Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


27. Thunder 26

"You do not want to hear it and someone of you Cullens should know. Carlisle knows Adam for over a hundred years Edward! What do you think!? Of course he knows!" I raise my voice a little to make my point. He could be so frustrating at times.

"Guys, honestly - fight this out at home or at least n - "
A loud gasp leaves Alice's mouth and we are all immediately focused on her. And suddenly my sight on my three cousins is gone, replaced by something from the future. Running, flashing, green, trees.

Fast. Scared animals that flee away. Red everywhere. Eyes and Hair. She growls loudly, here teeth bared as her eyes are tight for a hunt. She doesn't hunt the deer close to her. No, the young golden eyed girl is her prey. A little blond one joins her and her eyes are expressing alarm. She calls out, 'Denim!' the second before Victoria lunges. Alan tries to fight her off, struggling for her limbs to move in the way she wants them too. Denim jumps from the trees, getting on Victoria's back. And Faith, the little Blonde, focuses, her eyes close. When she opens them, a hot flash of lightning jolts out of her hands, spiraling towards Victoria. The flash explodes, but Victoria is nowhere in sight A harsh gush of wind from the north leaves the young hybrids' hair whipping backwards.

I catch my breathing, seeing my cousins looking back at me with worry. Fuck! Victoria is back, looking for me. My head whips back to Alice, who is back to the present again too. Edward's hold on my hand intensifies.
He saw. He knows. But he doesn't know that I can do the same thing and even worse. I wish to evanesce.
“Alice?” Jasper is shaking Alice her shoulders ,”Ali!” he tries again and luckily Alice loses her trance then, blinking with her lashes with the blurred future disappearing.
“What’s going on?” Rosalie is anxious, leaning close to Emmett who is confused as well. He shrugs, but his thoughts betray him – he’d anticipated it, but not so fast.
“Nothing Rose. She just saw something that startled her. But it isn’t anything to dwell on. right Alice?’
if I am being punished for lying to him, then I think it should be reversed as well.
I see Alice nod, but her mind was telling me otherwise just mere seconds ago. She gives me a look that begs me to keep silent, while her mind never speaks.
“It was just something that surprised me,” she is waving it off ,”Nothing major.”
we are all silent for some time. it’s uncomfortable, uneasy and awkward which means everyone can sense there’s something wrong. it truly starts to irritate me that Edward makes Alice shut up in order to make sure I won’t find out, while I have seen it in her vision all by myself.

“Melody?,” his voice sounds optimistic but when I turn to see the look in his eyes it’s easily seen he’s faking it, “Do you still have these airline tickets? We might go and use them soon. Maybe this week?”
And now I know what he’s trying to do. Is not going to happen, vampman.
“Edward?” I start, with my eyebrows raised in derisive manner ,”Maybe I have tests this week? You know, so I can graduate!,” I sneer angrily at him. he winces almost unnoticed, but not by me, “I can’t simply just leave in the middle of the week. I have Charlie to cook for, a house to keep clean, my siblings to help out with the decorating, studying and on top of that taking care of Raven and Blaze. So no – we’re not going anywhere. Maybe after graduation.”
I lean back in my chair glad I’d said what I wanted to and stare ahead of me.
“We can go! Bella can take care of Charlie, Raven and Blaze, and even your cousins can come with us and I could help you with studying for your tests. Easy,”
I sigh frustratingly,” I said no, Edward, period.”
“Why, oh why, Melodiana, are you so difficult?” he is being over dramatic and way too obvious about wanting me away from here. I want to tell him that I can snap Victoria’s neck and turn her to ashes with one sway of my arms, but if I don’t want hell to break loose, I should shut my mouth.
Emmett is snickering, a wicked glimmer in his golden eyes, ”Edward, dude, she completely owns you! You guys sound like a married couple!”
I was just taking a sip of my bottle of water when Emmett said that. Mentioning the word married, makes me splutter on the water and cough. My face is bright red and Alice just looks too happy with that shit-eating grin on her face.
“Aw! Did I say something wrong AGAIN?”
“Emmett, you always say the wrong things at the wrong times,” Jasper replies at Emmett’s child-like outburst. He can be so obtuse.

I hear the nasal buzz of the bell, indicating lunch is over and stand up from my chair. Picking up my tray, Edward thinks he needs to fuel my irritation even more.
“Melody, we’re not done with that conversation.”
I growl, squeezing my eyes shut and leaving the table, ”fuck off, Edward. I told you we were done with that.”
My eyes catch sight of the tree young vampire hybrids and I suddenly need to think of a good plan. They also need to know that Victoria is after them – in the worst case, they’ll need to fight.

