The Room

can a room change there life when two girls go a one direction concert. the girls dreams are finally coming to find out more !!


1. The News?

Haleys pov:

"Hey" i said as kayla walked down the stairs.

'Hey" she said back obviously still tired.

"ive got some good news" i said with a cheeky grin

"what?!" she blurted out

"ok r u ready"

"OMG!! yes just tell me " she said getting annoyed 

"no im not gonna tell u anymore u were mean to me " i said pouting 

"im sowwy plezz tell me"she said in he best baby voice adding the puppy dog eyes

"i.........WONN ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!! and im taking you" i yelled

"OMG!!!"  she screamed with excitment  "when is it" she added 

"in two days"

"i cant freggin wait im sooo excited"

"i know we are going to have so much fun"

"mhhm and whats good is we r 18 and we can go by our selves"

"yeah buddy"

it was lunch time i was making pizza that i uhhm sort of burnt but o well it was still pizza we ate then went back to work.

after work  we came home ate dinner and watch the one and only toy story ( <-------- hehehe )




























A/N: hello fellow reader lol um thanks for reading tell me what ya think thank you and bye bye :)


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