Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


29. Thunder 28

We are on our way to the classroom. When Bella tugs me with her inside the ladies room.
“Sorry, I need to…well you know. Red holidays.” She says, disappearing into a stall. I chuckle at the nickname, knowing well what she meant. I wait and then out of nowhere get the hunch to use the toilet too. it’s quite strange, but I do as my body tells me. I slide into a stall, open the buttons of my jeans and sit down. when I catch sight of a red spot, my eyes fly back to the white lace that is my underwear.
“Fuck!” I curse loudly. How can this happen? after the birth of the twin, I’d stopped with my period altogether. No spotting, stomach ache or anything. I’d accepted it that it was part of the immortality that started to grow with me.
But yet here I am, seeing a red spot in my underwear that can only mean that I started my period again. I speak to myself to not fret or panic – I could ask my sisters after school or even visit Carlisle at the hospital if needed. But what now?
I hear Bella drawing the toilet and getting out.
“Bells?” I whisper-yell loud enough for her to hear. She responds with a humming sound.
“Do you happen to have any tampons left or?”
I feel a bit queasy all of the sudden – the greatness that comes with being a woman.
“Sure. Forgot yours?”
“Yeah, kind off,” I reply, seeing her hand appear under the door as she hands me the white rocket. I do as I need to and have done in the past, draw the toilet and leave the stall.

Bella and I hurry to enter the familiar classroom and I suddenly feel nervous – what would Edward think? And would he smell that I have my period again?
I hear Bella whistle lowly and I look at her with question in my eyes. She chuckles, ’Looks like the boyfriend is not so fond of our reunion, huh?’
I immediately look at Edward and see his obvious scowl. Great – I’m glad Bella and I are getting better now, but he was spoiling the fun. I scowled twice as hard back at him, planning on asking him the minute I am seated.
I drop my backpack on the floor and hop on the high stools. Staring ahead of me, I speak,” What’s wrong this time?”
My voice is low, nonchalant and at vampire pitch – he can’t have missed it. I hear him huff at my side as he scoots closer, de chair scraping over the floor, ”Nothing specifically. I just don’t trust Bella. she’s practically the enemy.”
My eyes snap to his. The enemy? Why would she be? Edward answered my unspoken question, probably just seeing at my face what I wanted to know, ”The wolves, love. Vampires and wolves are natural enemies. She has sex with one of them and you are with me. I’m telling you that your plan is not going to work.”
My mouth opens to speak and I shake my head, ”Edward are you jealous that she is getting sex and you don’t? you sound very much like that. And something else – she’s not my enemy, not anymore. we’re related by blood Edward. I don’t fucking care about the wars that never happened. And besides – if I don’t try, I’ll know it’ll never work.”
I feel rather smug after having said this, seeing the fact that Mr. Cullen is quite silent. I need to suppress the grin that wants to break out on my face.
“Melody,” he then starts, his voice menacingly low and..husky? I face him and become quite slack-jawed, again, upon the look in his eyes. Oh yes, baby.
“Did you just insinuate that I’m jealous of that dog Jacob Black? Please, lady. Don’t hurt my feelings,” his still husky voice becomes playful, just as the crooked smile that toys with my desire to have him, ”I have much faster and stronger reflexes. Oh,” he leans in, closer to my ears and then whispers something I never thought I might have heard, “and harder ones. Litterally.”

Jump him! DON’T! Grab the vampman! The lady bits need it! NO! I’m in class!

To say my mind and said lady bits were mushy, is an understatement. I stare at him, hypnotized and he knows exactly what he’s doing.
And he’s so getting paid back for it, because now he’s got the bud buzzing. And with my jeans there in the way, that lady bud is not happy.
“You did not just say that, Edward pussy-tease Cullen!” I whisper-yell, still a little dazed.
Edward suppressed a laugh,” pussy tease? I thought it was the term being a cock tease. Now I’m confused.”
He’s playing with fire here….or rather said lightning, ”You know – I would show you what the exact difference is between both terms but one, we’re in a classroom. Two, I would damage your mind while explaining. And third – you refuse to have sex with me altogether.”

Take that, sex-hair.

I suddenly felt his nose go along my neck, leaving a heated trail behind. This was practically foreplay. In a full biology classroom while Mr. Banner was happily explaining about how the bone structure of a human works.
“I might have changed my mind…”

Oh god, there went my ovaries.

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