Love at first sight❤

This story is about a 17 year old girl taj, she very shy which is weird cause she is pretty popular( well her best friend is, Jen) her friend Jen and her go to a party late at night. Taj doesn't really go out but it's been months since she had fun, and her parents aren't really around so she always has to go to school than take care of her little siblings, but while she is there she notices a new boy at the party. What will happen next READ TO FIND OUT


20. The big suprise

An hour later we got to a dinner restaurant it was big and beautiful and had alot of amazing food. As we all ate our dinner we talked alot about how we were doing and what we were doing while we were apart from each other( I was sitting next to jaden than there was justin than Jen and than me again) Jen started first like always talking about how many amazing outfits and swimsuits and stuff she got to try on while doing the photo shoot than how she ended up doing a runway fashion show model for a little and that she had made a couple more friends along the way. Justin was talking about how me and his tour was and how much fun he has been having with his and my fans and how great his life is turning out and how awesome it was in the interviews. Jaden started talking about how fun the movie with his dad was and how fun and cool the movie is and how him and his dad really got a lot of guy time and bonding from the movie and how much closer he is to his dad and how we are really going to like the movie.i didn't really get to talk much since justin already spilled it all but that was okay for me cause I didn't really wanna say anything about me hanging out with Taylor while jaden was gone and how when jaden was gone it gave Ty more of a chance to try and bug me. I didn't feel like making everyone mad or anything. 

After dinner Jen and justin headed back to the bus, me and jaden were going to go with but instead he wanted to show me something, so he put a blindfold over my head so I couldn't see where he was going I felt the car turn and stuff so I knew were I should go if needed(but I didn't) after about a couples minutes of driving we landed somewhere jaden got me out the car and started walking with me to where the thing was, he took my blindfold off and I saw an amazing pick neck with candles and small little snacks by the cliff that towers over LA with all the city  lights and everything it was "perfect" I said not relizing I was speaking without knowing

again as jaden chuckled his sexy chuckle I turned to him and hugged him so tightly "it's amazing ja I love it........ I love you" "I'm glad you like it babygirl.... I love you too" he said with a huge smile we looked at each other in the eyes with our forheads touching our lips only and inch apart we slowly came closer to each other beginning to start out kiss when he got down on one knee "taj I have loved you ever since I first met you and I have never stopped loving you I will always love you forever and always I want to be the one your with everyday of you life I want to be the one to be by your side no matter what happends I want to be the father of your children will you please marry me" than he pulled out a big diamond ring and took my hand waiting to an answer " yes jaden I do I will marry you" I said crying tears of happiness as he put the ring on my ring finger stood up looked me in the eye and pressed his lips on mine. 

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