Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


28. Thunder 27

<span style='font-family: "Times,";' georgia,="" serif;"="">After having reassured them once again and that we would create a plan later today, we all left the ladies room. Faith and Alan told me they would quietly snuck into the library for their study hour and I am on my way back to the cafeteria to sit out the remainder of my free hour. I see Bella sitting with Jessica and Lauren and debate with myself if I should join them or not. Jessica and Lauren still hated me and especially now, that Bella has told them Edward’s is my boyfriend. Looking at Bella I feel a strange twinge of quilt pass my heart. Damn it. Being a mother makes me feel different about my half-sister. We never really got along, always fighting, but I feel the need to set everything straight. Maybe we can become closer like sisters should. Having made my decision, I walk straight to the table where the tree of them are seated, wearing a smile on my face. I feel like an alien – ‘don’t worry, we come in peace’.
Lauren is the first to look at me when I stop at their table. Jessica follows and their expression idem their minds, let me know they are not really happy with me standing here.

“What do you want Clumsy?” Lauren’s nickname for me had stuck around. She is right about something for once, though.
I shrug, ”Nothing special. I was just wondering if I could sit next with you? It’s quite lonely over there,” I point to the tables at the end of the cafeteria, where my cousins had seated and the Cullens of course.
Lauren snickers in a false manner, ”What if we say no, Clumsy? Are you going to cry then?”
I huff, roll my eyes and stare at her. She is completely dumbfounded and way, way too blonde.

“Well, I at least won’t have to look at your sleazy face. But you know what? never mind. I’ll find somewhere outside. Have a nice day Blondie,’ with that said, I turn around and leave. Lauren calls after me, fuming while a flabbergasted Jessica sits next to her. Bella though, seems to be a little impressed.
Outside the school building, I jog towards the tribunes that are surrounding the sports field. It’s raining, not too heavy to my best luck, but still. I find cover from the dripping behind the tribunes and sit down on a small bench there.
After a few minutes, I’m bored enough to go searching for minds. Just when I’ve finally found Alice’s, who is at the other side of the building, I see Bella jogging towards me. When she is close enough she smirks and starts clapping her hands, applauding me. I frown.

‘That was quite a show dwarf!” she says, giggling ,”they were totally whipped.”
“I’m actually surprised you’re not going to punish me for talking to her like that,” with a raised eyebrow I reply.
‘Nah, she deserved it. those two are getting on my nerves lately.’
She shows me what happened, using the images in her mind. Bella had bitched on them even worse than I had.
Now it’s my turn to applaud, “Wow, you actually turned your back towards you BFF’s!”
I earn an eye-roll from Bella, ”Yeah…I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. And I actually should apologize to you I guess,”

Wow. My half sister Bella is actually apologizing to me. This should reach the papers!
I am silent for a few seconds, not really knowing what to say. It makes me suddenly feel guilty, that she doesn’t know about the secret life I’m living. This whole thing makes me think about the whole awful myths puzzle we’re having here in Forks. I really need to sort that out sooner or later.
“Wow, thank you. I should tell you I’m sorry about quite a few things too,” I start, wriggling my fingers together,” We haven’t made a good start last year, now have we?”
Bella punches me playfully in the shoulder and giggles, ”Indeed. Sorry for that too…”
We are silent, and a little awkward.

“So why the sudden turn around? I thought you were hating me for dating Edward? You even bitched at me this morning,” I pointed to nowhere in particular, trying to emphasize my point. Bella grins, looking at her hands that are laying on her lap.
“Yes, I know. But…my mom called this morning in between classes,” her voice trails off when she mentions Renee and it immediately pikes my attention.
“Has something happened?” I ask, but deep down I know it’s not an emergency. Bella shakes her head, then nods followed by a shrug ,’not really…well yes…I’m not sure..’
“I had called her frequently over the last weeks, sent her emails about how my life is. But she never replied any of that. So I got mad and stopped trying to contact her altogether since last Sunday.”

I listen to Bella, see how vulnerable she putting herself. I knew, from the very beginning that in her heart she was a Swan. Just like me and my siblings. She just needed to see how her mother was and how Renee raised her. Not in an honest way.
“So suddenly she calls, starts calling me names, treating me like garbage,” Bella sneers as her voice breaks. I feel angered right in that minute. Bella is a child. Her mother should be there for her and give her the love she needs. Just like mine should have done. And she does now – only not my biological mother. I feel like Esmé is my mom. This all is the greatest reason why I swore I’d never leave my boys. Ever. A pang of guilt hits me in the gut remembering that day when Bella and I both almost drowned. I’d almost given up.

“So I asked her why she went all bat-shit crazy on me like that and then she simply said ‘Because you are a child. Children are a waste of time. And I just realized you’re the reason my life, marriages and career are ruined’…I felt so,..”
Bella struggled to find words, keep her voice even and wants to understand.
I’m seconds away from running off to phoenix to snap the whores neck. Bella lets out a huge sob, her hand flies to her mouth to cover the sound. I scoot over to her and drape my arm around her shoulders, lay my head on her bowed on and let her cry in my arms. Yes, she is my sister and yes she needed this. But not in the way it went – that was just cruel.

