my love

its about a teenage girl who her best friend (Liam) turns out to be her true lover


1. haleys POV

Liam has now logged on to messenger 

hey i haven't seen you in ages why haven't I seen u at school lately - Liam  

I cant tell him my parents have been abusing me he would get worried and i don't need his help i'll just have to lie.

just been sick - me 

yeah.. right so you have been sick for a month tell me the truth hales... has someone hurt you - Liam

sort of ... but i don't need your help its not like your my boyfriend... OK! - me

might not be but I care about you and don't want you to get hurt - Liam

Liam has now logged of

what was spouse to tell him oh its ok my parent abuse me all the time over nothing. Hes not my fucking boyfriend or anything fuck him fuck my life. i walk over to my brother Reese hes 5 and he doesn't talk to anyone cause of our parent. "Reese wanna go to bed with me?" i asked calmly he nodded his head yes so off we were to my room "night night baby" i said i treat him as my own son cause im the only one who cares.

Liams POV

What the fuck was that about she wont tell me anything im going to see the band tomorrow ill see if they know what to do...


*the next day*

"Hey guys how are you?"

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