Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


22. Thunder 21

We got downstairs and I felt extremely awkward. Edward was behind me when we entered the kitchen. My sister were staring at us in curiosity and I blushed quite a few shades of red. Great timing Edward! I rolled my eyes at them and ignored their probing minds. 
‘Everything set to go? The earlier we start the earlier you can move.’ I tried as a distraction. Scarlett winked at me, ‘ Almost yes. We only need to pack our clothes and personal things but that will be done fast enough.’ 
I nodded and glanced sneakily at Edward. the word marriage burns in my mind and it fears me somehow. We are not ready for that at all – we don’t know each other good enough to succeed in marriage. 

After a while we decided to leave. Or better said – Edward did when he saw me yawning. I was tired and since we were going to have to move a total of eleven people I might need sleep longer than the usual four hours. 
the drive back to Forks was silent. I often liked the silence, when it was the comfy one. But this was awkward – like going on a first date. 
it suddenly occurred me, that we never had a date before. We just got sex, got a twin and eventually a relationship. |And now Mr. Vampman, wants to marry me. 
‘Edward?’ I heard myself ask tentatively. He turned towards me, still holding the steering wheel neatly into place and not bothering to check what was happening on the road – he would hear if something could get the wrong turn.
‘Well I was just thinking…We’ve never been on a date.’ I whispered softly, staring ahead of me and feeling so shy now. Edward seemed to think about that, pouting his lips.
‘We did …right? The Italian restaurant?’ he said raising his eyebrows. I rolled my eyes, ’We went there but that wasn’t a date. That was after Bella and I almost ended up being raped if it weren’t for you to be there.’ 
I shuddered at the memory. Sure I could have fought those drunk guys off, but still. 
‘Well, my love. Maybe we should go on a date this week? Go to dinner somewhere chic?’ 
I smiled, nodding,’ Yes. Yes, that would be lovely.’ 

We arrived home and by that time I was dozing off to sleep. Lots of things were tiring me lately, but luckily I would get to my bed soon. Edward brought me up, since Charlie and Bella were asleep anyway, all lights off in the house. Vaguely I noticed how he helped me get out of my jeans and sweater, before helping me under the duvet. I heard him shifting around my bedroom before his cold body lay right behind me, his arm encircling my waist. And with the image of me in a white ball gown, I drifted off into sleep. 


I am playing with the teddy. He is brown with a yellow belly. He also has a cap on his head and a red t-shirt on. Daddy says his name is Ted. Ted sounds like Teddy. Teddy is a bear. 
I hear my sister call my name. it’s Skye. She is thirteen. She old, I young. Scarlett always says that she is older. I don’t really know what older means. Maybe that’s old and old. 
I turn my head and Skye sits next to me. she brushes Ted’s fur. I clutch ted to my chest ,’ Mine,’ I say. Skye smiles,’ Sure, sure. You can keep him.’ 
I nod and smile. Ted is mine. he is my friend. 
Skye picks a few crayons from the box on the desk. The desk is high. I’m in Skye’s room, playing with Ted. He’s very silent. I like silence. 
Mommy is never silent. She is always screaming. But she never moves her mouth. That is weird. Daddy never screams. He like silence too. 
I hear a loud crack and it startles me. I quickly get up on my feet and I want to run down the long stairs. The stairs are very high and trippy. I don’t know what Is happening. Scarlett just got home. She said she was angry but I did not see her face. She was at the front door when she said it. I was already here when I heard. Nathan is at school. he always says he don’t like school. Skye don’t like it too. She’s now dropping the crayons from the desk. She runs down the stairs really fast. I want to be really fast too. but my legs are too small. 
I hear mommy yelling again and it makes my head hurt and hurt. I want to make it go away and I hold my hands to my ears. Mommy is still yelling. I hear more cracks and more yelling. Scarlett is now yelling too. 
Carefully I step from the stairs, one by one. I go very slow like a snail. A snail doesn’t make a sound. She likes silent too. 
I’m almost down. then I smell something. I smell the reds. The reds are dangerous said Daddy. I should not come close to the reds. I’m curious. I want to see the reds. It smells nice.
Mommy is screaming again. I do not like it. I walk to the kitchen where the sounds and the reds are. I smell the reds. I see Skye’s feet at the door. she is hiding behind it. I want to know why they scream. 
No mommy? I have a mommy. I like mommy but mommy don’t like me. she yells at me always. And her eyes are black. My eyes are gold. They shine. Daddy says they are pretty. 
When I see in the kitchen, I see my mommy grab Scarlett’s neck. Scarlett cries. She has pain. I hate pain. I smell the reds again. Scarlett fights, she wants to make mommy lose her hand from her neck. I want it too. I want to help her so I run into the kitchen. Scarlett looks at me and she yells at me too, ’Melody go back!’ 
I then see the reds. They are red – it’s smells even nicer. It is on the floor. I want to taste it. 
Then mommy looks at me and I gasp. Mommy’s eyes are red. Red as the reds. I feel cold. I don’t want my mommy, I want the reds. I feel with my finger at the reds and it is wet. I taste and it’s nice. Better than orange juice. 
‘Well, look at that,’ mommy says ,’it’s appears I’m not the only one with the leechy behavior. I assure you, Scarlett Marie Swan, that this little monstrous being WILL follow in my footsteps. And nothing will change that future. You, Skye and Nathan are just hybrids with a little vampire features. She IS a vampire with very little human features.’ 
Scarlett sits at the wall. I still suck on my finger with the reds on it. Scarlett has reds on her neck and it streams down. 
‘Melody is an innocent toddler! She’ll never become like you! I’ll personally take care of that myself!’ 
Adam is in the kitchen now. He is angry. He picks me up, away from the reds, ‘I want!’ I say. 
‘get out Fiorenza. Don’t bother them, don’t find them. Just leave.’ He says. It sounds like a bear. Like Ted. But Ted is never angry. 
I see how Mommy looks at me. she shouts again but don’t say anything. Then mommy runs away through the window. I don’t see her anymore. 
I don’t cry. 

Okay so in this memory part:
Scarlett =18 years old

Melody 4 years old
Nate=16 years old
Skye= 13 years old


and you may have noticed that i've been changing the times as so to speak. from past tot present [allright my dutch is making my english very difficult right now!]  

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