Dark Side

Harry Styles was the poster boy for being a bad boy. He gets in fights,
gets drunk and sleeps around. But, when he meets Claire, will he
change all that for her?


1. Clubs

I really did not want to go to this party at the club tonight.

But of course Anna is dragging me along. Personally, I just wanted to stay home and sleep. Yeah, no that's not Anna's plan. Of course not.

If I get in trouble again for something she does though, that is the end of our relationship

Last time I went to the club with her, she tried to throw some guy out a window. We were both locked up for the night. Her for Intoxicated Disturbance and me for an accessory to a crime.


But that would not happen this time.

I already made that clear to her and she wouldn't dare make me mad. Not right now. The problems I was going through were insane and she knew I was a bit unstable right now


Even if I didn't want to go, I always did. Although each time I hate it, I need to be there for her. She is like my little sister and I need to protect her. 

Some of the times I 'protected' her I got in big fights and got pretty messed up


Like once, someone tried to take her home with them, but she kept saying 'No'. So I decided to step in and break one of their noses. The other one came over and broke one of my ribs

Considering that was last week, it still wasn't completely healed yet

It still hurt to touch and it was a little swollen


Well anyways we both got ready for the club. Anna wore a very see through black dress with bright yellow heels. I just wore a casual black and white polka dot dress with a brown belt. For shoes, I wore black rose flats.


Compared to Anna, I looked so Plain Jane. She looked amazing


So finally we were on our way, the party had started at 9.


It was now 9:30. Oh yes, fashionably late.



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