Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


26. Thunder 25

<span style='font-family: "Times,";' georgia,="" serif;"="">“Well, here we go, baby.” Edward whispers softly into my ear and I lean closer into him. I feel a little touched by this moment and the feeling surprises me. They are my cousins, have been brother and sisters to me since they were born. And now I see them in another light. I feel more grown up. I finally feel like I belong a little more with my true siblings. A smile creeps around my lips.
“I just hope they’ll have a nice time. for a as long as school is nice, though.”
Edward chuckles, “I’m sure they’ll love the gossip about their old Aunt here.” He is teasing me, tickling my sides. I giggle, not immune to the tickling, as we walk further.

Edward leaves my side so he can go to history, while I search for my math class. Upon entering the room, I see Bella sitting in the back. I feel relieved somehow, smiling friendly as I come closer.
I drop into my seat, taking out my books of math torture and look at her.
‘Well, there’s our favorite vampire stealer.’
Her snarky thoughts make me purse my lips at her.
“Good morning Bella. Dropped out of the bed the wrong way this morning?”
Bella huffs,” Nope. Not at all. I had a rather,…interesting morning actually.” She says slyly and the next second I’m bombarded with images of Jacob. In throes of passion.

My face goes redder than red and scrunched up with disgust.
“Aw shit! Quit it! I don’t want that image in my head you know?” I hiss at her, while class already started. Bella just grins ‘can’t help my thoughts now can I? Can’t help it you read them either. So deal with it, little virgin.’
In that moment, after hearing that, I was more than happy that she did not know about the fact that I wasn’t a virgin anymore.
“Oh my God!” Bella exclaims then, whisper shouting. The words are already forming into her head. No!
“Please tell me you haven’t done more with that dead crap than kissing?”
I can’t stop the damned blush, even if I want too. “Eh…no.” I whisper back, “Very kind of you by the way to call my boyfriend a dead crap. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it,” I snarl back to her with an eye-roll. I don’t dare to speak the truth about the virgin thing. She will kill me right in here. Even though I’ll be faster away than she can imagine.
“Good. I wouldn’t try if I were you. He’s too strong. He’d snap you with one thrust of the cock you know.”
My eyes fly to hers, wide open. The Fuck!? Did she just say that?

in my opinion, that cock she is talking about can do quite wonderful things…and it does involve snapping, but not in the way she means.
“I’m surprised you’re not even bruised yet, by all the kissing you guys do. That is if he even kisses you..” she goes on and on about it, her mind betraying herself. She hates it that I have Edward. she loves Jake, so I didn’t get why.
Bruised? I can’t remember being bruised at all, apart from the heartbreak I’d suffered from.
Great! now thanks to Bella I was thinking constantly about how good sex actually was. The bad thing though, is the fact that my boyfriend refuses everything that comes close to the act.
And I seriously need it, since my ovaries are going to explode sooner or later.

Bella stops asking me those questions since I didn’t give her the answers she wanted, which were that I would be disgusted with Edward. Well, I’m not disgusted with him at all. He’s my boyfriend and the father of my children, where I love him for.

After another two hours of boredom, it’s lunch break. Thank the penguins for letting me have food. I crave something to eat since my libido has increased quite much. And apparentely, my libido and food make a great team. I enter the cafeteria, knowing that Edward and the other Cullens are already at our table. I see Bella join Jessica and Lauren, whom have to do Senior year again too.
It then occurs me, that my cousins are here at school. So that’s what happens when you feel sexually frustrated or something like that – you forget important things.

I quickly make my way to the queue to get myself some lunch and spot a short guy with spiky black hair a few people farther away from me. I grin widely, wanting to tap his shoulder and say HI. I hold back though and focus on getting my lunch instead. I pick a sandwich with roasted chicken, a salad and a bottle of water before I purchase the whole thing. After having done that, I go to the trusty old table where my family is waiting. Alice is grinning like a fool and when she waggles her eyebrows I know I’m being ridiculed.
Damn Jasper and his emotion skills!

my smile changes into a scowl and I set my tray on the table next to Edward. He’s just having an apple and juice from the usual brand school uses. Sitting down, he kisses my temple and whispers his greeting to me, “Hello, love.”
“Hi,” I say back shyly, remembering the ‘cock-talk’ Bella started. I start to have many more reasons to loathe her. Sister-bitch.
“Are you alright?” Edward is studying me closely and from the corner of my eye I see Jasper snickering as Alice elbows his ribs. Bad enough, this only makes it worse, just as my blush does.
“What’s going on?” Edward remarks, frowning at the laughing Jasper. Alice’s lips are twitching as she tries to hold back her laughter. I glare at her, wishing she was able to read my mind right now so they can back off.
“Seriously why is Jasper blocking me? there has to be something here,” Edward looks quite petulant and that even makes me giggle, despite my embarrassment of the subject. Jasper tries to compose himself and I notice that Emmett is just a sad looking as Edward is doing.
‘Did they make him sniff drugs or something?’
Emmett’s mind was an enigma. And quite hilarious at times. I was pinching my leg to keep from laughing at his words.
“Emmett, a vampire is immune to drugs…,” Edward says mockingly, though Jasper only laughs harder.
‘Ehm…What happened to that silent war lover vampire? He’s going nuts if you tell me!’ the girly voice from behind me indicates that my cousins have taken a seat. I turn around to face them, seeing to my disappointment that they’re with just the two of them. Just Denim and Alana.

