Love at first sight❤

This story is about a 17 year old girl taj, she very shy which is weird cause she is pretty popular( well her best friend is, Jen) her friend Jen and her go to a party late at night. Taj doesn't really go out but it's been months since she had fun, and her parents aren't really around so she always has to go to school than take care of her little siblings, but while she is there she notices a new boy at the party. What will happen next READ TO FIND OUT


11. We're all friends here, right?

During the party there was nothing but people drinking and dancing.. Jen and I were drunk yet again and justin was too jaden was drinking but wasn't drunk he didn't drink very much.. I guess it was cause he wanted to be able to be sober and protect me but I liked the fact he wanted to always protect me. I mean I can fight myself and stuff but I love knowing I have someone caring and taking care of me even when I'm the meanest girl in the world. 

Me and jaden were dancing pretty much grinding on each other while the music was pumping loud, and Jen and justin were making out over at the bar while drinking.. Jaden started to kiss my neck on my sweet spot a couple minutes later I started to moan jaden pulled away, I turned around wrapped my arms around his neck he pulled me in close wrapped his arms around my waist we looked into each others eyes out foreheads touching as we swayed back and forth to the music. 

-----jen's prove-----

me and justin started dating 3-4 weeks ago when I say taj run out my house cause drake and Ty showed up while me and taj were supost to hang( you know what happened) after Ty kissed me I had slapped him and told him to get out but when he didn't I dragged him out and than drake followed Ty. Ty and drake left and I was alone I tried calling her lots of times after that sent her messages sayin I'm sorry and stuff... It was the day of Justin's party and jaden told me he would bring taj so I could epilogue...

--- party---

everything was going good me and taj were besties again and everyone was happy... Taj and jaden were dancing together as happy as can be and me and justin were at the bar talking and making out... Me and justin went to go to swim so we went past the path in the trees, when we say taj and jaden fighting... 

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