Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


21. Thunder 20

We were all quite ecstatic with what we’d reached so far with Blaze, when Edward returned from the living room, a tired looking Raven behind him. Maybe waking them in the midst of their sleep wasn’t really smart, but they would go back to their beds soon. 
Edward took his seat beside me grinning as Raven yawned loudly and raising his so Edward could pick him up. After a few minutes Edward and I switched boys and just enjoyed being in their presence. 

‘So,…I was wondering how we are going to arrange the whole ‘kids’ situation?’ Skye then started, leaning at the countertop. I tensed a little – I knew Edward didn’t like my idea. 
‘Well the oldest should have to act to be adopted…’Scarlett mused, then facing me, ’What about them?’ she flickered her eyes towards the twin, who were looking at each other, having a silent conversation in their minds. They were oblivious to the outer world when they did that. 
‘We can’t show up and say they are ours – hell will break lose if we do.’ I said, caressing Raven’s dark hair. I faced Edward, watching how eh might react to this. His eyes found mine and I tried the reassuring smile.
‘Also adoption. Acting as if of course.’ He said followed by a deep sigh. I smiled – he evidently found no reason to object to it anymore.
‘So…Chris and I could act to be Blaze’s parents – he has reddish hair and Chris is blonde. People could easily believe it. And I could have dyed my hair a different color if the red is suspicious.’ Skye opted, making me nod in agreement, ’Nathan and Layla could take Raven – Raz has quite a few features that fit with Nate as well. 

‘Well, your features actually.’ Edward quipped. I rolled my eyes at that, ’Yes, but Nathan and I could be twins if it’s about looks. We look a lot like each other so my son could have been his if you know what I mean.’ 
Edward shrugged,’ You indeed look a lot like your brother’ 
‘Anyway – so I get that Blaze will be covered by Skye and Chris, Raven by Nathan and Layla…So what if Adam and I just take Den, Fay and Lanny?’ 
We all nodded in agreement and I was glad. My siblings were going to live much closer to us, my cousins would attend forks high school with me and above all Raven and Blaze would be close enough to see every afternoon if I wanted too. 
‘Ah, look who succumbed to dream land?’ Edward suddenly said, making us all look at the red-haired bundle of cuteness in his arms. He was in a deep sleep so it appeared. 

I turned back to Raven in my arms, ’Yes?’ 
‘Why are there boxes in the house?’ he asked me with his boyish voice. I could hear sleep dripping through it. 
‘Well, You, your brother, Den, Fay, Lanny and all your uncles and aunts are going to live very close to mommy and daddy!’ I said, feeling delighted. His eyes widened, just as his grin did, baring a row of perfect white teeth.
I nodded, on my face a cracking grin, matching the one my boyfriend was holding
‘Yay! Then I can play with uncle Emmy and Uncle Jazzer! And auntie Awice and Rosie! And with Grandma Mé and Grandpa Cullen! And Grandpa Swan!’ he was super enthusiastic, counting everyone on his fingers, even though he did it wrong – I was glad with his reaction. 
‘And I can hug mommy and daddy too.’ 
I smiled at his words and nuzzled his hair, humming in agreement. Raven yawned again then, dropping his head into my chest and closing his eyes. He did try to keep them open but it got more difficult with each second. 

No five minutes later, they both were fast asleep, making me giggle. I loved the sight – their faces having an expression of pure peace and rest, looking awfully adorable. 
Edward and I brought them both back to their beds, being careful not to wake them. 
We were just watching them sleep for a while, when he took my hand. I looked up at him, his expression new to me. It looked like one of adoration, but there were housing some old century flashes in there too.
He opened his mouth to speak, but no words followed and my heart started beating faster. What did he want to say?

