Love at first sight❤

This story is about a 17 year old girl taj, she very shy which is weird cause she is pretty popular( well her best friend is, Jen) her friend Jen and her go to a party late at night. Taj doesn't really go out but it's been months since she had fun, and her parents aren't really around so she always has to go to school than take care of her little siblings, but while she is there she notices a new boy at the party. What will happen next READ TO FIND OUT


8. The special day part 2

I woke up went to my old home took all my siblings to school cause they missed the busses and my parents couldnt take the. To school cause my mom was home sick throwing up and my dad was ether working or taking care of her. Than I went to school and than after school I brought my siblings back home than went over to jens house for a little...  But when I got there I say her and Ty and Derek and Soph my other friend( well jen's friend) and Soph and Derek were kissing in the back corner of the room and Jen and Ty were about to lock lips to than as soon as he saw me he charged at her.. I felt so mad and heart broken that my ex that I hated and my "best friend" were making out right there in front if me. I couldn't take it anymore so I left and went to me and jadens house when I noticed there was another car that wasn't his.. So I went in Hoping it was his family but it wasn't it was another girl trying to lock lips with my boyfriend... I was so angry already I charged at her pushed her to the ground and started to pound on her jaden tried to pull me off so I wouldn't kill her cause how angry I was already but he couldn't so I kept pounding at her till she tried to get jaden to help her or defend her or hit me but I was TOO strong for even jaden. 

I finally stopped looked at jaden than left he followed me and told me how nothing happened how she came over begging for him back and tried to kiss him till I walked in.. Than I finally calmed down and told him everything that has happened that dday.

--------------- night--------

ja: I had something very special planned but if you wanna do something else that's okay llove 

taj: no ja I want to do whatever you have planned.

he put a blindfold on me and what seemed like hours we finely got there. 

Taj: omg ja it's amazing.... 

It was a blanket with candles food and it was around a hole bunch of beautiful trees in the middle of the park.

ja: you like it? 

Taj: ja I love it... And what I love most is I'm here with yyou 

 after eating and talking and cuddling and looking at the stars........we started to kiss for a while and than minutes leter it turned into a hot makeout session...

taj: ja wwait 

Ja: what's wrong? He aasked 

taj: one I'm ready and two do you have one? I told and asked hhim 

ja: you are?! He half asked half copied me and yes I do have one as he grabbed on out his pocket

he started to kiss me up and down my weak spot on my neck, he started to take my clothes off and I took his off he soon put his condom on and started pushing soft but hard in and out till we both reached out climax.. Than we cuddled in the blanket and fell asleep in each others arms













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