“Bella, she shouldn’t have done that, ”I whisper to her, stroking her shoulder. ‘But she did. Like it doesn’t matter how I feel!’
“I know Bella, believe me. I know how you feel.”
She looks at me, her eyes red and swollen, her mascara lines leaking and her gaze questioning ‘How? You have siblings, parents and a mother in law…how would you know how I feel?’
I sigh, ready to tell her something. If Edward doesn’t want to hear, Bella maybe would.
“That’s not really true. I’ve always been alone even though I have my siblings. But there are much older, married and have adopted children. They have adopted two new boys again by the way,” I frown at myself. At least I’ve covered the fact that those little babies are actually mine.
“But my mother? She’s dead to me, and maybe she actually is. I might never find out. Though I doubt that actually…killing her is not an easy task…” I am musing and get an idea that could start solving the myths puzzle.

“is she that bad? I remember Charlie actually telling me she’s dead…so how?”
I huff cynically, ”Edward is supposed to be death too. In fact, he’s just as dead as my mother is…”
Silence. Complete silence. I can only hear rain dripping on the steel Construction of the tribunes above us.

“You have got to be kidding me!?” she whisper yells, her brown eyes feral focused on me ,’she’s a vampire?’ her thoughts are swirling with confusing but starts to understand piece by piece. Just like I want my puzzle solved. Piece by piece
I nod at her,”Yes. A really dangerous one. I hate her.”
“Good Lord! But how do you even know she is one? I mean, the Cullens have been hiding it until we found out…”

A sad sigh left me lungs, “That’s my life story, Bells,” I say, jumping from the bench. I turn towards her and she looks at me quizzically. I tell her sorry, not really sure why and lift my shirt until it’s beneath my bra. Bella’s loud gasp shows just how shocking and disgusting the pinkish scars are. They’re still angry and oozing darkness and death. It marks me for life.
‘she…your mom? She did this to you?’ the disgust is obvious in her mind. I push my shirt back down, done with the show and go back to sit with her.
“Yes…that’s how I know. She wanted to kill me for the same reasons Renee called you this morning. Only Renee is human and my mother is a vampire. And she’s definitely no vegetarian. “ I look at Bella’s face, search her mind for anything that might indicate something that makes telling her this a bad decision. But I find nothing. I only find compassion and surprisingly envy.

“That’s….I can’t even describe how terrible that is. And then I think that what Renee did is worse.”
I shake my head, ”No Bella, you’re a child. I am too. Everything a mother does to her child to harm her feels like the end of the world… your mom should be your safe haven, your shoulder to cry on, someone to understand you. But ours just don’t. It’s just as bad for you as it was for me.“
Bella thinks about that for a minute and then nods vaguely, ”yes I suppose you’re right. But we have Charlie!”

Her cheering voice and the blossoming love in her mind as she mentions our dad makes me smile widely. No matter what happened it the past or will happen in the future – Charlie is there to catch our backs.

“Weird. I never really thought about how much I love dad. He’s great. What he all must have been through all these years..,” Bella muses, a small hint of a smile tugging at her lips. I chuckle, ”We couldn’t have found anyone better if we would try. Not that I even consider trying that.”
“We both have Charlie. You have the Cullens, I have the quileutes. You have Edward, i have Jacob. I think we haven’t end up so bad here in this looming green town.” Bella snickers reveling in how much she loves those people.
“And don’t forget we have siblings. You’re part of us too, Bells. We only have a different mother, though they both appear to be delirious.”
We laugh at that, the ridiculousness of this conversation.
“I think I should stop by the new house. I think I owe the others an apology. Maybe we all should hang out more? and i probably should meet my new nephews then i believe?” she suggested with a nervous raised eyebrow. I nod,” I think we can arrange that.”

We go silent once more, just listening to the rain ceasing in droplets and water. My heart feels lighter, now I’ve admitted about the scars and Fiorenza. I’m also glad Bella got her turning point, even though I still like to snap Renee.

‘Wait…so Charlie actually knows about vampires?’
I nod, cringing, ”yes, he does. He knows about the Cullens too actually.”
Bella chuckles, ”so that’s why he hates Edward so much!” she says with glee knowing well enough Charlie is more of a fan of Jacob.
“Ugh! Tell me all about it…But you just wait Swan! I’m curious about his reaction towards that dog of yours when he knows about the pack!” I threathen playfully. Bella’s laughter chimes in her mind,’Shit! Never considered it!’
“so…We’re good?” She then asks me, her brown eyes friendly. I nod,”Yes, we are dog lover.”
Bella rolls her eyes, ”That’s great Leech lover!”
We burst out laughing, all nervousness awkwardness and pain seeping out through the giggles. I heard the bell ring and out hour of weirdness is over. Like sisters thinking of a plan for all of our siblings to hang out once together we walk to our next class. Biology.

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