Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


30. Thunder 29

<span style='font-family: "Times,";' georgia,="" serif;"="">I hear Edward chuckle and he sits straight again, just in time. Mr. Banner turns around and asks Edward a question about the spine, which he answers without any problems.
So first he riles me up and then just stops? Of course he couldn’t have done more here but still.
He said he might have changed his mind…about sex..with me..

I am still trying to control my breathing while Edward never once speaks or looks at me during the remainder of class. Tease.
But what made him change his mind so suddenly? He was vile against it, maybe even appalled by the idea. And now he’s changed his mind. my body is already in overdrive, my subconscious debating which kind of lingerie I should wear and how I need to seduce him.
Seduce him! he gave me the first step, and I needed to take the next! I smiled lazily, smugly and like the cat that ate the canary.
This was going to be so much fun! As long as he doesn’t ruin it before I have gotten the chance to actually make that next step.
The bell rings and I get up from my chair, bending over to grab my backpack. When I stand back up, Edward’s nostrils are flared wide, his hand balled into fists. I frown, ”Edward what’s wrong?”
He doesn’t reply and then leaves the classroom quickly.

I follow, confused, and try to find out what’s got him so worked up suddenly…
“Shit!” I curse, my hand flying to my nose, to pinch the bridge.
“No, blood actually.”
I whirl around seeing Alice and Jasper standing there. Alice’s expression is rather smug while Jasper just grins.
And then I start to get an idea on how Edward changed his mind.
“Fuck!” I curse again, disbelieve coloring the tone. Alice laughs her Tinkerbelle laugh and nods.
“Exactly. In a few days.”

The hand that was currently flying towards my hair to weave my fingers through it in nervousness, stops mid-air.
“Excuse me?”
Japer rolls his eyes, ’Thank God! I’d be happy to not feel sexually frustrated anymore thanks to Melody and Edward…Jeeez’
“I had a vision..” Alice winces at the images which accidently flow into my mind. I catch the glimpse Edward and I kissing and his hips driving into mine. naked. “And Edward saw off course. And seeing I’m right ninety-nine percent of the time, he believes he can show you physical love.”
I’m quite mushy again and flap out the words I preferred to have kept to myself, ”it’s about fucking time!”
I hear Jasper and Alice laugh again and Alice shakes her head, ”don’t get all worked up just yet. I don’t think that being aroused for at least three days is comfortable. Especially not when you’ve started your period…” Alice muses at the end and I look at her.
“I wonder how that happened so suddenly. But it seems that Edward reacted on it.” she explains as in matter-of-fact. I frown, ”How…?”
Jasper starts shaking his head a little to wildly, ”No no no! Go ask Carlisle. It appears you’re having an appointment at the hospital this afternoon. I don’t like talking about blood when I can’t hunt and especially not about your lady parts, little sister.”
He actually makes me laugh and I nod,” Alright. Not that it’s extremely weird to talk about that stuff with Carlisle..I mean…”
“Well, better with Carlisle than with Emmett, Nathan or Chris…” Alice says, her face scrunched up in a scowl. Yup, I’d better ask Carlisle.

I did not see Edward again after of weird conversation. We were actually sitting in a classroom talking about sex. Not that any other student doesn’t do that but it was strange. Especially from Edward.
I do the usual - go to my locker, get my stuff, search for Bella, my own keys or in this case Edward and walk upon the parking lot.
I frown when I can’t find the Volvo anywhere. Edward surely hasn’t forgotten about me, has he? I’m about to dial his phone number to ask where he is, when a flash of spiky hair stand next to me.
“He won’t pick you up,” she says already knowing off course. I shove my phone back in my pocket.
“He hasn’t forgotten you – he decided to go on a hunt seeing he got a little…tense since biology.” Alice enlightens me further, making me blush. She grins.
“Don’t worry about it Melody. It’s not that I’m all too happy with actually seeing all that stuff, but frankly I’m used to having no privacy. Edward just needs to get out of his brooding shell,”
I scoff still redder than red, ”Well, I must say it was quite shocking when he told me he might have changed his mind. My ovaries just fainted.”
Alice giggles ‘Well if Jasper did that to me in a full classroom I might have felt the same way.’

“Anyway – I’m here to bring you to Carlisle. Your sister is there if that’s easier for you with your period problem. But I think you should talk to Carlisle about Edward. he might tell you things that could help you both with dealing with whatever past has haunted you.”
I take in her words and suppose she is right – it’s easy to talk to Carlisle since he truly listens and has wise solutions for a problem.

