Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


37. Thunder 36

<span style='font-family: "Times,";' georgia,="" serif;"="">With a half ear, I listen to how we are going to fix this. Alice will know where Victoria will be and then we’ll start a chase. Carlisle, Jasper, Rose and will be on the river side and Alice, Esmé and Emmett on the other side. Alice and I would be able to communicate via mind if needed and we could catch her, run her up.
In the meanwhile, Adam and Christopher will stay in Forks at Charlie’s to protect him and Melody’s siblings while Layla will take Melody, Bella and all the children to PA for a movie.

When everyone is satisfied with the compromise and no lives apart from ours will be offered to succeed, the living room is empty before I can blink. Carlisle is in his study, Esmé at the stove to prepare a meal for my little girlfriend, Rosalie and Emmett are tinkering at the Jeep, Jasper is studying books about various wars and Alice is busy with designing a wedding dress. A small smile tugs at my lips. Alice said she wants to be prepared for the big if. I had told her about my lame proposal last week and she laughed, saying that wasn’t really a good step. Especially my timing could have been better. But now Alice knows the plan is there and there’s only a ‘yes’ needed, she’s got herself occupied for now.
The thing is though, will my Melody ever wear a dress like that, for me, at our wedding on her way to the altar? Ever since I’ve known about the boys, I’ve been dreaming about it, imagining how she’d look and how she’d walk down that aisle with Charlie at her side.
I sigh, look out of the window and see how the rain gathers. It’s a typical Forks day, as many are of course.
After a few minutes of silence from me, and listening to what my family is doing, I decide to go to the Swan residence and see Melody and the boys. Maybe Nathan or Chris need help with something at the house. At least I won’t be bored.

I’m just picking my car keys from the small hook in the hall when a thin annoying pixie stops me.
“Melody’s not at the Residence anymore. She went back to Charlie’s,” she informs me quickly. I scan her mind – why is she so irritating at this moment. Scowling I open the front door, ”All right Alice. That doesn’t mean I can visit the boys First. I’ll go to Charlie’s after.”
I step out onto the porch and practically fly to the Volvo when I hear Alice behind me again, ”Wait! Aren’t you going hunting with us tonight?”
I sigh and look at her, ”Wouldn’t you know? You’re the psychic here, I’m not. But if you really want to know – I’ve recently been for a short hunt and besides, I’d like to spend time with my family.”

Then, I open the door and go to sit behind the steering wheel, starting the engine. Alice looks a little sullen, but she waves me goodbye and leaves at the same time that I turn around to follow the path toward the main road.
It’s a short drive to the Swan Residence, and I could have just ran, but I want to make up with Melody and explain her why I hurt her all the time. I want to stop that and maybe she should just know that Aro is after her. Then she can tell me all about her and we can be a great team again, just like we were during our friendship.
And then I could give her a compromise – if she wants to have me physically, she’ll have to marry me first. I’m aware that it’s quite cruel, because her hormones are my best ally in this, but I want to keep as much of my past live as possible. Which is that we’ll consummate or marriage after the vows were spoken and we’d both be wearing a ring. Off course I already crossed that line, but we weren’t aware of our love for each other back then. Now we could do it the right way and a little Victorian for me.
I turned into the gravelly road that led me to the vast white house in the woods. The path stopped a short mile earlier so it would be as hidden as achievable.
I turned the Volvo and followed another path, one that was less visible than the gravel one. Mere minutes later, I see the house come into view and I feel radiant. There are a few cars parked, which means there’s almost no one there. I park the Volvo, stop the engine and get out.

As I walk toward the large front door, I’m aware of sounds and two female minds.
Hearing their minds was extremely difficult, probably because they were all in line with Melody. I still thought it was frustrating, but on the other hand – it was nice not to know everything someone is thinking.
I want to ring the doorbell when a pair of shuffling feet make me look behind me. I smile at seeing Raven run up to me.