‘There is one thing, that would make me even more happy than I am right here, right now.’ he started. I frowned, but smiled nonetheless, ’What would that be? I’d do anything to make you happy.’ 
A faint wary smile tugged at his lips at my reply. The frown on my forehead was still present. He looked toward the two beds, where the two boys were sleeping soundly before turning his gaze back to me. his golden eyes were smoldering, intense and deep and I gasped. He still had still spell on me even though we fought a lot. 
‘Edward tell me?’ I urged extremely curious now. he took a tighter hold of my hand, tipping up my chin with his index finger.

‘Marry me, Melodiana.’ 

My everything fell silent. What did he just say? I was completely dumbstruck, stone still. My breathing picked up and I was pretty close to having a panic attack. 
Marrying him? where the hell did that come from? 
It’s too soon, too soon! My mind screamed at me. I was completely overtaken by astonishment. I never expected this to happen. Well, not now that is. I thought maybe when I’d told him about what I was, when he’d changed into my kind, when I was immortal. Approximately fifty years later.
And yet here he stood, in front of me holding my hand and looking very anxious now. 
When I thought I did not understand him, I was wrong – now I was completely at a loss. 

‘Melody? Say something please?’ Edward’s whisper sounded at my ear. My lips moved but I wasn’t exactly able to say something. I couldn’t do this, not now not yet. To fast! 
The one moment he’s all Edward, like I know him. Then he’s aggressive and a complete asshole and now he’s all prince charming and asking me for my hand in marriage.

He’s fucking insane and I’m catching flies.

‘I….I?’ I squeaked. I then realized my sisters must have heard this all, which made me feel embarrassed somehow. 
‘Edward…it’s…no.’ I started to ramble, my voice hushed and whispering even though it was useless. His expression faltered, replaced by one that showed me he felt wounded. 
‘I…don’t get me wrong I love you alright? it’s just too soon. Way too soon. I mean I need to graduate first, I need to know if my twin boys are safe and healthy enough. we fight all the time and you don’t even know what I am, what I’m capable off and-‘ 
Edward’s cold finger hushed me when I felt it against my lips. I immediately shut up, trying to read his expression. I prayed I hadn’t wounded him that much. 
‘Alright I get it. it’s okay, my love. Maybe this wasn’t really as good timing…but I thought it would be a good compromise.’ 
His eyes had softened and I frowned. Compromise? And what would be my benefit in that exactly? 
‘You want to tell me everything about you. How you are, who you are and apparently what you’re capable of? You even want to be immortal with me for the rest of eternity.’ He started explaining what he meant with his compromise, his eyes widening when he mentioned the immortal thing. It appears that I had frequently asked him in my sleep, if we could stay together forever, as vampires, as lovers. Well, I can’t know what my subconscious does while I’m sleeping. He’d felt unsure about all that, didn’t want me to become a vampire because he was positive that he’d hurt me. and of course he didn’t want to take away my human life, or whatever was left over from that. it made us fight a lot during summer. 
‘If you want me to accept that, and even try to start a physical relationship with you again…,’ 
My eyes snapped to his, my cheeks reddening. This spiked my interest even more. The thought of Edward touching me again in more ways than just his sweet kisses, quickly set my skin on fire. He was seriously beguiling me into this. I swallowed. But it was wrong.
He was actually, in easy words, trying to get me to marry him in trade for sex.
I frowned even deeper now.

‘….then marry me. And I’ll do all that.’
My mind was reeling with consideration and answers. Yes! Do it! get the lovin’ and get rid of all those secrets. No! don’t! I’m too young, our relationship still too unstable. I’m not ready! Marriage is just a paper! 


‘Edward?’ I glanced at him my eyes wide,’ I can’t marry you. Not yet. And I need time to think about your…offer.’ 
He studied me, my face, my eyes, averting his eyes when he realized I was serious. 
I sighed deeply, enveloping him in my arms and pushing my head against his chest,’ Never forget you’re the most awesome vampire on the planet. I just need….adjustment to all this. To everything, ’I glanced up high, right into his golden eyes,’ We’re both part of our entwined soul. That’s what truly matters.’ I whispered softly, letting my words sink in. 

He smiled that smile he always saved for me or his sons, ’It’s enough for now I guess.’ 

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