I stroll at a fast pace to their table, which they are just retreating from and walk closely alongside Alana. I whisper in fluently Italian that I want her and Faith to meet me in the restroom. Her expression shows confusion as the two others turn their heads quickly. I silence them, especially their minds with my eyes. The girls nod and I quickly march out of the cafeteria, not even bothering to look back at Edward. Men could be so enormously frustrating at times. I feel Edward’s eyes burn in the back of my head as I leave through the swinging doors.
Walking towards the ladies’ room, I feel at once how Alice’s vision about Victoria slams in on my senses. She wants to hurt my family to get to me. but I can’t understand how she would know about my siblings, let alone my cousins? Has she been there among the shadows all along without us knowing? Has she stalked us for almost a year, planning to attack? Does he know about my babies? Fear and anxiety grip at my heart. I am praying that there is a way to prevent this, make sure she won’t ever come close or even end her. My inner demon longs for it to snap the redheads neck. I’d even enjoy that kill.

Oh yes, Edward might mean it well, but I was certainly not going to run away again. Only the very idea of that bitchy leech hurting my cousins makes me go ballistic.
in my fury I burst through the door of the restroom, startling a young girl who is on her way out ,”Sorry,” is my soft and embarrassed apology. I need to keep myself in check these days. God what is wrong with me? Is it the hormones? I couldn’t really fathom that being sexually frustrated by a vampire that wants to marry you and is completely overprotective over everything you wish to do can make you so….insane.
inside the restroom, I lean against the wash tables, twiddling my thumbs to control the rage that is balling up inside me. Sure, there are things that make me mad, but not that mad? Is it so wrong that Edward wants me away from Victoria? No, basically not.

Not much later, after having count to ten a few times to ease myself, the door swings open, revealing my two nieces. Faith and Alana enter, a mix of fear, anxiety and curiosity is written on their pale faces. Faith wants to speak, but I hold up my hand. I haven’t checked if all the stalls are empty yet. searching for any close mind, I’m only able to find those of the two girls next to me. I drop my arm down along my side again and give them an apologetic smile.

“So….What the hell is going on?”
Faith always goes straight to the point. Kid is so much influenced by her dad….
“Well, it appears we have a problem. I thought we had stopped the danger last year, but apparently it’s back to come looking for us,” I search their faces and see golden eyes darken. Seems I’m not the only one with the rage problems here. Must be a hybrid thing.
“Explain,” Alana curtly says, adrenaline coursing through her. She is very brave, but when true danger comes close, fear is catching up upon her. Upon noticing her distress I try to reassure her.

“Do you remember when James attacked me?,” they nod, Faith’s head indicating to the lightning scars that sit on my shoulder, embedded for the rest of eternity.
“Well, there were two vampires with him. Laurent and Victoria. Laurent was killed by the wolves last year, while I was gone from here and on my way to LA.”

“Which concludes that Victoria is the only one left over….,” Faith starts ,”Seeking for revenge,” Alana finishes. Unfortunately I have to nod.
“Yes. She clearly wants something from us. Edward killed James and now she’s probably after me. I knew that, expected it sometime in the future maybe, but….she’s actually here now.”
Faith’s eyes widened, ”Now? As in right here in Forks?”
“Yes…I’m afraid so,” I cast my eyes downwards feeling a little lost.
“She can be anywhere!” Alana’s fear starts to get through visibly and I reach for her hands.
“Lanny, Faith. I know this is scary. Believe me, I feel that way too. but why I’m telling you this is because you need to be prepared. Her next attack is on you tree, so from now on I’m forbidding you to hunting without adult supervision, understand?”
“Alice had a vision.” It isn’t a question.
I nod ,”Yes Faith, she did. That’s why we were fighting. Edward thinks I don’t know. Act as if you haven’t heard of it. But be prepared. You’re strong enough to fight her off when needed.”

“We could also leave, like Edward wants you too?” Alana is trying to find the safest way to get out of this, but finding it hard.
“Yes, but Lanny, she might track our scents and follow us. I think we should stay close, but away. Get it?” Faith suggested. I think about that for a second and then slowly nod my head.

“Yes…like…we could go to a movie in Port Angeles. we’re close enough o jump in if needed and far away enough to not be immediately harmed! You’re a genius Faith!” I high-five her and she smiles, as does Alana, “Well, I have my moments of wisdom.”


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