When Alice and I almost reach the hospital, I feel my phone buzz in my pocket. I hope it’s Edward, for whatever reason it might be, but when I see the name on the screen my face falters slightly.

JacobBlack: Hi! Still nt allowed to cme over? I’m @ the beach this afternn. Care 2 join me? I’d like to talk 2 U. Jake.

I remember wanting to go to La Push and Edward restricting me not to go. How could I go there without anyone knowing that..
I smile widely. I know exactly how I can.
Having made my decision, I text back.

MelodySwan: Hi Jake! It’s complicated, but I’ll find a way. Need 2 C the doc first tho. I’ll C U @ the beach after. Allrght? X Melody

I press send and feel giddy at meeting up with Jake again. it’s been a long time that we’ve hung around together so it’s nice to go there again. I’m curious about what he wants to talk about though.
“someone’s texting you?” Alice asks simply. I nod at her, ”Yeah…an old friend from LA.”
I’m lying again, but sometimes it’s needed for one’s best will. If I tell her it’s Jacob, she’ll get suspicious and I don’t need that.
Alice enters the parking lot of the Forks Community Hospital and drops me of at the front. I get out, thank her for the ride and get inside the building. At the administrations desk I wait for the older nurse to be done with her phone call.
“What can I do for you Miss?”
“Hello, I’m having an appointment with Dr. Bright at four o’clock,” I say, leaning against the high, white counter. The nurse nods and puts on her reading glasses to search in the computer.
“physician or psychologist?” she questions, looking sideways at me. I smile again, ”The physician.”
When she’s found it she signs me in and directs me to the waiting room, where I sit the remaining five minutes.

A little after four, I see Scarlett appear from around the corner, ”Miss Swan, please,” she’s grinning foolishly. I stand up and follow her through the aisle into her office. After having done the gynecologist thing for a few years she wanted something else, which became becoming a physician, like Carlisle. She closes the door behind me and sits down at the edge of her desk, crossing her arms en legs.
“I got the call from Alice. What’s going on?”
I take a seat on the chair next to where she’s sitting on the table and clear my throat, ”Well, after lunch today, I went to the bathroom with Bella and-“
“I also heard you’ve had a good talk. Seems Bella will become one of the club huh?” my sister interrupts me. I smile, ”Yes, kind off. she’ll at least try,” I say, enlightening her a little. the whole story would be something for another time, ”But like I was saying – I went to the bathroom and suddenly felt the need to check. I didn’t even know what I wanted to check, but I found out soon enough.”
Scarlett was silent, looking at me with confusing written over her face.
‘What was wrong melody?’

“Scar, I have a large bloodspot in my underwear. I’ve obviously started my period again. That shouldn’t happen right?”
‘Really? That’s rather uncommon…I mean, Skye nor Layla, nor I had that. But then again we also had only one child and changed immediately.’
“but isn’t this.. I don’t know, dangerous for my health? Everything goes different with me. I’m still much more human than I should be.” I reply, anxiously. What if something’s truly wrong with my body which slows the change?
“No, no I don’t think that actually. It’s true that everything goes different with you but I think I know why…” Scarlett’s voice trails off in the end and I’m extremely curious for her theory.
“Melody, when you were conceived, she was practically a vampire. She drank human blood at that time. With us she didn’t and was she just as hybrid as my son is. That’s probably why you’re so different. But then again – why do you suddenly start with your period, when you haven’t had it for more over a year?” she muses, having gotten off the table and pacing around me.
“My exact question.”
Scarlett keeps thinking about it, medical terms I’m not even aware of existing coming to her mind. and suddenly she’s completely silent, as well has she stopped pacing.

“Oh my God!”she exclaims, amazed which makes me even more confused. Scarlett comes to stand before me again, taking my head in her hands, ”You love kids right?”
I nod, still sheepishly confused, ”Yes obviously. I have Raven and Blaze, remember old Aunt?”
Scarlett chuckles at my side remark.
“Well, seeing you just suddenly out of the blue started you period…maybe it’s possible…” Scarlett is musing again, acting a little awkward. And I’m just facing her, not getting what she hinting at.
“Melody, do you know what this can mean?” she then exclaims, smiling brightly. I shake my head still frowning deeply, ”No, Scar…”

“I think your period starting again might give you the chance to have another baby!”

I’m dead silent for a minute. Another baby? How do I feel about that? Or rather – how does my vampire prudish panicky boyfriend feel about that?
Warmth blossoms in my belly and erupt sin my face when I get an image of me pregnant again, Edward by my side and Raven and Blaze waiting for their new sibling. I gasp for air.

“Holy penguins!” I whisper-yell loudly.

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