Thunder Strikes

A year later, Edward and Melody are trying to keep their quite new relationship last. Unfortunately a few somebody's are getting in their way, tensing them up. In times of stress, fear, Joy and promises, the young couple needs to raise two toddlers and learn to be honest to themselves and each other.
And while Edward is distant for reasons Melody is not aware of a new attacker who is waiting for the right time to bite.

Will their bond be strong enough to survive? Or will the someone be able to break it?

Thunder Strikes is a sequel to Starless Sky and Moon Girl.

Get bitten and tag along!



This story is RATED 18+ / NC-17 which means the following:

- sex
- violence
- angst
- cursing


19. Thunder 18

I sighed and offered my niece a smile and nodded. I didn’t bother to grab Edward’s hand or tug him with me – I was still angry at him about the whole La Push thing.
At the door I engulfed Faith in a hug and kissed her cheek. She was only three years younger than I was, 1,57 inch shorter than me and we shared quite the same interests, but yet she was my brother’s daughter and I was her aunt. I’d always seen my cousins as brother and sisters, but since I got children of my own, that changed. It was kind of a middle way now – when we were joking around or with the four of us together we were siblings and when the others were there and Raven and Blaze too, I suddenly felt like their aunt. It was strange but true to me. 
‘Hey Fay! How’s everything going on here?’ I said as she let me in. I sensed Edward was behind me and now also in the house. Our Seattle home was smaller than the one in LA and I suspected that was because of the fact that we all knew it was for a shorter stay. The rooms, apart from everyone’s bedroom, all had the same set of colors – pale blue and white with silver or steel extracts here and there. I was hoping they would take the same interior in Forks since I loved the colors and all. 
Faith brought us to the kitchen, where I knew Scarlett, Layla and Skye were discussing the move. I sought for the male minds in the house but never heard one. They must be out tonight then.
‘It’s alright, though this whole serial gang killer thing makes me queasy. I’m glad we’re moving and besides – I don’t have friends in school now so that wouldn’t be an issue at all.’ Faith answered my question as she opened the door. when Edward, who was behind me, and I entered my sisters looked up from their list and all had their own special grin to show me. I grinned back and walked up to them. After the three hugs ,cheek kisses and hello’s, Skye mentioned for Edward and I to take a seat, which we did. 

‘Coffee? Hot chocolate?’ Layla asked me. then she chuckled and winked at Edward, ’Blood?’ the others giggled at her lame joke just a is did, shaking my head. Edward too had an amused expression on his face, ’I would say yes to that, but I don’t share.’ He said huskily, winking at me. I blushed of course and huffed out an amused laugh. He made it sound like some dirty sexy secret, which it wasn’t. 
‘Coffee for me please. And you might want to wet Edward with the spray bottle, like with dogs,’ I gave my boyfriend a playful glare wanting to lighten our moods from the conversations we had in the car, ‘he hasn’t been on his best behavior lately.’ 
Skye barked a laugh as Layla prepared my coffee, ’We might, but poor thing we don’t have a spray bottle close here.’ 
Layla got the two mugs from under the coffee machine, ‘Besides, spray bottles aren’t very effective on bad behavior. They’d only make it worse.’ She winked at me and I knew exactly what she was hinting at now. I rolled my eyes just when Scarlett turned her head up from the list she was making, ’Guys, quit the spray bottle nonsense and listen up.’ she remarked, laughing a little. We turned her attention towards her but there was one thing I wanted to know first.
‘Okay, but, Scar where is the twin? And the other testosterone bombs aside from the one next to me,’ I said smirking and earning a playful, soft, shove from Edward about the bomb comment. I knew we were on good terms again which made me glad. I’d keep him on the happy moods and would go to La Push without him knowing. I needed to do that to keep seeing him during the week. 
‘Oh, the men are out to some violent action movie we didn’t feel like seeing and we actually tucked the twin into bed since they were completely spent from running after Nathan this afternoon.’ 
I frowned, running? Since when? Scarlett seemed to sense my confusing and explained, ’Nathan had choco cookies and made them play tag. Of course Blaze wasn’t able to walk properly, until this afternoon. He saw Raven run after his uncle and then out of the sudden he stood up and started to hobble after them. Not fast and steady, but the beginning was there.’ 
I nodded and smiled, but was sad I’d missed the moment, ’I can quite imagine he must be tired then. How long have they been asleep?’ I asked her and she informed that it had been about an hour now. we decided to discuss the move first and then Edward and I were going to the boys’ bedroom to wake them. 
‘Okay, so, we’ve already started packing some stuff. More like the things we don’t need specifically right now. tomorrow the men will pack the remaining things while we’re going to paint the house. I’ve already called Esmé and she told me that she, Alice and Emmett have made the house ready for that so we only have to paint and decorate it later.’ 
I nodded in understanding. Moving at vampire speed was nice – it wouldn’t take months to get there, just a few supernatural hands and strength and a family close by. 
‘Alright, so you will live in the forest that lays behind our house, correct?’ Edward questioned, making Layla and Skye nod in answer ,’That’s good since we can provide the best safety for all of us then. And you’ll live closer to Melody which makes her very happy.’ He turned towards me and smiled, giving me a reassuring squeeze in my hand
‘Aw, Edward I feel very hurt – aren’t you glad we’re going to be there too?’ Layla feigned being upset by his words and out on an enormous fake pout on her face. Edward chuckled low, ‘Sorry, but you’re right though. I’m more than happy to have everyone close to home. It’ll make the family much closer and all.’ 
We smiled and moved on with discussing the house aspects. I was glad to hear we were using the exact same interior for the forks home as in here and that the twin would get a room in the Cullen’s house also. It would be easier to make them have a sleep-over at Grandma Esmé’s and Grandpa Carlisle. 

