Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


23. Thunder 22

I wake, gasping for breath. I look around my bedroom like a wild bird and notice two things. First, I’m all alone so no one can harm me. Second; Edward is not here.
Where is he? I thought that he stayed with me last night, but my memories were a little hasty since I was so enormously tired. I always sleep better when he’s here but I’m not sure if that dream was supposed to be a nightmare, a dream or an early childhood memory. I was panicking and I wanted to know where my man was.

‘Edward!?’ I all but whimpered anxiously, crawling beneath the duvet as some sort of protection from whatever it might be. No two seconds later he was next to me, sitting on the edge of my bed.
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked, his eyes frantic searching for any caused damage. I shook my head, squeezing my eyes shut when a flash of the memory of me as a toddler sucking the reds made me gasp. The reds. It was blood.
‘Melody tell me what’s going on please? You’re freaking m out here.’ Edward ushered, tipping up my chin to make me look at him. I just wanted to hold him for a while, so I did just that, wrapping my arms around his waist and ducking my head under his chin, breathing in the scent of his neck.
‘I just had a bad dream.’ I simply said and I was glad he wasn’t able to see me. only thinking about this dream as having been real makes me feel petrified of myself.
‘It’s fine now, love. Light is up, sky is blue, I’m icy cold, but I love you.’
I giggled at his weird words ,’I don’t think you could be a perfect poetic, Edward.’ I said through giggles. Edward shrugged,’ Well I could at least try – it did make you smile.’

He was able to distract me more during my morning routine, which I was grateful for – I didn’t want to think about that nightmare before I could ask my sisters. After I’d had breakfast, which Edward made for me, I got dressed in an old pair of jeans and shirt. I was all ready and set for painting.
Together, Edward and I drove to the new Swan Residence here in Forks and I was pretty excited to see it for the first time. We made a stop at the Cullen Residence first though.
hand in hand, we entered the familiar house. In the living room, Alice was busy with the sewing machine.
Huh wait? Sewing machine.
‘Hey Melody, Edward!’ she exclaimed happily, having three pins at the side of her mouth. I waved warily. ‘Ali, why are you sewing? Or better asked – what actually?’
I heard Edward chuckle, ’Baby, go chat with my incredulous sister – I’ll be upstairs to change.’ he announced, giving me a kiss on my temple and moving away at vampire speed.
‘I’m not that incredulous! Look in the mirror!’
I shook my head at her thoughts towards him and went to sit next to her.
‘So what are your making?’ I asked her again, trying to figure out what is was. Alice smirked.
‘It’s a dress. You’ll wear it next Wednesday for your date with Edward.’
I frowned, ’You really know everything don’t you?’ I rolled my eyes as she nodded, tapping her temple, ‘build in crystal sphere!’
I giggled, ’so I’m going to get fancy Wednesday?’ I looked at the dress, still not really getting why she was making it – I have a few myself in my closet, but I appreciated the gesture. It was red from color, but I yet couldn’t figure the exact shape.
‘Oh! Do you want long sleeves?’ Alice piped up. I shook my head, ’Nah, sleeveless is fine.’

In the meantime, Edward had come downstairs and took a seat next to me on the couch. I snuggled against his side and laid my head on his chest as he stroked my hair. Alice was still busy with sewing at my dress. When I asked Alice where all the others were, she told me that Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and Rosalie were already at the Swan residence.

‘Where’s Esmé?’ I questioned, when I hadn’t heard Alice mention her name. in that exact moment, the front door opened and two toddlers and three teenagers strolled inside, followed by Esmé. I smiled widely when I caught sight of my baby boys running up to me.
‘Mommy! Daddy’ they squealed in delight, Raven practically jumped into our laps while Blaze struggled to get onto the couch. Edward helped him out by dragging him up from the floor. I studied their faces – pale, pinkish cheeks, bright golden eyes and rows of white teeth. Perfection.
I saw Faith, Denim and Alana take a seat opposite of us, in the other couch.
‘Hey, excited because of moving here?’ I questioned my cousins. They nodded, fortunately.
‘Yeah, although the weather in La is still better than here in Washington but, you know. It’s not like we have friends or something.’ Faith answered, chuckling warily. Sometimes I felt bad they didn’t have friends, but they didn’t seem to mind.
‘Well, fayfay, maybe we’ll make some here?’ Denim sounded hopeful, though his mind told me otherwise. He was fine with being with the three of them and knowing that he would attend the same school as us, he felt better. He just wanted to reassure Faith and Alana – the last year his role as ‘big brother’ while he wasn’t one, had increased a lot. I appreciate it though, that he does.
‘Well I think it’s cool we’re going to school with Melody again. let’s make the teacher’s go crazy!’ Alana piped up, her eyes shining with mirth. I chuckled, ruffling Raven’s hair, as Edward and Alice eyed me curiously.
‘Oh my God! Do you remember when Newton got all mad because you made a snide comment and threw your milkshake over him the next hour!?’ Faith exclaimed, completely into this at once. I blushed a rolled my eyes.

‘Oh tell me, Miss Swan – were you a little rebellious in high school!?’ Edward teased me, poking his fingers at my side, making me giggle and squirm away from him. Blaze giggled too, and Edward attacked his belly with some more tickling. The boy crowed of fun.
‘What? no! I’m not rebellious. I was having bad days.’ I replied, feeling smug somehow.
‘yeah, yeah, bad days my ass!’ Denim said ,’You were quite the teacher killer, Mellow, seriously.’
‘Well I never expected that! Who knew shy little blushy mommy melody could be a rebel. It’s actually cute!’ Alice said, shoving her sewing machine to the side and standing up.
‘Do my favorite nephews want a cookie?’ she asked my sons. They were immediately focused on Alice, nodding. Alice motioned for them to follow and went to the kitchen with the toddlers behind her.
‘Den, Fay and Lana, if you want some too – it’s in the kitchen!’ we heard her yell over her shoulder.
‘I’m in for food. As ever.’ Denim said, jumping from the white couch and going to the kitchen. Faith and Alana followed and I briefly wondered where Esmé went. I searched her mind, finding it also in the kitchen. It appeared they were having fresh baked cookies.
Suddenly Edward was nuzzling my neck, giving me sweet small kisses. My face heated up.
‘Cute? I think that’s quite… Miss Swan.’

I gulped. Good lord. I’ve never heard Edward say the word sexy. Ever.
I turned my head to face him, seeing his golden eyes shine with glee and mischievousness. I could wait until he kissed me, or take matters in my hands and start myself.
In a brave move, I covered his lips with mine, kissing him. he stilled first but them moved in sync with me. having woven on hand in my hair and one laying at my waist, he returned my kiss with force. I liked it and it send shivers down my spine. Kissing Edward was one of my favorite past time activities – of course sex would be better, but I could be happy with what I could get.
When I felt the urge to bite suddenly, which shocked me, I bit his lip, loving the taste of his skin. He groaned loudly as I continued to bite it. Edward pulled back slightly ,’Shit, baby. Stop doing that please.’ He said gasping. I stopped biting immediately. So why the fuck did I do that?
‘It’s not that I don’t like it – I like it too much but I can’t ….return the favor…’
Oh. Sorry.

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