Dark Side

Harry Styles was the poster boy for being a bad boy. He gets in fights,
gets drunk and sleeps around. But, when he meets Claire, will he
change all that for her?


2. First Look

When we got to the club I immediately went to the bar


I ordered a shot. While I was waiting, I looked around for Anna. I really had no idea where she went, which actually scared me


When I was looking around I made eye contact with beautiful emerald eyes.

I just stared for a while until the man cocked an eyebrow, making me look away, blushing


Finally the bartender came back with my shot. "Here." He gave it to me. Wow, this man just loved his job, didn't he?

Note the sarcasm.


Anna came walking up behind me and tapped my shoulder. Before I turned around I drank the shot. "Yes?" I said turning to face her, "I'm leaving with Zayn." She motioned to the man she was with "That's lovely Anna. Call me if something happens." She nodded and left

As usual, I was alone.


How fun.


I ordered another shot and looked around the room for Green Eyes. I couldn't find him

"Looking for someone?" Someone whispered in my ear

I whirled around and saw Green Eyes, I stared up into his eyes, "You have really pretty eyes." I blurted out. I put a hand over my mouth and blushed


I looked down at my feet, he brought my face back up to look at his, "Looking for someone?" He repeated

I shook my head, "No one in particular. Just wanted to see if my friend was still here."

"Oh the one that left with Zayn?" I cocked an eyebrow, as in how he knew that, "Zayn is my friend."


"Oh that's nice for you....um, what is your name?"

"Harry Styles. And you?"

"Claire Brondage."

"Pretty name for a pretty girl." He said, showing his dimples off


I frowned, "Aren't you a little cheeky?" He just smiled bigger in answer


"Well you can have fun with that." I said and patted his chest, walking away


He grabbed onto my wrist, "Give me your phone Claire."

"Um, no." I yanked my arm loose and stormed out of the club. Angry at how Harry just thought he could get me to sleep with him like a whore

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