Love at first sight❤

This story is about a 17 year old girl taj, she very shy which is weird cause she is pretty popular( well her best friend is, Jen) her friend Jen and her go to a party late at night. Taj doesn't really go out but it's been months since she had fun, and her parents aren't really around so she always has to go to school than take care of her little siblings, but while she is there she notices a new boy at the party. What will happen next READ TO FIND OUT


3. My name is..

Taj: it doesn't happen that much just now and than. And my name is taj as I shook his hand.

--- the next day---

I dreamed about me and jaden talking hanging out and texting a bother all night for the past 3 days. I looked at my phone it was 8:30am. "Shit in going to be late" I got up took a quick shower put on make up did my hair put hot pink short shorts on a red top my jean jacket and my converse on I grabbed what I needed for school my keys and my phone and left for school.


it was lunch me and Jen went to sit when drake and Ty came up to us and tried to hug and kiss us like nothing between us all happened Jen pushed drake away and than he left knowing he wasn't wanted to stop( that's where I respected him when he wants drunk he stopped when someone wanted him to) Ty on the other hand would stop at nothing to try and get me to bed with him.i pushed him off my and walked away when I say jaden he walked over to me and than right there Ty took me by the waist turned me around and kissed me I pushed him off and slapped him. 

Jaden came up and went to kick the shit out of Ty when I stopped him in the middle of him walking over with his jaw tense and hands clenched.

taj: jaden he's not worth it, I can deal with it, please don't do anything...and why you always protecting me anyway I can't protect myself? I wishpered to him

 jaden: ha that's funny taj. And the reason why I'm protecting you is because... Is because I like you a lot.. I know it's only been 3-4 days but every minute I spend with you I like you even more, I never liked someone so much in my life and it kinda scares me.. I wanna get to know you better before I ask but yet at the same time I really want you to be mine and only mine. I wanna be yours and you be mine but I know if I ask know you will walk away and I will loose you and never get you back even as a friend.. But since I'm telling you this you might as well walk away. He wishpered to me while looking at me with loving sweet kind sad eyes.

ty: wow I can't believe you are listing to this guy. Come on babe come with me as he tried to grab me.

i pulled away and said "no"" fuck off and leave me alone"  and he backed up as I kept getting I his face.. And jaden pulled me back to him.

ty: fine. Ill go and leave you alone babe but I will come back and get what I want from you. He said as walking away

 jaden went to start walking over to Ty and punch him in the face.. I had to stop this before anything got worse.. But what way and how? I had to think fast. I jumped I front of jaden put my arms around his neck and kissed him.. For a second he was still mad but than he calmed down put his arms around my waist and kissed me back for what seemed like forever, which was only about 2-3 minutes 


I got home with jaden after what happened he didn't want to leave my side till he felt it was okay.

i got inside out my stuff away did my homework than my brothers got home from the bus and my little sister came home sortly after that from her bus. I had to start cooking dinner for them all I put out 5 plates for me jaden lew saiah and na my mom and dad were getting home late again. I cooked up some bread and spaghetti put it on everyone's plates and told them to come eat dinner. Like always the boys were talking bout games and na was talking about cheer, dance, and gymnastics. And how she has a cheer competition coming up soon an how she wanted all of us to be there.. Than when na was done the boys were asking about a hole bunch of game stuff and than when jaden came down from washing up na said " oh he cute" like she always does and he smiled and said " you cute too" 

lew like always was the one to be more fatherly and ask him questions and stuff and saiah was the one to just sit there and eat and ask question sometimes while me and na talked about school, cheer, dance, and gymnastics.


jaden was still here he decided to spend the night but when my parents got home he was gonna hid for a little. The boys and na were asleep In there beds. And me and ja were still awake talking laughing

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