‘Where is faith?’ I mouth at them. I see Denim shrug and Alana points to the queue where people are still buying lunch.
It appears that they have never given up on my ‘lunch-duty-tradition’ when I see Faith standing in line, chatting with a blonde girl. I turn my head back to our table where Jasper has calmed down for the most part.
“listen,” Alice pipes up, “ that girl is going to tell her our story,” Alice acts like it’s spooky. I must admit, that for real, we are quite scary. But those sophomore kids from fourteen years old, all human, would not need to know any of that.
I listen closely, finding that this new friend of Faith’s nobody less than Lauren Mallory’s younger sister is.
“….of the Cullens?” the girl whispers to my niece. Faith’s mind is jubilating with laughter, ‘Nah, never heard of those vampires.’ I hear Edward chuckle beside me because of her joke.

“No? I just got here,” Faith answers friendly, acting not to have a clue.
“Well, that are the Cullens,” I can see from Alice’s mind that she is pointing secretly at us, ”My sister says they are really weird. And they are actually. They are always together.”
“Like together, together,” Emmett mocks in a high voice. It makes us snicker.
I keep looking through Alice her mind and see that the girl walks with Faith towards her table of friends. There are two other girls sitting there. Abby, that is her name I believe, tells her friends she’s explaining Fay about the Cullens. The two jump in on the conversation as Faith sits down.
“Well, here we go. Act as normal as you can,” Rosalie says in a sing-song voice. I roll my eyes, ”Emmett is incapable of that!” I smirk widely when Emmett eyes me darkly, holding a fork by his mouth with a piece of spaghetti on it. Where the heck did he get spaghetti?
“Ew, Em, you’re not going to eat that right?” Alice’s face is scrunched up in disgust. Well, there is nothing wrong with spaghetti, but Emmett doesn’t eat human food.
I giggle, concentrating back on the conversation behind me. Abby already told Faith that we are adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife. Well, at least the true Cullens are. I’m just the girlfriend.
“So that big guy, who’s licking his fork, that’s Emmett. And he has a relationship with that blonde next to him. that’s Rosalie. She’s really pretty, I wish I had that hair!” Abby gushes. Faith listens carefully, interested. ‘Huh, I always wondered how it was for Melody on her first day here..,’
“And then than blonde guy with the curls. That’s Jasper and he’s Rosalie’s twin. He always looks like he’s pained though. Well, my sister says that is.”
I look at Jasper who is now wearing an apologetic expression on his face. He still feels sorry for attacking me and Bella on our birthday one year ago.
“…relationship with Alice, that girl next to him. She sometimes looks like she is in trance or something. That’s really, really weird!”
I see Alice shrug indifferently, ”Hey, I never told you it wasn’t scary.”
“You are scary pix!” Emmett joked, dropping his fork into the spaghetti. I shook my head, glancing at the uneaten pasta, ”Non píu fame?”
Emmett looks puzzled, “Hey, don’t go all Italian on me! What does that mean?”
Edward chuckles, shaking his head,” she just asked if you’re not hungry anymore, scemo!
“Not for food. I’m hungry for a certain blonde woman!” Emmett practically roared. Thank god, not the entire cafeteria could hear. Just the few tables surrounding ours.
“Emmett!” Rosalie slaps him on the back of his head. He’s such a moron sometimes.

“And Oh. My. God! That guy with the reddish hair on the right? That’s Edward Cullen,” I catch the conversation again, hearing the girls speak about Edward. I grin and roll my eyes.
“He never dates anyone! Though I think he and Melody, that girl next him, have something together. They’re never apart!”
I hear Faith reply, ”Maybe they’re just super BFF’s?” ‘That had sex and got two children…’
“Huh, well, my sister says she’s a nasty bitch. Her sister Bella had something with Edward and because of Melody they’ve broken up.”
I hear Faith’s mind battle against the anger.
“I assure you that Melody is far from a nasty bitch. In fact – she was my parents foster kid when we lived in LA. And she’s really nice,” she snarls back in the same way her Dad can. It appears that Nate did teach her a good thing or two.
“Now if you’ll excuse me – my siblings might like if I sit with them today. See you in class,” and with that being said, she gets up and marches to the table behind us, where Denim and Alana are grinning and chuckling like fools.


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