When the clock hit ten, I rose from my chair, smiling at Edward who instantly followed me. we went upstairs to the small bedroom closest to Scarlett and Adam’s and opened the door without making any sound. My heart bounced peacefully upon seeing the two wonders lying both curled up in a ball in their beds. Raven was clutching his Dinosaur and occasionally kicked with his feet. he was dreaming very livid ad I wondered what he was doing in this one. Edward and I both had never been able to read their minds, though they could read each other’s mind. it was strange but I was happy with that. Like this we never would invade the other’s space of thoughts. 
Blaze on the other hand, was clutching a monkey in his arms and still had his teat when he slept during the day time we were teaching him to leave it and he only got it for a nap. 
‘You wake Raven and I Blaze?’ I questioned softly to Edward. He nodded and went to the bed on his right and carefully lifted a sleepy Raven from the bed. I came to stand next to him in the still dark room and started stroking my oldest son’s face while Edward held him against his chest and caressed the boy’s back. I heard how his breathing changed, indicating that he was waking up and I smiled fondly. I adored my sons and in moments like these it always occurred me that every pain I went through in my life, each fight with Edward and all the dangers that were yet to come, were totally worth it. 
Raven made a small huffy sound and moaned form the sleepiness. I giggled softly and glanced at Edward who was just as crazy about them as I was. When Raven blinked once he rubbed his eyes and yawned widely, his mouth forming a round “O”. He blinked another few times and then realized who were holding him. 
‘Hey buddy. Mommy and Daddy are here. Did you sleep well?’ Edward asked at a whispering pitch, but loud enough for the young vampire hybrid to hear. Raz nodded and a lazy smile lit up his adorable round face. 
‘I missed you…We ran after Uncle Nate today and I wanted to run after daddy.’ He told us and a small twinge of guilt spread through my chest. The whole move to Forks sounded like music in my ear now. 
‘Mommy and Daddy missed you too, baby. Very much. But we’re here now.’ I told him. Edward handed him to me and as I took hold of Raven in my arms and hugged him to my chest, Edward went to the closet to grab him a sweater. He was in his pajamas but it was quite cold downstairs. Raven wrapped his arms around my neck, through my hair and sighed in content. I nuzzled his neck and kissed him there as he giggled.
‘Mommy that tickles. It’s funny when it tickles.’ He squealed, still sleepy which made it sound funny. 
My face brightened, ’Oh! Do we need to hide from the tickling monster?’ I said and started tickling his sides. He squirmed and giggled when I did. I crushed him to my chest again and made a pirouette or two, swinging him in my arms. Edward was grinning as he took Raven back in his arms to help him into the sweater. I kissed Edward’s softly on his lips and went to rouse Blaze from his sleep. I lowered the side railing, which was set there so he wouldn’t fall out, and sat down on the edge of the toddler bed. just like with Raven, I started caressing his face and brushing the wild bronze hair out of the way. He moved a few times from my touch and scrunched his eyes shut. I knew he was waking up and the fact that Raven was now animatingly chatting with his dad, made it easier for his younger brother to wake up. when Blaze stirred, I kissed his forehead, ‘Wake up Blaze, look who’s here? Raven’s already awake.’ I started talking in an attempt to get him to open his eyes and when he did the golden gems sleepily took me in. just like with his brother, his cheeks got puffy as he smiled and he reached out his arms, wanting me to pick him up. I hooked my hands under his armpits and tugged him upwards. Then he stepped towards me, onto my lap while I still held his arms. 
He didn’t say anything, but his arms around me and his head in the crook of my neck followed by a sigh of content and safety were good enough. Blaze wasn’t really a great talker, but maybe that would still come in the near future. 

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