot to his cheeks. He touches it and feels the wetness laying over them in wonder. His eyes find mine again, both pairs watery and the question laying in his golden irises ask me how.
‘You’re changing. Just like Adam, Layla and Chris did. Your…humanity comes back through. Because of me.’
‘What will I become? How far does this go?’ he asks me, his voice breaking from another sob.
‘You’ll become more human. but not wholly. You’ll become more like me, but not. It’s…difficult to explain without telling you everything.’ I tell him hesitantly. He swallows, wiping the tears away, ’But I’m not ready for that.’ He states leaving it hanging as a question. I nod, ’Not for everything, no. But for the pieces you are.’

I help him brushing the tears away and he calms down. Then he pulls me closer and kisses me like there is no tomorrow. I missed him. I missed Edward Cullen as he is. And he missed me, even though he did not miss all of me. because that he doesn’t know. But he will someday, we promised each other.
I kiss him back feverishly, my hands waving through his bronze locks making it wilder than it always is. But he doesn’t care and neither do I. He breaks the kiss to let me breath, since I still need that.

‘I love you,’ he kisses me again ,’so unbelievably much that words don’t do any justice for how I feel,’ another passionate kiss makes my lips tingle as the warmth flows through my veins, heating me up in the only way Edward can, ‘I want to get to know you, to know that every piece of you. I want it all,’ his hands wander around my waist, to my hips and I gasp into his mouth. This is farthest we’ve been since that one painful fantastic night. The one where he left after I gave myself to him. a night we both regret and cherish as one of the best nights we’ve known.
‘I want to feel all of you, everything. Just like then, baby,’ he whispers hot in my ear. Our anger, which turned into fear, switching into grief and sadness has now taken its new twist. Raw passion and love. That’s where we live for – to love unconditionally.


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