“Daddy! Daddy!”
I crouch down in time to catch him as he runs into my arms, squealing of laughter.
“Hey buddy! What are you doing?”
His bright golden eyes stare back at me and I feel relieved. It’s been a year and I still can’t believe that Melody was able to give me this, aside from the less pretty circumstances.
he starts telling me, while I inspect his features and how much he’s grown again.
“I was running with Uncle Chris in the woods,” he says a little out of breath, eyes wide and perfect row of with, sharp teeth showing,” But he has to work tonight. So I stayed playing in the backyard on my own.” His hair had grown a lot and starts to become as wild as mine is. I suppress a snicker and sincerely hope we’ll be able to pull off that he’s not my son. With Blaze it’ll be even more difficult.
“and then I heard a car and I saw it was your car and then I came running to you!”
He’s grinning like a madman and it’s infectious, making me mirroring the smile.
“Were you running in the backyard? I hope you haven’t killed any flowers your aunts planted in there?” I let the question sound very astonished and he shook his head, ”No I was extra careful. The flowers are pretty.” He says still grinning. I stand up, pulling him with me so he can rest at my side, my arms around his small frame. He surely has grown quite something, which I intend to find out inside. Scarlett came with the idea to make a ‘growth-wall’ in the room with all the toys and things they can play with. They have transferred all lengths of Denim, Faith and Alana, drawing them on the wall. All the swan’s are on there as

Charlie’s kept it written down in a small notebook. Even Bella’s is to be found on the wall and it shows an amazing difference between her and her half-siblings. It’s another thing that shows that Melody’s mother was far from human.
I wait for someone to open the door after I’ve rung the bell and within a minute, Scarlett is there to let me in. her smile is friendly, ”Hi Edward, come on in.”
I follow her into the house and see her stroll into the kitchen. Normally, when I see Scarlett, she’s wearing a white lab coat. Today though, she’s in a pair of jeans a, white blouse and blue converse. And they always wonder where Melody has it from.
I set Raven down on a chair, ”How’s everything going here?”
Scarlett has turned on the coffee machine and it starts rattling, “Great so far! We’ve almost everything in place, aside from the few spare rooms. But you know, sometime in the future the twin would want a room to themselves. So an extra room is no problem.”
I nod, looking at Raven, ”Where’s your brother actually, Raz?”
He looks at me, jumps lithely from the chair, which surprises me, and goes to the refrigerator. He opens it and takes out a carton of milk.

Scarlett is giggling behind her hand as I watch, ”Oh, he’s out with aunt Skye. She wants pictures of him,” he casually says, reaching to the kitchen counter. I chuckle, grab a glass from the counter and hand it to him. Nonchalantly as ever, he strolls back to his chair, manages to first place the milk on the bar, then to climb on halfway and placing his glass next to it. when he’s seated he opens the carton and fills his glass.
It feels like I’ve missed a lot – he’s quite capable of handling himself these days. And that for a mere toddler. I whisper to my sort of sister-in-law, ”I’ve missed a lot haven’t I? does he do this often?”
Scarlett shrugs and whispers back, ”Not much actually. He’s been doing this since a day or two. He does it all the time, but it’s good for his development,” she looks at me,” you know how they grow and that they’re fast with that process. A hybrid-child is known for its fast learning. Blaze is a little behind on Raven, but that’s the hour difference.”
I frown, ”Hour difference? What do you mean?”
Scarlett wants to explain, when my son interrupts, ”Daddy? Can you hand me a straw?”
I hand him one at vampire speed and he ogles me, which confuses my overactive brain.
‘We don’t really use our speed often in front of them you know…’ is Scarlett’s thought toward me. I cringe. Not a smart move since they’re not really used to it.
“I want to run that fast too!” he squeals loudly, then sucking at the straw.
I pat his wild hair, ”Well, then you should practice, son.”
He nods and moves his attention back to his milk while Scarlett explains this hour thing to me.

“Edward you know Raven was an hour earlier than Blaze was. they difference one hour at birth and their physical age do the same, but in one year. Blaze equalizes a three year old, while Raven does with a four year old. Raven is taller, speaks almost fluently English and is capable of well, getting himself milk. It’s a twin, but with a year of physical difference. It’s strange, but so…enigmatic.”
Wow. I never thought about it that way. So blaze wasn’t incapable of things, he’s just younger and less developed.


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